Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye Host the K-pop Collection Concert in Okinawa

This is such a precious pairing I hope the drama gods make it happen one day. Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi hosted the K-pop Collection concert in Okinawa, Japan this past weekend, and I swear I almost got blinded by the combination sexy and cute. I don’t know how both actors pull it off, but they are simultaneously adorable yet shoot off all-grown-up vibes. This isn’t the first time they have collaborated together, its actually the third time already! The first time was when Shin Hye performed opposite Seung Gi for his performance of “Will You Marry Me?” at the SBS Gayo Daejun back in 2009. The second time was when Shin Hye was Seung Gi’s leading lady in his first Japanese single MV called “Alone in Love.” Each collaboration has just blown me away in terms of palpable chemistry and they are both actors I enjoy watching onscreen so I know they would be perfect together as co-stars. If Suzy falls through as the leading lady for Seung Gi’s upcoming fusion fantasy sageuk called Legend of the Half Breed, perhaps Shin Hye can do it? I can only hope, and in the meantime, enjoy their happy hosting duties together. Aside from hosting, they also performed “Will You Marry Me?” onstage again. Seung Gi has reverted back to his more puppy-dog incarnation with his slightly mussy hair and general air of aw-shucks. Shin Hye is drop-dead gorgeous with her flowing locks and her beyond stunning dress. They are so much love together.

Snippet from the K-pop Collection:



Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye Host the K-pop Collection Concert in Okinawa — 38 Comments

  1. Waaaa…so not only me who wants to see they have drama collaboration someday πŸ™‚
    Seunggi-shinhye is the most wanted couple for me. Hope PDnim will read this article ^^

    anyway..about the video.. Koala, i prefer video when seunggi sings alone in love and shin hye as narator. When seunggi laugh..it makes me giggles more about shipping this couple kyaaaa~~~

  2. You took all the thoughts from my mind and converted them perfectly . Thank you. I was drawn by PSH into the Korean culture, history and people. I still don’t know after a year or so what is it about her that pulls me into enjoying anything related to her. Due to her I have come to know of and like JYH, JGS, LHK, CNBlue and now LSG for sometime. It would be great seeing her in any drama or movie but this pairing would be perfect. But, ideally I would love to see them in a modern day well scripted drama.

  3. BY the way, I think this may be the 4th time they have appeared together. The first time was when she was 14 and he was 17. I think she was a guest mc along with LSG and another lady. LSG sang a beautiful song and PSH was so cute. I believe it was Inkigayo music program

  4. PSH is an insanely good dancer. She rivals – and occasionally surpasses – idols in that respect. I really hope to see her as a lead in a drama soon (opposite LSG would be pure awesomeness). Also, didn’t she cameo in My Girlfriend Is a Gamiho as one of LSG’s ex-girlfriends?

    • Haha. my sentiments exactly.
      Our King seemed to be having a string of good hairdos (I guess fresh off of K2H set) Where his hair was styled well and bangs out of his face..
      Oh lord. I hope he doesn’t return to raggy mops as his hairstyle.

    • haha…that’s my thought as well when I saw this picture. Seung Gi and his “infamous” hair style.. how could such a young good looking guy keeps having questionable hair-do. the mystery of the universe… πŸ˜‰

      • The hair has been clarified by his management company, it’s cos his next drama will be a sageuk.
        I wish he’d just wear a wig and keep his real hair neat and short.

  5. Ahhh may the drama gods hear you μ–Έλ‹ˆ! I’ve been wanting & waiting for them to be together in a drama! I was sooo disappointed that she’s not the leading actress in LSG upcoming drama… But I’m still hoping for a miracle to happen

  6. Awwww…PSH has grown into such a gorgeous lady. I love her hair long and wavy like this! LSG is adorbs as always but I agree with the comments above, someone needs to fix his hair.

  7. They should do a drama together. Btw Ms. Koala, it’s not “Will You Marry Me” that they performed aside from hosting, it’s “Alone in love”.^^

  8. I usualy don’t have actors I want to watch together. But this is a couple I would want to see onscreen, like NOW! Let’s hope finally someone realizes after this concert..

  9. yea. I really don’t like seung gi having hair like that but I love him <3 Shin Hye with Seung Gi ? Yah they look good (: but I always love to see him with more known and successful actress. but they are considering suzy, so I think she will do ^_^

  10. Seunggi and Shinhye is one of my dream onscreen couple. This two look adorable together and both proven can play cute and mature character. So yeah … I believe this two can rock the screen if they have drama together.
    Shinhye, this girl looking more and more beautiful by the day. The dress is a killer ! She look gorgeous on it.
    Seunggi my boy … you should go back to your King hairstyle and forget about this ramyeon haircut forever …*sigh

  11. love Shinhye like forever..manage to watch almost all her dramas and movies..Top in my list of favorites…I too wish Seunggi and Shinhye pairing.

  12. Park ShinHye and Lee SeungGi pairing? Fantastic!! Would love them to have a movie or drama together as leads. Read that Shin Hye will have her new kdrama in Jan 2013 with Yoon Si Yoon in “Flower boy next door”

  13. Finally got to see the whole concert and it was amazing considering I did not understand what they were singing or talking. The audience enjoyment was an indication of how good it was. They were totally alive. What can I say about the two emcees except they just reconfirm what you have already written in your article. All i can do is wonder for the nth time…….WHEN will they be together in a drama as leads??????

    • Yeah.. i watch mc cut & seunggi sings many times
      They just cute together, full of chemistry, even I don’t know anything about what they talking about
      Hope someone will eng sub the video, that will be DAEBAK!!

  14. I can’t help but noticing how compatible they are, and how genuinely seunggi adores her. Looks like he is having a crush on her. (I mean the concert and BTS).! Kyaa.. So Cute.

    • I don’t know about crush but they are definitely comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the event and doing exceptional job as emcees. After knowing each other for past 8 years and having worked on 5 projects they must be good friends.

    • I don’t know about crush but they are definitely comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the event and doing exceptional job as emcees.

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