Kim Nam Gil in Marie Claire and Possible Return to Drama with Sword and Flower

You know, I like Kim Nam Gil‘s moustache look because he wears it confidently. But isn’t it time to change it up? Some of my fave actors like Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae have worn a moustache at different points in their career but it doesn’t stay permanently, which is what Kim Nam Gil’s feel like. I understand why he may want to keep it. He toiled at the fringes of obscurity for so long (the dead husband in Be Strong Geum Soon with Kang Ji Hwan and Han Hye Jin, the second male lead in Goodbye Solo with Chun Jung Myung and Yoon So Yi) before breaking out as the second male lead in the historical epic Queen Seon Deok where he ending up edging out Uhm Tae Woong‘s male lead and got more screen time and won the girl’s heart by the end. That all happened after he went from clean shaven to rocking the facial hair and since then that ‘stache hasn’t budged an inch. He’s currently filming a thriller movie called Backwards Running Man with Jung Yumi¬†which should wrap in early 2013. The latest rumor out of Naver is that he’s signed on as the male lead for a period drama that will be airing after IRIS 2 (which makes its premiere around late April). It’s called Sword and Flower and is about a military officer who sleeps with his enemy spy to gather secrets and they end up falling in love. I’m not sure if its a sageuk but sounds more like a period piece set in more recent times. The drama will be produced by the company already slated to helm Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love with Kim Tae Hee as well as The Hidden Story of Admiral Lee Soon Shin with Uhm Tae Woong. This drama sounds perfect for Kim Nam Gil so I hope he takes it so we can all look forward to his drama comeback.


Kim Nam Gil in Marie Claire and Possible Return to Drama with Sword and Flower — 13 Comments

  1. I’m thrilled as I have been waiting for him to come back to drama world. I had almost given up. I agree moustache has got to go.

  2. The mustache definitely got to go. Other than that, I would be happy girl if he took a drama as long he is HOT and yummy. I do not mind him being a HOT Villian too…

  3. That sounds perfect for him. Fingers crossed. I definitely need more Kim Nam Gil in my life. But I agree with the ‘stache comments too. Time to say goodbye to the lip worm for a while.

  4. I was hoping that KNG would be cast in Incarnation of Money since Kang Ji Hwan is looking more and more like a no go for that due to his management troubles….but KNG in a sageuk or a period piece sounds so much more awesome!!!…now if this is true, lets just hope that it is a good one with a decent co-star (please no more Han Ga In)…part of me does wish he’d get rid of the ‘stache because I’m kinda tired of it…but if he’s doing a period piece then I’m okay with him keeping it

  5. What a boring photo shoot. I had to scroll back through to make sure it wasn’t the same outfit every pic.

    I agree about the ‘stache. It does need to go. But I would really love to see him in a drama soon without his hairy little friend.

  6. he appears to have ..hrmmm…really BIG feet.
    (I’m OK with that)…snickers into hands like a 13 year old.

    I love how Nam Gil just…goes for it.
    Anyone who has watched his previous works will understand…as an actor he seem to have no boundry he isn’t willing to cross – he’s bold.
    Can’t wait to see what he does next. (oh yeah, happy dance)

  7. Minunate vesti,s-a cam lasat asteptat..
    Dar Look-ul sau este OK,cei de la MARIE CLAIRE stiu sa-i puna in evidenta aspectul sau COOL,iar mustacioara ii sta foarte bine si ii da un aer super sexi,bordind buza superioara.

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