Ishihara Satomi is Pretty in Pink at the Tokyo International Film Festival

Jaw. Drop. Holy jebesus is that girl stunning beyond compare. Ishihara Satomi spent the Summer romancing Oguri Shun onscreen in Rich Man, Poor Woman, and since wrapping the drama she has been plenty busy as her career continues to churn forward with more projects. She walked the green carpet of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival with the cast of her upcoming movie Karasu no Oyayubi co-starring Abe Hiroshi and Murakami Shoji. I am totally blown away by her outfit – a hot pink strapless wide-legged jumpsuit with an open back. It’s something I can’t imagine any normal person wearing out of the house, but my god does she rock it like no other. The color is glorious on her, and though I wish the bottom half was a skirt rather than pants, I have to commend her for donning something daring and edgy and managing to pull it off. With her hair upswept paired with chunky dangle earring and a flawless made up face, Satomi is glowing like the young rising starlet she is. What’s even cuter is when she’s sandwiched between her leading men and you can see how petite she is, plus everyone is in all black and then BAM she pops up in hot pink like a pocket princess! She’ll be back on the small screen next Spring in the Lucky 7 SP with Matsumoto Jun and Eita. I can’t wait!


Ishihara Satomi is Pretty in Pink at the Tokyo International Film Festival — 21 Comments

    • Abe Hiroshi. Whoa. I am new to J-drama, so I had to look him up. I love her, but I kept trying to see more of him in these pictures.

  1. Freakin’ gorgeous. Her face reminds me of Ayase Haruka, with a bit of Janine Chang thrown in. But she’s got a style all her own.

  2. Wow, a really bold choice. But totally agree – she looks amazing. And also really really tiny. The rest of the cast almost look like American basketballers next to her.

  3. Wow…….her skin…..just glows…..
    I don’t know why some Asians are so into pale vampire skin. Give me warm skin like that any day!

  4. Too bad they didn’t do a better job of fitting the outfit for her as she could have looked better in it. You can see puckers here and there and where they tried to take it in.

    It must of have been a last minute job.

  5. Not really surprising with the pants as she has mentioned in a show that she dislike showing her legs….though I still wished like you that she had chosen to wear a skirt….

  6. She looks perfect and so is the colour on her.The back and pants were hideous.So were the earrings but then the guys had some pretty odd suit designs.So she fits in.

  7. Ishihara looks gorgeous! But for the love of all that’s holy, why do young japanese male stars dress so appallingly. I mean its like he’s trying to piss us off with that get up. Wait…is he a Johnny? that would be the only plausible reason for this.

    • I love that about the Japanese. They are so crazy. It’s not about looking hot and hip. They just want to wear what they love and find interesting.

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