Longtime Couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Make Rare Public Outing at Psy Concert

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are one of the longest running star couples in K-ent. They have been dating since they filmed Save the Last Dance for Me in 2005, though in a twist of casting Lee Bo Young played the psycho second female lead who clung onto Ji Sung’s male lead like super glue. They’ve never denied or admitted dating, but it’s been an open secret for the industry and their fans. They are really low key people so rarely have been snapped together, and they have never attended any event as an official couple. So it was to everyone’s glee that they were spotted at Psy‘s concert last month in Seoul. Apparently all it took was a little Gangnam Style to lure them out of hiding. Just kidding! I think the reason is probably that they are getting ready to go public, plus they’ve been dating forever so rumors were flying all Summer that Fall wedding preparations were underway. Both have gently debunked that myth, though they have separately stated in recent interviews about viewing marriage as likely in the near future when the time is right. I adore both of them so I’m just so thrilled they’ve managed to make a relationship last what feels like an eternity in the entertainment world, plus look so lovey dovey together still. Witness the couple rings on their fingers and the handholding. Sigh, so sweet. Both have super busy Fall schedules lined up as Ji Sung is headlining the prime time sageuk The Great Seer while Lee Bo Young is headlining weekend drama My Daughter So Young. I hope they do find time for a wedding soon, because HOMG their babies are going to be unbelievably gorgeous.


Longtime Couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Make Rare Public Outing at Psy Concert — 36 Comments

    • So that is BoA! I thought it looked like her. They are so cute. Question: In Korea when one gets married, what finger does the marriage ring go on?

  1. He he, maybe they’re secretly married already? Best of luck (and best wishes) to them.

    How I wish all k-ent couples can go out on dates without worrying about fans/netizens/antis going crazy on them. Being in a relationship and making it public should not cause k-entertainers their careers.

    • yeah, me too… i always want my idol to have a girlfriend or wive, coz i -as fans- only give them a great love and support in their career. if they can have a girl beside him, the girl can give a real support and love for them…

    • I agree, if not they should be :), maybe those silver bands aren’t couple rings but are actually wedding rings

  2. I thought Ji Sung actually dated Eugene after they filmed Save The Last Dance For Me .. and they actually broke up after Ji Sung was enrolled into army service ..and he actually started dating Bo Young sometime after he was released .

    • Actually he dated Park Sol Mi from ‘All In’ drama the other casino owner daughter in the drama. Park Sol Mi also starred in ‘My Woman’ years ago but Ji Sung broke up with her before he left for army duty. He never dated Eugene and he has admitted in past interviews that his gf is Lee Bo Young just an fyi & he also has been candid about marriage that he does want to and it would defin be LBY. They do still look like lovebirds so sweet 🙂

  3. I love them separately and together and have always been amused that she played his psycho ex in STLDFM (a melo in which I marathonned 14 epsiodes straight (!!) only to emereged dazed into the world). They look adorable together.

  4. They look adorable in these pics. And kudos to them for staying strong for so long. I’m not much of a melo fan, so can anyone tell me how was Save the Last Dance for Me? Or are there any individual projects of theirs that must be watched immediately?

    • Save the Last Dance for Me was a very romantic drama with a great OST. It’s similar to Taiwan’s The Frog Turned to Prince story, but shorter.

      It’s one of my favorite Kdramas.

  5. Love them together too… wish they decide to tie the knot soon…they look lovely together and am sure they gonna have adorable angels between them….such a breathe of fresh air to see a couple from K ent staying so strong and still so much in love after quite some time…. Good luck to this beautiful couple!!!! and more happy years of togetherness to come!!!!

  6. They look so into each other! Adorable! I love him, and though I’m unfamiliar with her work, I’m glad that they found each other and seem to be doing well.

  7. Awwwwhemmmjeee! They look adorable. STLDFM was one of the very first dramas I watched AND loved. It is in that drama that Bo Young was the prettiest I have seen her in. No wonder Ji Sung fell for her. I am happy that they seem to have a strong, steady relationship. I am with you, Capt. K. I hope they marry soon, as in NOW! and have many cute, adorable kids.

    By the way, I hope Ji Sung does another Protect-My-Boss type of show. I really, really, really loved Ji Sung portray that type of character. Just because it is so out of his norm.

  8. Hi,Koala thanks so much for the pictures. I love Lee Bo Young, the first time i watched her was in Queen of the Game and immediately fell in love with her. She was so pretty and a good actress, very believable.I watched STLDFM but didnt like the storyline. Ji Sung with Eugene doesnt have any chemistry, but loved LBY in it. Looking at them seems like a lovely couple. Hope this relationship will lead to marriage. Keeping my fingers cross.

  9. These two are among the first Korean celebs that I knew since watching STLDFM in 2005 and I can’t believe they are still together!!! I am always a haapy fan when a celeb couple is staying strong despite the craziness of the biz… They should get married soon! Eugene already tied the knot, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young should be doing the same too!!!

  10. Love them lots as a couple, and I’ve been rooting for them since 2010 (when I first read about them after watching LBY’s Birth of a Rich Man). I’m a huge Lee Bo Young fan, and I especially loved her tandem with Jo Hyun Jae in Ballad of Seo Dong, but nothing beats REAL LIFE ROMANCE! Cheers to them, and here’s to an enduring and loving relationship. *clap*clap*

  11. I love Lee Bo Young and hope they’ll get married soon! They look good together. Look how they have the same type of lips..cute 🙂

  12. I like the film they roled. I like lee bo young in qween of the game, and jisung in royal family. Hope they soon get married and have babies.

  13. sweet couple…. love both as an actor and actress.. hope they tie the knot soon, and even better if they can be casted in rom-com as OTP… sweet sweet sweet…. 🙂

  14. Wow.. Im so glad… For You Lee Bo Young because your my ultimate crush in my life hehe…you always beautiful in my eyes… hehe im the one in your super ponssssss…

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