Flower Boy Next Door Leads Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon in Lovely New Photospreads

One good thing about being smack in the middle of Holiday season (and traveling for me) is how busy the days are flying by and so full of joyful happiness that I rarely have any downtime to wait around for Flower Boy Next Door to premiere. We’re almost two weeks away as is, when last I recall it was more than a month out, so clearly the drama gods are making my life easier. What’s helping is the surplus of goodies from the cast and production, including tons of stills and the lead actors guesting on Strong Heart and being so all-around adorable. Another great by-product of my fave actors starring in an upcoming drama is seeing them in magazine spreads again. Next month Park Shin Hye is featured in InStyle while Yoon Si Yoon shows up in Ceci Magazine. What I would give to see them do a couple’s shoot for a magazine, perhaps something risque and out of their comfort zone. Park Shin Hye is officially no longer a youngish actress to me, she’s a full-fledged young adult leading lady who has the screen presence to do mature adult roles. I see it in how she’s really oozing feminine sex appeal in a way that screams “I’m a woman now!” rather than being a pin-up sexy young thing. Yoon Si Yoon still looks much younger than his age, but I’ve already experienced his manly aura onscreen in Me Too, Flower! and I know he’s also very mature when he’s acting. I love both of their respective photo spreads, very clean and fresh.

[Credit: InStyle and Ceci]


Flower Boy Next Door Leads Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon in Lovely New Photospreads — 16 Comments

  1. PSH has matured into a beautiful young woman, and YSY is naturally unable to look bad. Looking forward for their colaboration onscreen and (please please please hear us, fashion editors!) in photoshoots. Although my biggest Xmas wish\ dream come true right now would be a MCW-SJK shoot… ooooooh I would die happy then! 😀

    • “YSY is naturally unable to look bad.”

      YES! You said it exactly right.

      In his second pic, you can see the start of a grown-up face. I hope he stops the work and just lets it all be for a while.
      Perfection is over-rated, but cosmetic surgeons don’t agree.

      • Right?! He looks so so good right now, and is such a good and charismatic actor, I sincerely hope he let go of the weird paranoia of perfection in K-entertainment (and society in general). Perfection is boring and a bit annoying to look at, whereas “flaws” are what make people interesting and relatable. PSH is a big example of that: she’s far from having the doll-face like some idols, but is absolutely beautiful. Same goes to Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, Son Ye Jin… and many others of my guy and girl crushes, lol.

  2. Is’nt PSH growing up so well ? Not only in looks but as an artist who has flourished and improved in all. areas. She retains her individuality in the vast ocean of the entertainment industry. Personally, i feel she was always a good model who is capable of giving any vibe depending on what she is working with. Here she is sexy,stylish, innocent and lovely all at the same time. This characteristic of hers is one more reason why I find her a good actress.
    I have loved all her various appearances and the rest of the cast in the past few weeks in shows, teasers, events and now this. So, now am really glad that the drama is not premiering earlier. Last but not the least your articles have played an important role in keeping us updated, building up all the anticipation and also helping in passing this time. Thank you and have a happy holiday. 🙂

  3. I can easily get mixed up with names… Park Shin Hye = PSH, when I am a bit mad following a different PSH in Alice-C lol 😉

  4. lovely! thanks koala sis for getting us updated with all this wonderful pics. 🙂

    i would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry christmas! may you have a joyous celebration with your family and friends… cuz christmas is after all about family and Christ. 🙂

  5. We just have to be patient less than 2 weeks..while tvn always give us teaser or bts picture everyday. Yippiiiie!!

    Happy new year ms.koalaa !!

    • All perfect in their roles. Lived up to expectations……infact better than how I imagined. Soooo looking forward.
      Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

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