New Developments in the Park Shi Hoo Rape Allegation Investigation

There are new developments in the Park Shi Hoo rape allegations that add significantly more facts to the case. For those of you living under a rock the last few days, the biggest news in K-ent has been the allegations made by a 22 year old trainee known as “A” that she went drinking with Park Shi Hoo and was raped after she passed out from drinking too much. Park Shi Hoo released a statement denying the accusations, admitting only that he drank with A and the subsequent sexual encounter was a mutually consensual affair. The Seoul police have summoned Park Shi Hoo in for questioning and he’s retained a lawyer. Immediately after the news broke, the owner of the bar that Park Shi Hoo, A, and a rookie actor known as “K” were drinking at says he checked CCTV footage from his establishment which showed A was able to walk out of the bar unaided that night. When asked about what A was wearing, he said she was dressed in skinny jeans and very chic like most hip young girls her age. He described her as very pretty and slender. Please don’t ask me why the media even cares what she was wearing that night or what she looked like, because that insinuation that her attire or looks somehow has any connection with a possible rape enrages me and imma flip some tables. Now police sources have revealed that the sexual encounter happened at Park Shi Hoo’s apartment and CCTV footage from his building shows that rookie actor K drove A and Park Shi Hoo home. He parked in the garage and was seen piggybacking an unconscious A into the elevator while Park Shi Hoo walked beside him. Oh lord, this is some stunning fact to digest and much more pertinent to the investigation than the bar owner claiming A was not unconscious when she walked out of the bar.

The facts so far are: (1) Park Shi Hoo and A drank that night at a bar, along with K, (2) Park Shi Hoo and A slept together afterwards, (3) A was not unconscious at the bar and walked out by herself unaided, and (4) A was unconscious entering Park Shi Hoo’s apartment building when she was piggybacked into the elevator by K. Everything else is speculation, people. Park Shi Hoo fans need to stop victim blaming and questioning A’s motives at the get go. Just because Park Shi Hoo is a good actor or good looking does not mean he can sleep with anyone he wants or every woman out there would agree to sleep with him. Rape is still a stigma for women everywhere and to even suggest that someone who was training to enter the entertainment world would allege rape to get famous is far-fetched. Not outside the realm of possibility, but definitely at the outskirts of probability. Not sure how a rape victim could get famous other than be infamous as the person who may have been raped by Park Shi Hoo. And rape victim advocates need to calm the heck down, just because there is a reluctance to rush to castigate Park Shi Hoo when there are not yet enough facts out there isn’t buying in the male dominated rape apologist culture. However, I will say that if indeed A was unconscious when she entered Park Shi Hoo’s apartment, there is a low probability that she sobered up enough inside to legally consent to sex.

Here is a good definition of “legal consent” in the sexual activity realm. Sexual activity requires consent, which is defined as clear, unambiguous, and voluntary agreement between the participants to engage in specific sexual activity. Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a “no”; a clear “yes,” verbal or otherwise, is necessary. Consent cannot be obtained from someone who is asleep or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some other condition. Agreement given under such conditions does not constitute consent. Consent must be clear and unambiguous for each participant throughout any sexual encounter. Consent to some sexual acts does not imply consent to others, nor does past consent to a given act imply ongoing or future consent. Consent can be revoked at any time. This means that even if A wanted the sexual encounter before she passed out, once she passed out then engaging in the sexual encounter does in fact constitute rape because she was incapable of changing her mind and revoking her consent. I’m being super specific because as a lawyer I hate when people don’t understand that a person (man or woman) is allowed to change their minds to sex whether before or during the encounter. I don’t think Park Shi Hoo’s career is over in K-ent but I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a long hiatus from acting. This is of course ancillary to the even more serious consequences should he be indicted and convicted of rape, i.e. jail time. However, call me jaded, but my gut tells me this thing is going away whether it is true or false. Money and power always talks in the end.

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New Developments in the Park Shi Hoo Rape Allegation Investigation — 156 Comments

  1. There have been too many speculations.Miss A has said it all,if not too much.She has filed a complaint already.I want to hear from Park Si Hoo to give his side of the coin, to be fair.

    • 2013.03.04 21:37 Tonight’s news

      Park Si Hoo’s counterclaim: sues A and B for blackmail and defamation

      Park Si Hoo’s law firm PURME revealed that this afternoon PSH has filed a suit at Western Police Station against A and her friend B for attempted blackmail, and against B for defamation (reference is to the exclusive interview B gave to a weekly magazine LIYO last week.)

      朴施厚反控告: 起訴A和B勒索和誹謗

      朴施厚的律師事務所PURME 透露今天下午前往西部警局, 控告A與B企圖勒索, 以及B毁壊名譽. (B數天前曾接受某周刊LIYO首尔訪問, 披露了一些朴施厚案件的”所謂詳情”. )

      2013.03.04 22:23

      Park Si Hoo’s counterclaim: sues 3 people

      Second news report says Park Si Hoo is also suing Hwang Mo of his former management company EYAGI.

      朴施厚反控告: 狀告3人



      2013.03.04 23:07

      Park Si Hoo goes on all-scale war against former agency

      Third news report says Mr. C (EYAGI representative – President?) seems to try to help Park Si Hoo when his contract expires at the end of January 2013 but is in fact the mastermind behind all these, so PSH is using all three — A, B, and C.


      第三段報導是 C先生(EYAGI的代表 – 會長?)當朴施厚的合約屈滿後表面上是幫助他, 但實際上是事件的幕後黑手, 所以朴施厚一併起訴了A, B, C 三人.

      Please see our earlier posts:

  2. PSH finally get what he deserve! He think he could get away with the law when he rapes that poor girl! He think he and ” K” his junior can fool the seoul Police department But unfortunately God not on their sides!Thank god that the lie detector has shown us who the real liars are! Who else but PSH n “K”! How I really wish I were in Seoul to listen to this hearing! I really want to see that they will be found guilty as charged n sentenced them to 10 years’imprisonmentfor raping that poor girl!PSH and K Already had plans on that girl’s body in the very beginning which of course she doesn’t know what is on their evil minds!otherwise, ahe wouldn’t have got raped by PSH! “K” has played the role Pimp for PSH To find girl to sleep witjh PSH so PSH can help “K” in “K”‘s acting career!

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