Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun Snapped Out on a Happy Date

So K-ent has been awash in just the first twelve days of 2013 alone with a veritable avalanche of hook ups and break ups, as if some tricksy elf spiked the water supply in Yeouido and Chungmuro with love potion. The biggest “OMG I Can’t Believe They’re Dating” moment (not to be confused with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”) came courtesy of Kim Tae Hee and Rain being snapped on a cold dark night clearly not trying hard enough to be incognito. Perhaps worried that their status as the Top Dog of Hallyu couples might be usurped by these newcomers, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were similarly snapped by the gossip rag Dispatch out strolling the streets on a date. Of course they weren’t outed since they admitted to dating during the Summer last year, but this would mark the first photographic evidence of the couple out and about. Why K-ent couples don’t emulate TW-ent couples and do couple endorsements and red carpet walks together beats me. These grainy pictures are hardly juicy enough to ship. Lee Min Jung certainly looks happy to hang on to her man’s arm, though he could be a tad more into her if body language is to be believed. This seemingly random real life coupling just reminds me that real life shipping onscreen couples should be fun but not taken seriously. There are tons of fans who shipped Lee Min Jung with her co-stars such as Jung Kyung Ho from Smile, You or Gong Yoo in Big, but clearly the girl has a type and its not either of those guys. Considering Lee Byung Hun’s age, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them walk down the aisle or else break up this year. They are both old enough to know what they want and either its right or its not. Good luck to them and please give me some official couple appearances just for pretty’s sake.


Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun Snapped Out on a Happy Date — 30 Comments

  1. may he is just really cold and that’s why looks so tensed up? but then again, why don’t you just walk while cuddling your girlfriend?

  2. I definitely agree from the photos that LBH is more into himself then his girlfriend the body language says it all, not impressed.He looks very arrogant.

  3. She does seem more into him than him, her. That’s kinda sad coz Lee Min Jung’s such a sparkly warm person that I can’t help but want her to be with someone who knows how to appreciate that. :/

  4. though he could be a tad more into her if body language is to be believed

    Wait… are you saying that according to their body language, he’s more into her than she is to him? Because I don’t see that at all…

  5. le sigh~~ Lee Min Jung looks so happy here, I just hope that it would work out well for her. screw it, why does it have to be Lee Byung Hun??

  6. He is good actor and all that…..but he makes me nervous. If they don’t get married in 2 years ….I would worry for her.
    I want to see LMJ with LMH in a romcom.

  7. God forbid someone not be happy in a pap photo… I hope LBH marries LMJ soon. They both must love each other a lot since they also tried to have a relationship 6 years ago but couldn’t make it work because of busy schedules.

  8. clearly, they are not trying to hide from pap!
    IDK about you guys, but I can’t judge who’s into who more base on these pictures.

  9. Just different ways of showing their affection.. isn’t he smiling and most likely listening to her talking as they walk together? Lee Byung Hun have been gushing about Lee Min Jung a lot in his interviews before. If there’re too much PDAs by both.. people will still criticize. Sigh.

    Thanks for highlighting these photos. Hoping for some official pics, too.. like attending events in 2013 together.

  10. Altho from LBH’s body language he might not appear that into her, He could really be in love w her deep within. Some guys perhaps just don’t openly show their feelings and act all cuddly. Cos my dad’s like that LOL. :/

  11. She looks happy and thats enough for me.
    But please act wisely and not rush into things a.k.a marriage, coz to be honest im still not sure bout LBH considering all his past rumours n all.

  12. I got the idea that Korean artist only date openly after they reach 30s. So, Park Yoochun has another 4 more years to go, MGY has 5 more years, and the list goes on…..

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