Lee Jun Ki Keeps Up Steady Stream of Social Media Posts to Fans and Prepares for Japan EP Release

Wassup Jun Ki! Actually, he’s been up to quite a lot since he wrapped the fantasy sageuk Arang and the Magistrate back in August of 2012. Lee Jun Ki is one of the few double threats in Korean entertainment – a fantastic musical performer and a legit acting heavy hitter. I didn’t love Arang as much as I thought I would, but it was a solid outing for him in terms of tackling an interesting character and story line and the drama garnered respectable if not stellar ratings. Since then he’s performed in China for a end of the year show, has a fan meeting scheduled at the end of January in Beijing, recorded his first talk show appearance in more than three years in Healing Camp, and has a Japanese mini-album “Tonight” dropping at the end of the month simultaneously in Korea and Japan. Whew, my boy has been super busy indeed. That doesn’t mean he’s been too busy to update his fans on a candid level – in recent months Jun Ki has kept up a constant stream of tweets and weibo postings that are both charmingly quirky and low key. He does candids with his insanely adorable white teeny tiny dog, shows off his new red-tinted hair to his fans directly, munches on a cheeseburger at the airport, hangs out at the stuffed animal aisle, and in general is just such a fun and warm celebrity to follow (check out all the latest cuteness below). He’s promised his fans an acting project for 2013 so that gets the acting fangirl in me all giddy with excitement. I rarely worry that Jun Ki will pick a stinker as he’s proven quite adept at sifting through the scripts and selecting decent-to-stellar projects whether its dramas or movies. Please pick a drama, Jun Ki, and one where I’ll be totally onboard this time. 


Lee Jun Ki Keeps Up Steady Stream of Social Media Posts to Fans and Prepares for Japan EP Release — 18 Comments

  1. Last picture – put together with Yoon Si Yoon latest picture – they really do look alike O_O. I didnt notice the similarities until Ms.Koala mentioned it in her last recap of FBND.

    Hmm…hopefully one day both of them will be in a drama together – playing brothers?

  2. So nice to see him all over the places.

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if during all this activity, he also has a secret special someone to share with…Hated reading how lonely it was for him at the top.

  3. Sato!!! Sorry I’m rewarching Arang right now and loving him. This was my second drama with him in it (My Girl was first). He has change soo much since then. He is one of those men that age only helps him look better. In My Girl I remember liking his charecter but never thinking he was good looking. He really did look like an anime charecter with that hair. Then watching Arang the first time, i was like wait thats him. What a great difference 5 years make.

  4. Lovely pictures. Gotta admire a celebrity who’s able to have a healthy balance between being approachable to his fans and not having his personal life out there everywhere. I don’t follow his musical career, but he’s undeniably a great actor and seems like a nice guy. Plus, he’s gorgeus, kekeke. Looking forward for his next acting project. Loved Arang!

    • Great point about the healthy balance between being approachable to fans & yet not having his personal life everywhere! He’s doing a great job of it, too!

      I’m totally with you on Lee Jun Ki! I don’t follow his music career either, but I love him as an actor, & he IS gorgeous, & I did love Arang & I AM looking forward to his next project.

      You took the words out of my mouth! 😀

      • Omo, I’m a mind reader! ^ ^ Also wholeheartedly agree with what you said below. Post-army Jun Ki is the very definition of swoon-worthy! 😉 Hopefully we’ll have him back to our screens soon so we can fangirl together, lol.

  5. I’ve only been on the fringe of his fandom, but after these pics I’m almost on board all the way! *almost*

    Earlier someone posted the comment of how different he looks since My Girl. I agree! Lee Jun Ki has matured NICELY. 😎

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