Hyun Bin Hosts Military Function as He Nears the End of Military Service

I can never resist a handsome man in uniform, and Hyun Bin just about short circuited my brain the moment I laid eyes on the latest pictures of him wearing his formal marine dress attire while hosting a military event. I can’t believe he’ll be back from the military in three weeks since I still vividly recall the crying and hysteria when he enlisted right after Secret Garden. The K-news outlets have been understandably excited about his return and everyone is talking about how Hyun Bin and Shin Mina are both leaving their respective agencies and forming a new one together. That’s one workplace power couple right there. No, there isn’t anything romantic going on, just two smart savvy entertainers deciding to pool their resources and clout. Though that hasn’t stopped the media in China and Korea from hopping on the speculation that Tang Wei buying a house in Seoul recently is confirmation that she’s nesting waiting for Hyun Bin to return, fanning the flames of that pile of nonsense gossip. He’s probably rolling in eyes on returning to that part of being a star. I’m literally on pins and needles waiting to hear what his first project will be. For now, this marine has definitely earned his stripes and I’m so so proud of him!


Hyun Bin Hosts Military Function as He Nears the End of Military Service — 27 Comments

  1. I don’t think TW is dating him…..but I love the way she flirts with him. She’s just so laid back while at the same time so confidant. It’s been great how Korea has embraced her. She looks so great with HB. I would love to see her in a Korean thriller opposite Jung Woo Seung. Tang Wei has got to be the most natural beauty in Asia. I just love her.

  2. For the love of all that is holy, Koala.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these photos.
    My man in uniform does not quite match up to Binnie, but I can dream…

  3. I’m just glad that they decided to opt out of joining SM C&C after the merger of their old agency with SM. There is something unsettling about one company having both the top kpop idols , top Mcs (kang Ho dong signed with them), and now a slew of top actors. Plus the last thing I want is hyun bin’s next project inundated with SM idols (most of their actors and idol actors are pretty atrocious in terms of actual acting).

    • plus let not forget how SM dramas are a fail and sucks. I hope the good actors there don’t get suck dramas with lots of idols from SM in their dramas.

  4. Heard Binnie’s been an entertainment marine for the last year or so…the ROK knows how to make use of their military personnel. He does look good, growing his hair a bit…wonder if he’ll work right away.

  5. Am I the only one on this planet shipping Hyun Bin and Tang Wei? heehee. I loved them in the movie Late Autumn.

    Darn Kim Sun Ah shouldn’t have resigned her contract and just joined Hyun Bin & Co. instead!!!!

  6. Oh Dimples! Too cute! Can’t wait to see him back on the screen. His hair has grown but I reckon I prefer his marine buzz cut. Thanks Ms K!

  7. He’s gotten tanned, hasn’t he? I can tolerate pale skin of girls because you can wear red lips and blush but not on guys. A little tan looks better on guys.

  8. Thank you for these awesome pictures Captain Koala! *gasp* 3 weeks?! This year has been the year to release the hotties. I was just getting into K-Drama when they all went in and I didn’t understand it all. Thanks to the mandatory military stints I’ve been able to catch up on old dramas and will join youse guise with the welcoming committee.

  9. Longing for his return. Hyun Bin is a real man. I am glad that he will not join SM . . . Learning all the bad things that SM did to JYJ.

  10. I doubt Tang Wei is dating him. She doesn’t speak much Korean. In fact, in most of their interviews, they had to have two translators: one for Korean and the other for Chinese.

  11. Koala,

    I’m so glad I was sitting down when I saw this post – I nearly fainted from the fine-ness! 😎 Binnie (aka: Dimples) is one of my favorite K-actors; I didn’t think I would last for two years without him on my screen. That time flew by!!! (thank goodness) How nice it is that he’s looking happy & healthy.

  12. OCKOALA, thank you so much for posting Hyun Bin, I love this guy so much. All of us had been following his drama! We’re waiting for his come back!

  13. I have heard about binnie & TW, but I can’t seem to find ‘late autumn’ anywhere. Any help guys? Really wana watch it for a long time. As much as I wanat see binnie back onscreen. I hope he chose his comeback project well. And don’t overwork just bcos everyone is anticipating

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