Ham Yu Makes First Major Public Appearance and Performs for Hunan TV End of Year Celebration

After over 800 days spent recovering and rehabbing away from the media spotlight, on December 31, 2012 Ham Yu made his first major public appearance by performing on the Hunan TV New Year’s Even extravaganza. The hosts, other entertainers, and the audience were all notably overcome with emotion to see him return to the spotlight, bearing burn scars on his face and his arms covered by tight black compression gloves. I haven’t seen Ham Yu since I watched the C-version of Hana Yori Dango which was called Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower where he played the C-version of Hanazawa Rui. Ham was a popular idol singer first and has the nickname “Nation’s Little Brother” and he’s always reminded me of the Chinese version of Lee Seung Gi in terms of looks and popularity. In late 2010 he was filming the C-drama I Have a Date with Spring co-starring Selina Jen when there was an onset explosion which burned both of them severely. Selina was burned over a greater percentage of her body but Ham actually went to shield her so his burns are more severe. She returned to the entertainment world last year after she got married and has since released a new album with S.H.E. Ham’s recovery has taken much longer and his father detailed how his son was in such severe pain for so long he thought about giving up and never returning to the industry. Ham’s pulled through and a few months ago his C-drama with Selina renamed itself Love in the Spring and resumed filming with a new leading lady Yuan Shan Shan. It was really uplifting and teary to watch Ham perform a new single “Really I’m Fine” at the end of the year program. I’m so relieved he’s recovered and happy he’s back singing and acting because that is what he loved to do.

Ham Yu at the Hunan TV New Year’s Performance:



Ham Yu Makes First Major Public Appearance and Performs for Hunan TV End of Year Celebration — 12 Comments

  1. *teary-eyed*

    After your latest entry on Selina Jen I had done some research on his news but there was not much. Only bashful comments from some of his supposed fans over Selina’s message for his birthday. Glad to see him back on stage.

  2. I’m so happy he is back. I was so glad when Selina Jen made her comeback. It’s just sad that the drama will push through without Selina as the leading lady.

  3. He’s truly strong to overcome all this it’s going to be forever the scars/pain but to come out of it… that’s a true test of his strength and spirit.

  4. I wish him well. I’m sure he’ll never be the same person, but I hope he turns out to be a better version of his old self (and I don’t mean just physically).

  5. Thank you for sharing this news, Koala. Ever since he’s been injured and Selina had all these publicity about it, I’ve been trying to find out about his recovery status. I’m very happy that he has recovered and that he did it from the media’s scrutiny. I cried when I saw the clip above. =) But I must say, this boy has grown up.

  6. Thanks for this news. So glad to see him back. There really wasn’t much news of him after the accident, and I was hoping that somehow he’d make it through and be able to perform again (if that was what he wanted).

  7. *teary-eyed*

    I’ll come straight up and say that I am not a fan of the Chinese entertainment industry and that I know next to nothing about it.

    But this is such a story of human triumph that it transcends mere fans or whatnot. I truly, truly congratulate him for this comeback. With this kind of determination and dedication, I know he will achieve so much more in the future. Congratulations to both Selina Jen and Ham Yu. *face awash with tears*

  8. Hoping insurance covered for Selena and Ham’s pain and suffering… If this happened in America, it would have been a multi-million dollar reward. The studio was totally responsible.

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