Hyun Bin Spotted at Marine Event as He Nears Completion of Military Service

The title of “Korea’s best looking Marine” clearly belongs to Hyun Bin hands down. This man simply cannot look bad, even sporting a crew cut and in full army fatigue regalia. If I told you all that Binnie is two months away from finishing his military service, I’m sure those of you who remember when he enlisted will surely be looking around wondering where the last two years went. I feel the same way, two years older and not much to show for it. Binnie enlisted at the height of his popularity having just wrapped Secret Garden, which had high ratings though nothing near the stratospheric heights that was his first big hit in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. But in terms of being an iconic character, his performance as Kim Joo Won was definitely one that got people talking. It’s not his fault Kim Eun Sook wrote him like a creepy issue-laden jerkwad, and its a testament to the Binnie appeal that he managed to make me merely dislike him (as opposed to wanting to fillet him and roast him over a spit). Binnie was recently spotted attending a military event and the media was only too happy to snap away. I love that the first thing his fans noticed was the scratch on his cheek, which from the looks of it he could care less about. I know Binnie fangirls are counting the days until he’s released, whereas I’m merely saying nightly prayers that he’ll pick as his first post-MS project something that makes a positive ripple in the cinematic world. I’ve missed you tons, handsome!


Hyun Bin Spotted at Marine Event as He Nears Completion of Military Service — 34 Comments

  1. oh my gosh! it’s hyun bin!!! i can’t wait to see him back in dramas and movies again…the 2 years flew by fast! …and yes! the title of β€œKorea’s best looking Marine” does belong to him!

  2. Well, it’s not exactly 2 years since MS is shorter if you enlist in the marines but I can tell you it was long for me.
    Ms Koala, please don’t roast my dear Kim Joo-won: He is too skinny anyway, nothing to eat there. πŸ™‚
    And since I decided to bother you tonight, what if his next project after the army was the next Kim Eun-sook drama? Bwahahaha… *Evil laugh* Secret Garden forever!!!

  3. Awwww…my love! I missed him so. And I can’t believe its almost 2 years! Wow, where did all the time go? He is looking so much more gorgeous, like a true namja. And that scratch on his cheek only adds to the appeal.

    Thank you, Koala. This made my day. πŸ˜‰

  4. I pray you are looking forward to greeting your fans after 2 years the way we are praying to greet to back…. Love yuh cant wait to see you in the picture box again..

  5. TWO MONTHS?? Holey smokes, where did the time go??…so he’s coming out in december? Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Kang Dong Won enlist months before Hyun Bin? (like 3-4 months) and I heard he’s only coming out in November? so is ther some difference in their serving time or something?

  6. Wow – so, it’s been 14 months, only a little over a year??? Is it possible? It feels like at least 1.5 years. But either way, time really flies!

  7. I am going to apologize publicly to Hyun Bin because when I read “makes a positive ripple in the cinematic world,” my mind immediately focused on “ripple” to “ripped” to “abs” to “brooding shower scene” in about two seconds. I really do enjoy your acting, sir. I swear! That look brooks no nonsense.

  8. Thank you so much for bring an update of our all time favorite KOREAN actory HYUN BIN, truly aside from his good looks, he is a magnificent actor of all time. Two thumbs up for you & CONGRATULATIONS! We love you HB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sigh. I must say… there’s a certain appealing gravitas in those shots.

    Can’t wait for obligatory post-army abs scenes now…

  10. I remember when you posted photos of (and I make wallpaper out of) LJK with only months left in his MS.

    It would be so awesome if he does a drama to step back into the world of entertainment, but it looks like he will be a film darling. Why wouldn’t any actor avoid the grueling sweat-shop conditions of K-drama land if they could?

    Still…TV is what made him a household face…maybe we will get lucky.

  11. Wait. 2 years already over? We managed to get through those 2 years well!!

    Gives me hope now that another oppa is enlisting next month. T.T The 2 years will pass. We will live through it!!!!!!

  12. Okay, so I went back and confirmed that Hyun Bin entered into military service officially on March 7, 2011. So he’s got about six months left, if he actually leaves at 24 months. Gong Yoo was in the army for over two years for some strange reason and other actors have been in slightly less than two years. I have no idea what factors are involved in them determining how long they stay in military service.

  13. Those two years have flown by. Seemed like iT was gonna be FOREVER when he first enlisted, but now we can start the countdown! I’ve kept the Hyun Bin luv alive by watching his old movies and will rewatch SG the closer he gets to his going-home date. I will be soooooo happy to have him back in dramaland….as soon as he rests and gets to enjoy being a civilian again. πŸ™‚

  14. Hyun Bin looks great in the marine buzz haircut. I so much prefer it to his Secret Garden coiffure. Way too feminine for my liking. He is one hot man!

  15. You should see him on an official visit to Indonesia on behalf of the S Korea military. So cute and the Indonesian compere couldn’t take her hands off him! Lol! It’s on Youtube.

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