Hyung Joon Commences His Revenge Plan in Missing You

The latest K-news reports have revealed that Hyung Joon is starting his revenge plan towards his older half-brother Han Tae Joon in the upcoming episode of Missing You. Towards Soo Yeon/Zoe he is warm and loving, but in front of others he never shows what he’s thinking. Hyung Joon remembers with startling clarity how he lost his mother because of Han Tae Joon, and because Han Tae Joon has brought him and his mother so much pain that can never be forgotten in this lifetime, he puts into motion his revenge plan. He approaches Han Tae Joon as Harry and he faces the man who brought him such pain not with eyes of rage but with a calm openness. Because of Nurse Hye Mi’s swimming pool death, by chance he encounters Han Jung Woo. He sees how Soo Yeon is affected by seeing Jung Woo again and his worried gaze reflects his inner loneliness. With a combination of rage and pain towards Han Tae Joon for causing the loneliness in his life, the audiences will see how Hyung Joon expresses all these emotions. Sigh. Super duper sigh. I know my boy has got as many demons haunting him as Soo Yeon and Jung Woo, and that revenge towards that piece of scum Han Tae Joon is understandable, nevertheless I still hope that he would just pack up and fly back to France with Soo Yeon. Can you imagine the two of them drinking coffee in Montmartre or just strolling along the Seine? Being all warm and flirty with each other. She sketches her designs and he reads the paper. Guh, the visual beauty of those images will now haunt me forever. I’m glad that Yoo Seung Ho is really getting quite a lot of media coverage for his role in MY. More coverage means more goodies, and so far he’s still the most interesting character in the drama for me. Soo Yeon is fast catching up with whatever she’s got cooking to torment poor Jung Woo.

Have a Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon sweetness MV. We’ve got to enjoy it before our ship sinks.


Hyung Joon Commences His Revenge Plan in Missing You — 30 Comments

  1. Sigh! They are moving fast with this plot line. In CYHMH it took quite some time for Maru to turn dark but here, we hardly have time to enjoy the good side of him.

    But I am glad that he is turning dark. I always wanted to see him in a negetive role. He’s one of those few actors who can make you root for him even when he is killing people left, right and center. In WBDS, he never really turned dark – just sad and lonely and tortured and down right pitiful. So I want to see how bold the writer is going to be with Harry/HJ.

    • Might as well get a room at the Heartbreak Hotel ’cause I feel the angst “a comin'”. Oh crap! When the tables get turned I hope I enjoy JW/SY against HJ because if there’s one thing I’m sure of is that the first kiss between YEH and Chunnie will be smokin’ ’cause kissing is her speciality. 😉

  2. LOL, the drama can end next episode if HJ and SY flies back to France and have their happily ever after!
    Much as HJ & SY sizzles, the ship is sinking. I just fervently hope that the writer continues to develop HJ in a meaningful way, evil or not.
    And since the OTP of the drama is to be JW & SY, i really hope that PYC and YEH can bring it on as OTP. Nothing worse than watching a drama where the OTP is not awful together and yet the one which can make it work can never be.
    So I’m waiting with bated breath to see real sparks between PYC and YEH… else I would have to drop this drama like a hot potato!
    So far, signs are good… but still too early to tell.

    • I agree, I’m giving this show a few more episodes. I just don’t see that much chemistry between JW/SY (they’ve already had a few emotional scenes together and the chemistry between them is average). So for me, even if the chemistry between JW/SY improves a little, I highly/highly doubt that it will be able to rival let alone beat the chemistry I’m seeing between HJ/SY. And HJ/SY chemistry did not need to improve, it was just there from the first second they appeared together as adults on the screen, and HJ looked at her with his hand stretched out.

      But let’s hope that for once, the second lead will get the girl in the end (yes I always try to be optimistic and hopeful lol)

      On a completely different note, I was thinking about how SY and HJ look at each other, and I realized that SY looks at HJ with pure vulnerability/honesty and naked emotion. Whereas HJ looks at her with a deep knowing/intense yet extremely gentle and loving gaze.

  3. Actually if/when HJ starts taking revenge on HTJ, I will be cheering him on, this to me does not make him an evil character. A dark and complex character maybe, but there is nothing wrong with him wanting to defend himself, because I am sure that HTJ would still try to kill him if he found out that HJ was still alive. So HJ is simply striking early.

    HJ is really a fascinating character, and I will continue to hope against the odds that he and SY will get their happy ending. Even though the script writer doesn’t seem to want to give HJ/SY connection its fair dues, the connection is still there and can’t be overlooked. The viewer can feel the amazing chemistry and beautiful connection between HJ/SY. I am hoping that they don’t ruin that.

    I also really agree with your previous thoughts, about them wasting time with filler scenes like JW getting drunk or singing off-key. I really hope that they will start focusing more on the HJ/SY connection and on HJ’s fascinating character and on SY’s interesting character too.

    And last but not least, I have the youtube mv of HJ/SY on my favorites list. *Sigh* I’ve never been into shipping a second lead with the heroine until now, and I hope, no matter how slight, that this show will surprise us in a good way and give HJ/SY their happy ending 🙂

  4. Ionno… i think i’m enjoying reading about the characters and their development than actually watching the thing =P i think they’re the only things in the entire production keeping me interested in the story at all… i’m a bit sad that the writer seems to not have it together as well as she did when she did CYHMH

    sorry for pulling comparisons

  5. First time posting but my love for seung ho is doing crazy things to me. I’m just completely blown away with the sexy and manly vibe he is sending out in this drama making it hard to believe that he is only 19 years old. on a random note does harry/hj remind anyone of meng jue from yun zhong ge? I was reading the chapters the other day and i can totally imagine an older yoo seung ho playing the character of meng jue in a Korean version of yun zhong ge. Just imagine the beauty and talent of seung ho playing a complex and tragic character like meng jue. Heartbreak never felt soo good!

    • He can play all three leads in Yun Zhong Ge, but yes, he would KILL IT as Meng Jue. Absolutely destroy the screen with such a rich character. Imma imagining the onstage duel scene as I write…..

      As Ling gege he is cold on the outside and warm only to Yun Ge. So smart and thoughtful.

      As Meng Jue, he is a gentleman on the surface and a fierce caged beast within. He plans his understandable revenge against those who killed his family. He uses Yun Ge but falls in love with her.

      As Liu He, I see his Jade Emperor coming out, totally dashing and irreverant, with the jokes and the womanizing masking his real depth.

      If I were to cast K-actors in YZG, which are age appropriate for the ages in the book(which Yumama still hasn’t cast yet), it would be this:

      Kim Soo Hyun as Liu Fu Ling, Emperor Zhao of the Han dynasty.
      Yoo Seung Ho as Meng Jue, adopted son of the wealthiest man in the kingdom and famed healer Meng Jiu.
      Jung So Min as Yun Ge, daughter of wolf girl Yu Er and General Huo Qu Bing.
      Song Joong Ki as Liu He, Infante Duke of Changyi and the prettiest man in the entire kingdom.
      Moon Chae Won as the mute Hong Yi, Liu He’s devoted maid and beloved.
      Im Joo Eun as Huo Cheng Jun, daughter of Regent Huo Guang.
      Yoo Ah In as Liu Bing Yi (Liu He), great-grandson of deposed Crown Prince Wei and future Emperor Xuan of the Han dynasty.
      Kim So Eun as Xu Ping Jun, commoner wife of Liu Bing Yi.

      I know I just made Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, and Yoo Ah In the best looking set of cousins in Chinese history. 😀 But Tong Hua has written that the two best looking guys in YZG are Meng Jue (his dark obsidian eyes and chiseled features) and Liu He (grandmom was the prettiest consort of Emperor Wu of Han), so I think I casted well, no?

      • Awesome!! (the fact I use this word, really shows my age). Anyways, if that were a drama made, I would be all over it. 🙂 Best dream drama 🙂 I will remember that casting line up for sure.

      • OMG your version of Yun zhong ge is blowing my mind. It’z PERFECT! Someone needs to make you a casting directer and make this drama happen! Just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps. I think the whole of asia will tune in to watch his version. lol

      • Hahaha, it is genuinely a dream cast for a dream novel, YY?

        I’m not done yet though!

        Cameo role of Jang Geun Seok as Third Brother. I am going to rescue that boy from all his cross-dressing and self-fawning and remind him of how awesome he was as Chang Hwe in Hong Gil Dong.

        Can you imagine Seok being the world’s most awesome oppa to Jung So Min, all while sneering at Yoo Seung Ho as Meng Jue and offering to beat up anyone who was mean to his baby sister?

      • lol…love coming to this site daily and coming across this diversion of topic…I would of thought Ms. Koala’s choice for Third brother would be Lee Jun Ki.

      • @dcdramafan,

        Hahaha, you totally know me. That was indeed my first choice, but then I remembered I was keeping to the ages from the novel. Jun Ki is over 30 and the rest of the cast range from mid-to-early 20s, and 3rd Brother is only 2 years older than Yun Ge. No can do. He is ideal for 3rd Bro, but for this particular cast I would go with Seok.

        Jang Geun Seok is like a baby-Lee Jun Ki anyways. I think it’s win-win either way.

      • whoaaaaaaa this cast is AWESOMEEEEEEE i can’t quite picture my actress for Yun Ge yet since i know very little of her, even from the bits i read– like i have no picture in my head of how she might look like watsoever but otherwise, the cast looks amazing. I’ll be honest though… JGS’s crossdressing kinda killed any manly image i had of him =x though i’d once LOVED his image in beethoven virus =P he looks better scraggy and short hair… my opinion =P

        what about Im Joo Hwan as 3rd brother instead? =P

    • Wow, I’m not familiar with your topic, but the short character descriptions DO fit your dream cast, koala.

      On that note, I think you need the budget of Iris + Athena + Iris2 to be able to get all of your perfect cast on board a single drama. 🙂

  6. Does it really have to sink? 🙁 sigh
    why can’t writers understand that they can go with the second lead and that it would make us happy (well most of the time)

  7. I still hope that he would just pack up and fly back to France with Soo Yeon.
    I would rather have him fly here without her to greet him at the airport on your behalf, Mrs Koala. 😛

    *Lady Bear going back to her cave to hibernate*

  8. If YESH! does half as well as we and the rest of the fans hope, he will have the lead in whatever he wants to do next.

    I vote saguek since he is relatively abless and too young for shower scene. Has to be with his OWN hair this time!! No wigs!

    He’s due for a return to a 30 episode, sword-fighting, non-yangban lead.
    In which he lives or dies, don’t care, as long as he gets the girl this time.

  9. You know, I was here when Yoo Seung Ho looked like a boy playing at being a man in that huge overcoat in the pictures, but my oh my—I like him alot. He looks so hot as Hyung Joon, and he does not look young. I dont do young guys, well because the older ones are so much sexier, but he’s hot. I’d marry him! Here is Yoon Eun Hye yet again with another KHJ (Hyun Ki Joon, kang Ji Hwan, now Kang Hyun Joon–or whatever his name is) character.

  10. Hrmm… Well.. I will be waiting to see more episodes to see who I will ship for. But, so far, I think I am shipping JW/SY. I feel really bad for JW. I just hope he will tell SY why he did what he did is wrong and hope they will kiss and make up. =) I know that JW is a d*ck.. But, I soo want him to make it work with SY. I must admit I totally do not like Yoochun nor any of his drama but this drama he is making me change my mind… Now, if only we get to see his abs.

  11. My anticipation to see this week’s IMY is mixed with more and more depression as I read all these news. I don’t know how long my interest and patience will last, but its wearing thin now.

    I wish the best for Seung Ho and all the casts though. It seems that they are already live-shooting. Its scary to think that they still have 14 more episodes to go O_O. I hope they all will stay safe and healthy through out the drama.

  12. This is definitely a fast sinking ship. But I will be dumping buckets of water out of it as fast as I can to only slow it down for a few moments. 🙁 I just hope that they had some dimension to HJ’s character and not just a vehicle to make the male lead shine more. I hope he’s not all evil, cause I really don’t think HJ is. I hope that Harry/Zoe can still have some good interactions in the remaining 14 episodes. Undeniably awesome chemistry is hard to escape from under.

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