Written and Video Previews for Episode 4 of Nice Guy

I love Eun Gi in Nice Guy. Her badassery is totally warranted and completely understandable. Her life sucks. Aside from having money, she has nothing else. No true family to speak of, no friends, no one she can trust. That’s a horrible way to go through life, when even poor people are happier to have less material things but more emotional warmth and affection. Its not like she had a choice and she chose money, she is as trapped in a world where her future is as dreary as her present, much like Maru facing a future where he is a convicted felon. I love knowing that these two broken and hopeless people continue to writhe and buck, refusing to be cowed or meekly accept defeat. Eun Gi gives the world and everyone in it the middle finger, and I’m all for it. What’s exciting is seeing how Maru intrigues her and confounds her. I’m glad that he doesn’t have an agenda to use and abuse Eun Gi as a way to get back to Jae Hee, instead it appears he’s using Eun Gi as a bridge to stay within Jae Hee’s orbit and then see what comes next. I’m not surprised Eun Gi is attracted to Maru, but because I freaking hate Jae Hee so much, I can’t wait for Maru to stop being hurt by her and move on to Eun Gi. Because there is only so much that witch deserves in terms of having a guy like Maru hung up about her.

Written preview for episode 4:

Jae Hee cannot wipe away the image of Maru with Eun Gi. When Eun Gi goes to find Maru, they happen to run into Chairman Seo having lunch with Jae Hee. Eun Gi starts to develop special feelings for Maru. Jae Hee has gained the trust of the Chairman and is the representative in charge of a resort project in Aomori, Japan. Eun Gi finds out about the upcoming sale of the resort, which contains all her father’s memories towards her mother, and she desperately looks for a way to stop it. Maru finds out the extent of Jae Hee’s ambition and he starts taking action to prevent her from this careless behavior.

Preview for episode 4:

EG: Do you know how much I like you?

Maru: I do.

EG: He’s the person I like.

JH: Money! Is that what you want? A person only lives once so why not show it off?

Maru: Get your act together so we can go kill everybody.

Chairman: Han Jae Hee, she won’t betray me, right?

Maru: Noona, are you crazy? That is why….I’m going to get noona back.


Written and Video Previews for Episode 4 of Nice Guy — 21 Comments

  1. Oh Ms Koala… You are alluring me to start on NG. Will try to endure until more episodes shown.

    Still love sick from RMPW – lol 😉

    • And I’m in my way to Costa Rica, so I don’t know how am I going to survive 2weeks w/o it 🙁
      I wasn’t taking my Mac but it looks like it’s going on my anniversary trip!!

  2. i dunno, reading the written preview without having seen the video preview, seems like Maru is still hung up on ‘rescuing’ Jaehee, maybe like getting her out of this hellhole sh’s digging for herself and everyone else, like as if he still desperately wants her to go back to the warmer Jaehee he knew her to be, for whom he sacrificed so much…

  3. ” Because there is only so much that witch deserves in terms of having a guy like Maru hung up about her.”

    I totally agree!! A person like Maru deserves much much much better than someone like her.

  4. don’t know why but i think eun gi knows everything going on between maru and jae hee and she’s just acting to like maru to find out the evil schemes of jae hee haha:D my imagination is going wild watching this drama or i probably have been affected by watching too many dramas anyways a huge thank you to miss.koala for always updating/introducing me with new things related to wide range of dramas **bows**

    • Part of me just wants Eun-gi to be in on it too. It’s gonna be too sad when she really does fall for him and realizes he played her.
      I say they team up and make everyone’s lives a living hell.

  5. I’ll be kind of frustrated if Maru is still as hung up on Jae Hee as this preview would indicate. I can totally understand there being unresolved feelings given how devoted he was to her before, but Holy Doormat, Batman! Why the hell would he want to be close to that poisonous woman after all she’s done/continues to do to him? Also, I still totally think that Eun Gi is playing Maru to find out what his connection is to Jae Hee. It would be weird, given her character, if she didn’t. Not that I want to see Maru get used by another person, but right now I am most sympathetic to Eun Gi out of all the characters and don’t want to see her get hurt by Maru’s freakish dedication to Jae Hee.

    • I agree taht Eun Gi, for me, is currently the most sympathetic character (lover her, she’s so awesome!), but I doubt she knows the connection between Maru and Jae Hee; I think she will come to remember that he was the one non-doctor that saved her on the plane, but that realization probably won’t come until later.

      I hope Jae Hee gets totally screwed over and all her evilness comes to light (but not too soon!)

      • It may be that just when EG realizes the connection, she gets bonked on the head and amnesia sets in giving Maru a little more time to do whatever he’s going to do.

  6. Maru: Noona, are you crazy? That is why….I’m going to get noona back.”

    Let me rephrase that: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Run, Maru, run away from JH. She sucks as a person, leave her to seep in her own evil marinade.

    Maru, I swear to the drama gods, if you so much as hurt one nerve on EG, so help me…

    • lol, i think we could all go without amnesia.
      cause right now, the only thing that would make me mad more than jae hee is if Eun-gi loses that spunk/fire..and then gets hurt/toyed with by Maru.

      • Yes, the spunk is a plus for our girl. I said I hope not to have a problem with the heroine when her character profile was first published. I just hope we don’t lose “EG” with the amnesia too. I’m not overly concerned because MR just cannot deliberatly take unfair advantage of woman that is sick. Right? It does not fit who he is at his core being, but if he does….Hmmm?

        I hope they explain how JH changed so drastically because I did not see any indication of her vindictiveness to a life-long friend/lover coming. Coming from a poor background is no excuse, but some people are like this I guess.

  7. After the first 3 episodes, it definitely is the director who’s keeping NG intact, helping it move upward. I am loving the flair and style of NG. I don’t know who has the power or the influence for the casting, but the directing style really works well with the subtle style in acting of SJK and MCW.

  8. In the end I would possibly watch this drama but resisting it sooooo much now.

    I just simply cant, cannot, wouldnt, unlikely to appreciate park Si Yeon acting. Oh yes, she has pretty face but her acting… arghhhh! something in her performance that irritates me but I loves MCW and that might help me endure to watch this then.

    For now, I will wait for more review to come. 🙂

  9. this is why I “appreciate” Korean writing, although I have loyalty to my own race is that they could not share my vision in creating characters and I never said to alienate other race just live harmoniously with each other, which hinders me my freedom to create…my thread of thoughts are of different path but it doesn’t mean I don’t love our local writers…like what I’ve always said the working environment is very important as well as the environment itself…we exist to give life more value not destroy it….but I am seeing change so I am satisfied with the progress…bless everyone I harbor no hatred just pure HOPE for preservation of mankinds innocence…

  10. Moon Chaewon resembles the Kim Taehee of My Princess in this drama with a similar hairstyle and the starry-eyes i think… i love them both…

  11. I guess I’m the only one rooting for a Maru-Jaehee pairing, as twisted and abnormal as it may sound…Don’t kill me!! In my weird mind, Park Si Yeon + Song Joong Ki = hot chemistry.

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