Final Batch of Spoiler Stills for Episode 20 of Nice Guy

Getting addicted to a drama feels rather like losing track of time. I look back and we’re almost at Winter, when last I checked it was late Summer when Nice Guy started airing. Yes, real life in general has been meaningful but the beats pass much too quickly when one has got a drama on the brain. I’m actually ready to let NG go, which is an odd experience considering how much I love normally. Normally I’m all schmoopy and want to wallow in nostalgia and watch MVs all day long, but this time I feel like I’m in control much like the drama has been during its entire run. I feel like NG doesn’t elicit my maudlin reluctance to let go because the drama is itself a presentation in the acceptance of life’s comings and goings. A few weeks ago I already felt like the drama was going to kill off a main character, and my guess was Maru and I claimed to be okay with it. I wasn’t really, I only said that to bolster myself for the inevitable. But today I feel a sense of calm and a readiness to let all the characters go, be it Maru, Eun Gi, or Jae Hee. Episode 19 may have been slow but it served to press home the point that the leads are living in a prison of their own creation, and perhaps the best way out for them is a final release. We’ll know tomorrow, but I’m feeling rather content with whatever Lee Kyung Hee throws at us.

Above is the scene where Maru gets stabbed by lawyer Ahn to save Eun Gi, who was his intended target. Apparently Jae Shik does have a conscious and tells Jae Hee that he won’t kill Maru even for an officetel, which is how Jae Hee learns that lawyer Ahn had asked Jae Shik to take Maru out. I have no clue why the next scene is Maru holding his bleeding side while Eun Gi appears to be getting into a taxi. Unless that’s a taxi taking him to the hospital.

Above are pictures of Maru and Eun Gi filming by the ocean. Eun Gi was seen riding a bike, and they were filmed talking and spending time together. Knowing Lee Kyung Hee, this does not confirm a happy ending. This could be one of her feints and turns out to be a what-if fantasy sequence, or it could be real but happen before whatever final ending she has in store. But at least we get more Eun Gi-Maru happy moments coming up. I need more of that. A lot more.


Final Batch of Spoiler Stills for Episode 20 of Nice Guy — 23 Comments

  1. Thank you!!! I hope this story will end happy or sad but not an open ended one please! I love Eun Gi and Maru I need closure together or not together not the amnesiac Maru or Eun Gi but I have to admit I was considering that earlier. Thank you! What’s next ms K?

  2. OH SHIT! Maru got stabbed! Well, that’s not really a shocker. Hahah…Yeah, Lee Kyung Hee is never predictable on endings. Let’s find out soon though!

  3. In a way, I don’t want Nice Guy to end, but I know extensions will do harm to the drama (as in, it will drag and kill the drama for me hahah)…I guess after I watch EP20, then I’ll rewatch the drama again

  4. Come what may, we’re heading the final countdown.. This is weird, usually I don’t wait for a drama series to end soon, but in this case I need it to end as quick as possible for I will set myself free from the pain, endurance and sorrow of each character… hhhmmmpppfffff… Whatever NG has in store for the ending, then be it.. I guess this is the value NG wants us to bear in mind; letting go is a true meaning of living a life..(see how this drama taught me wisdom this far šŸ˜€ )

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your final recap, Miss K, as we will watch it raw, your recaps have been pretty much helping me understand the plot and meaning. Huge thanks to your hardwork šŸ™‚

  5. In case I’m too wiped out to add my thanks after the finale, just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed following your journey through Nice Guy. Whenever I look back, it’ll always be part of a very memorable fandom experience, and I appreciate the efforts you put into it. Knowing that they came from a place of love makes it even more special.

  6. I still hope for happy ending.
    and if the story have sad ending, I promise that I’ll never rewatch again.
    but I still love eunma couple and chaeki couple.

  7. don’t understand. some same maru’s dead . why? make him such a tragedy?
    hope he is real for what had shown on tv that they end up getting their rings on the last sence.

    • I don’t know if it’s the acting or chemistry but I like Maru and Jaehee together too… I mean the whole story mean to have Maru and EG as OTP but I just really don’t feel it…
      I like watching Maru and Jaehee’s interaction more… And I know I’m the minority hehe

  8. what ever the ending is, i will miss all the great Charactors, it is & i hopw will be one of my favs. Iris was one of my faves & i think i have seen Maru in another drama , a period piece about a schol for upper sociaty young men, & a girl playing the roll of a boy.

  9. Miss koala, I’m wait for your final recaps… Can’t wait to know the ending of this drama… I’m so in love with this…
    ā™”Ā·ā™„ Ļ„Š½Ć¤nĪŗ Ń‡Ć¶Ć¼ ā™„Ā·ā™”

  10. I think it’s a real happy ending considering the change of the opening in which MR smile instead of shedding his tear like usual. Moreover, at the scene where JH talks to Joon Ha, they mention EG and Eun Seok, something like ES is living with EG and he likes it, and then the scene cut to MR and EG. That makes me believe that the whole ending was real.
    Plus MR can’t die of a wound at such position, and where he collapse is full of light, so it’s not difficult for other people to see someone having trouble.

    I still can’t believe that NG has ended. Now what am I gonna do next week? I want more of my MR and EG šŸ™

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