Additional Written Spoilers for Episodes 11 and 12 of Nice Guy

Can we all just pretend those glorious BTS pictures of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won when they were filming in Aomori are Maru and Eun Gi after they have vanquished Jae Hee and toasting each other before going off to made gorgeous EunMa babies? I get giddy just knowing we’re only halfway done with Nice Guy and there are ten more episodes to go. That’s five more weeks where I can savor the moody atmosphere of this world and ache over how much Maru and Eun Gi are suffering from consequences largely of their own doing. Eun Gi’s suicide attempt was wrong, and now she has to deal with relearning a life that was already pretty shitty to begin with. It’s like starting over at negative 100. Maru dug his own hole in taking the fall for Jae Hee, and then stupidly and obsessively was unable to let her go long after he saw her true colors. But the drama tells us the characters are flawed, and heaps on the pain and suffering on them so we hurt when watching what must surely be just desserts. Which is why I am just waiting, absolutely giddy with glee as I wait, for Jae Hee to get her ultimate comeuppance. She can’t expect to keep clawing her way to the top on the dead bodies of that reporter and the Chairman, not to mention Maru’s dead in the water future and Eun Gi’s succession, and expect to get away with it. But with ten more episodes 10 go, I’ll be patient and let the witch savor her temporary little victories, while hoping to see Maru and Eun Gi rise above their situation and find some measure of happiness first before they join forces and yank Jae Hee down into the pits of hell where she deserves to wallow.

Additional written spoilers for episode 11:

Lawyer Ahn learns that Eun Gi has the mental capacity of a child and decides that she’s no threat even if she’s not gotten rid of. He rejects Jae Shik’s unlawful suggestions but wants to know where Eun Gi is stashed. Unable to get any perks from lawyer Ahn, Jae Shik decides to sell Eun Gi. Maru incorrectly believes that Jae Hee was the one ordering Jae Shik to kidnap Eun Gi so he decides to help Eun Gi. Jae Hee receives an unexpected call from Maru and learns that Eun Gi is still alive. Jae Hee is worrying about her proposal to remove Eun Gi from Tae San so she tries to speed up letting the Board know that Eun Gi is mentally unfit to be the successor of Tae San. Eun Gi’s location has been discovered and she is moved elsewhere. Lawyer Ahn threatens Joon Ha to reveal Eun Gi’s whereabouts otherwise he’ll be charged with kidnapping. For Eun Gi’s sake, Maru finds his old medical school professor and asks for his help in performing neurosurgery on Eun Gi.

Spoilers for episode 12:

At the request of Joon Ha, Maru moves into house with Eun Gi. On one hand he’s Eun Gi’s bodyguard, on the other hand he’s started reading medical textbooks again. Eun Gi sits in front of him learning the hangul alphabet, the two of them once again sharing the same space. Seeing Eun Gi’s bright smile, Maru feels immobilized, his heart… hurts. Joon Ha realizes that Maru genuinely loves Eun Gi and he regrets asking Maru here, feeling very jealous.


Additional Written Spoilers for Episodes 11 and 12 of Nice Guy — 40 Comments

  1. OMO!!!! moving in together!!! I can’t wait! That’s going to be intense. How is Maru going to keep his hands off Eun Gi? 😛 I mean, I don’t want him to keep his hands off! Hahaha.

    Ah, waiting for Nice Guy is such torture. I’ve been rewatching Running Man with Joong Ki to keep me from worrying about the ending. 😉

  2. thank you! i’m jumping with happiness reading your spoiler! yay! so Eun Gi and Maru will live together in the same house plus Joon Ha 🙂

  3. Thank you Ockoala..this is making me giddy with anticipation..its another 72 hrs before I could catch up with NG..can’t wait

  4. These aren’t the official previews, it’s just fan speculation from DCgall. (The one for ep. 11 is somewhat half-correct, but that’s only because they released the official preview for ep. 11.)

    Original links here (ep. 11) and here (ep. 12).

    Both posts say “예상” which means “speculation”.

    KBS hasn’t released anything for episode 12 yet.

    • I agree, the information is from unofficial posts about upcoming episodes, hence I wrote that its spoilers and never claimed these were official previews. Folks can take it with whatever 5 proof bottle of soju and see where it all goes.

      • @Koala, 5 proof bottle of soju sounds good right now! never have i been this excited for wednesdays and thursdays to come. geez, i regret watching this drama live. it’s not good for my peace of mind. 😀

      • frankly, i don’t really care it this is unofficial and only fanfic. 🙂 i just love the idea so much i could jump for joy. hahaha. come on, let it come true. most i love is ep 12, hah! i would love to see a jealous joonha and what would i not give to have maru baby-ing eun gi, yey! okay not baby-ing really but those two living together is LOVE.

  5. Ok…i already knew a little about ep.11 preview…n now reading this 12 make me curious to death waiting next wed.
    Daebak unnie…gumawo

  6. I see you said there are 10 episodes left. Aren’t there only 16 episodes for the drama?

    But I would love it if there were more episodes!! More SJK and MCW!! :):)

    And those previews…episode 12…I CAN’T WAIT!!

  7. so excited with this week’s episodes…..yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! thanks madam K…unofficial or not spoilers are just my kind of thing…hehehe

  8. Ahhhh, couldn’t help it. Read the spoilers. Ms. Koala, you’re an enabler.

    OMG, LIVING TOGETHER? This drama is going to stick every drama cliche in the book and make it 10x better, right?? But my heart is bleeding for woori Joon-ha. Stupid, stupid boy.

    Please let it be true. Please let it be true. Thank you for this, two more days until Wednesday!

  9. wooaah! ep 12..uwahh my heart T_T ..that beacon of hope because of Maru’s love for Eun-gi really made me happy.. I’m dying for the next episodes to come!!

  10. “finds his old medical school professor and asks for his help in performing neurosurgery on Eun Gi.” HAHHAHAHAAAAAHHAAAAA!!!!! I needa stop laughing !!
    Have they not heard …” Those who can , do. Those who cant, teach”
    Old school professor to do/help do neurosurgery ?!?!
    We’re not talkin’ ’bout kimchi making here , noe!
    *sigh* I still am mesmerised by the show…or is it ,the doe-eyed porcelain skinned Jun ki & his cherry lips ? Hmmmm.

  11. OMG can hardly wait til Wed !!! I don’t really care anymore what happens to the rest…….. I just want them {MR and EG} to be together already!!!

  12. COME ON WEDNESDAY!! I always wait for your recaps Koala. I’m waiting for the series to completely air and then I will watch it. I know that sounds terrible but I like reading the recaps so if it’s not MR/EG at the end I won’t have wasted 20 hours of my left haha. Plus your recaps are the best.

    • Now I don’t feel that bad coz I’m the same… Keep reading the preview, spoiler and all but yet to start watching… I had the glimpse of first episode but it was so early after RMPW & I can’t stand Jae Hee… But will watch this drama surely!

      And of course – thanks to Ms Koala & all the enthusiastic responses 🙂

  13. OMG… preview for episode 12 is out… and this is what kang maru says to jae hee..

    MR: Because my only interest right now, the only thing on my mind right now, what makes my blood boil, makes me crazy, makes me lose my appetite, makes me lose sleep is Seo Eun-Gi, not Han Jae-Hee. I’m responsible for what’s happened to her. I’ve gone nuts and there’s nothing I can’t do for Eun-Gi, to help Seo Eun-Gi go back to where she belongs. So why don’t you give it up, Han Jae-Hee-shi?
    JH’s looking more and more irate as he speaks, telling him everything in this house belongs to her, down to the last fork. She’s not afraid of his threats and she’s not going to go away quietly because she’s Han Jae-Hee.

    so, that’s mean he is falling in love with her, isn’t he??

    • feel like he is doing this out of guilt more than becoz he luvs her which is not really good for me
      but for me I think he fell for EG since day one he saw her and eventhough in a way he was thinking he was using her for revenge it was more for me that he liked her and wanted to be with her

  14. Awww, Maru starts reading medical books again to help her? I think that’s one of the purposes for Eun-Gi’s amnesia.
    Get him back on track into the medical field.

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