Sonia Sui Teases Her Fans from Busan with a Picture of her and Jung Woo Sung

I don’t know if the Taiwanese sense of humor that its stars have with the media and the fans translates elsewhere, because many times the stars will say something totally outrageous and far-fetched because they know it won’t be taken seriously. This week Sonia Sui was in Busan for the film festival along with a contingent of Taiwanese filmmakers and stars. Sonia’s had a great year career wise, but a terrible year relationship wise. Her on-again, off-again relationship with notorious cheating mccheaterson Yao Yuan Hao finally went kaput for good amidst rumors that he had cheated on Sonia with Cyndi Wang. Which I have to say all evidence points to, despite Cyndi claiming she was not the third party interloper. Anyhoo, my karma radar tells me that usually when one things goes well in life, something else is bound to tank to even out the score. With Sonia’s career hitting new heights, its time to dump the toxic boyfriend and move on. When she was in Busan this week, she posted a picture on her official Facebook page saying “Don’t worry guys, I’m in love!” The picture was of her and Jung Woo Sung, so naturally everyone sets off the buzzing. It’s clear to her Taiwanese fans that she’s totally joking and was just thrilled to meet Jung Woo Sung, to which I would say “Who wouldn’t?” If I met him, I’d post a picture together with the caption “This is the father of my babies!” or something like that. My I Lub You has been in Busan all week attending the film festival, so I’m thinking he probably has a film project lined up next since his last work was the drama Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats.

Other than hamming it up with my I Lub You (so jealous), Sonia and Sandrine Pinna have been rocking Busan promoting Taiwan films to the gathered international film community. Nice to see Taiwan representing!


Sonia Sui Teases Her Fans from Busan with a Picture of her and Jung Woo Sung — 9 Comments

  1. I would’ve wrote the same caption or something similar as well, if I was given the chance to get my picture taken with that beautiful creation LOL. I’ve got such a girl crush on Sonia Sui, here’s to her finding a man who will respect and love her unconditionally. Anyone else think what better way to say “IN YOUR FACE” to your ex by having your picture taken with one of Korea’s hottest actors ^^~

  2. THIS is a cute article, although the leading photo, hmmmmm…Shouldn’t it be of SS? Otherwise, I’m thinking you are using just any excuse to put up a photo of a person…

    The headline should be:
    A Koala Teases Her Fans from Internetland with a Picture of her Jung Woo Sung

  3. oh so THAT was the long time boyfriend she had. Wait, I thought he wasn’t in the entertainment industry… oh well. Shouldn’t waste anymore time on this low life anymore, she deserves someone who’ll treat her good. Best wishes, girlxx

  4. It sounded pretty real to me, though it’s very likely to be a joke.

    “Wo lian ai le” screams “I’m in a relationship” to me.

    BTW Miss Koala, are you Taiwanese?

  5. I wanna see him and Yoon Eun Hye rock the boat in a drama. If they look that good in a pic together, can you imagine how damn awesome they can be in a drama? this is def a pairing im waiting for. hehe but yeah, anyone who meets JWS im jeally of. he’s a smoking!

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