Yoon Eun Hye Shoos Away the Winter in Early Spring Pictorials

Good ole Yoon Eun Hye – even in the dead of Winter she manages to jolt me awake like a splash of refreshing cold water for the visual senses. Fresh off a very disappointing turn (for me) in Missing You, where her performance was solid but the character so superficially written, at least she got to experience the melodrama bug which is always a good thing. An actor can’t coast on laurels and definitely should venture outside the comfort zone. For Yoon Eun Hye, she’s been associated with rom-coms since she started acting that it was high time she did a melo. I just wish it hadn’t been MY, especially since the drama is now sandwiched between the vastly superior Nice Guy and the subsequently looking very promising That Winter, The Wind Blows. Either of those female roles I would have cast her since she’s my bias over Moon Chae Won and Song Hye Kyo, but that’s just me wishing she got a better drama and not a diss on those actresses in the least. For the March issues of High Cut and W Korea, Yoon Eun Hye drops two very different spreads. For High Cut she went back to Hawaii for a very tropical photo shoot, which echoes the Hawaii shoot she did right after wrapping Lie to Me where she modeled a variety of Cartier jewelry. I really love the first picture above, even if the outfit she’s wearing looks an evening gown missing the entire bottom half. My guess is that its some couture swimsuit that costs an arm and a leg and isn’t very comfortable or practical in the least. Her legs are to-die-for. The rest of the Hawaii pics are lovely and typical Yoon Eun Hye, in that she makes me sit up and stare anytime she models. For W Korea, she’s showcasing a line of bags for Rouge & Lounge. I can’t say I am particularly impressed with either the bags (so stiff and ordinary) or the photos (too statics), but I adore her hair and make up in those pictures. Here’s to hoping she picks a sageuk soon and challenges herself even more.


Yoon Eun Hye Shoos Away the Winter in Early Spring Pictorials — 29 Comments

  1. I just hope it won’t take forever again for her to chose a new project. I think to improve in acting she needs to be more active doing so. 🙂 But I also enjoy her modeling it’s certainly her strength.

  2. Loving the braided updo and the bright lipstick (and also that due on her right in that cover is hot, he looks just a teeny bit like Heath Ledger).

    I used to find her cute and pretty but not really stunningly gorgeous earlier, but somehow maturing has really added to her beauty – she’s breathtaking here.

    As for IMY, it got too messy with the chaebol nonsense and Yoo Seung-ho is still too young and babyfaced to pull off playing 25, it looked like he was play-acting at being older instead of actually being that age, if that makes any sense. And much as I like the cast, I really do think Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun made more of an impression because the whole weight of their tragedy fell on the child actors, and they set a really high bar for the adult leads. I hope we’ll see YEH in a sageuk next, if she’s going to continue experimenting – she looks great in hanbok.

  3. I always love her looks and wanting to buy the magazines, just don’t know where. Anyways, with the I Miss You drama, I liked it and I thought her and Yochun had great chemistry, but I miss her in a romcom show, she is so adorable in that kind of scenes. I only wish her good luck to any project she choose the next time and I’m waiting what kind of role she’ll portray. I really miss her.

  4. The Koreans love the waspy Uptown look, don’t they? YEH looks so uptight between the two beach blondes. I prefer her in edgier down town looks.

  5. Agree that the bags are not exciting but YEH really knows what it means to take a picture. Every shot is filled with EXPRESSION.

  6. SKH has been a pleasant surprise TWTWB. I always found her inert and doll like but in TWTWB she reminds me of a young Gong Li. Also saw her in WKW’s The Grandmaster. It’s nice to see an actor grow. Does that mean there’s hope for Kim Tae Hee to grow some soul?!
    Jo In Sung has been mesmerizing …..I love those close ups of him. Reminds me of his character in A Dirty Carnival except he’s better dressed and more posh looking as a gambler/playboy this time. It’s so yummy to watch real actors instead of insipid teen idols with their average looks and terrible acting. Pouting and Preening is not acting. I guess it’s time for me to go back to Kfilms.

    • im sorry but you do know that YEH was an idol turned actress right? Baby V.O.X? When she first got lead role in drama goong people were criticising her like what you are doing now to those “teen idols”.

      • but YEH quit her idol group to focus on acting full-time, which is not a commitment I see any of the idol-actors of today making. And even among idols, there are those who can act (Eunjung, Yoochun, even an improved Yoona) and those who should just stick to the day job.

    • love all the pics but W mag went a little to far with the photoshop on last pic. look at the jaw line in last pic they went too far with the shadow and smoothed it a little to much. And I agree she needs classes in acting and maybe pic projects with experinced actors . Her best acting came from Coffee Prince and she worked with some great actors in that project.
      looking forward to her next project.

  7. She’s so gorgeous! She did say in one of her latest interviews that she would consider a sageuk as a future project 🙂

    I really wanted to buy her High Cut magazine, but it got sold out really fast >__<

  8. YEH would have looked great with JIS. I prefer her with tall big leading men. She’s a big girl herself so sometimes can make her leading men look puny.
    In some scenes SKH looks tiny next to JIS . She didn’t look good on screen with her tall ex Hyun Bin. But the director of TWTWB is doing a great job of focusing on close ups and tight shots. And the actors’s charisma and talent are making the physical difference a non issue.

  9. For me, she is truly the GODDESS of Korean drama & film, not only she is beautiful but a really good actress both comedy & drama. We love you YEH!

  10. I wish I Miss You had been a little better too, but I still enjoyed it overall, and agree that I really loved seeing her in a different kind of role. She’s my favorite kdrama actress by far, even if she’s not the most seasoned there’s something about her that draws me in. Can’t wait until she picks her next project!!

    • Ditto! There’s just something about her that makes me comeback for more. She excudes charisma onscreen and she always makes me wanna root for her.

  11. I totally agree with you Capt. K. YEH could have been better choices for NG and TWTWB. Then I would have been more invested, because I just adore her to pieces. (Again, just my bias, though I like both the lead actresses).

    YEH sits on the very top of all my favourite k-actresses. For me, she has everything – looks, talent, character and smarts. I read recently that she is lonely and is now looking for a boyfriend. SO I hope love and happiness find her.

  12. Acting wise she is better than MCY and SHK (SHK the first korean i like but when i saw YEH got stuck with her). She doesn’t need acting lessons anymore coz she has proven that with MY and nailed it even if it is a melodrama….As for her pictorials she always know how to exude emotions in every pic… you just keep on staring at her just like Ms K mentioned and never get enough of her…

  13. What YEH better than MCW and SHG? lol
    for me both SHK and MCW acting better than YEH. NG and TWTWB perfect for them..Can’t finish MY but she’s pretty.

  14. love YEH like all the stars in the clear sky, she looks beautiful in Hanbok during Goong ,the part she wanted to apologise to the father in law…really beautiful she can act but she has a signature act in Rom Com ..but it didn’t appear in IMY .I would say she don’t act in a lot of drama I wish she does.I missed her..she has a womanly figure to die for.Thanks Ockoala for posting this beautiful pictures of YEH and what she up too.

  15. YEH is really good in romcom and very natural. But with I Miss You, I think she was good and I wish she will do another drama, she can portray any role now and show her acting prowess. I would love to see her pair with a matured leading man and dream of her pairing with Bae Yong Joon, with a right script and director, I’m thinking this will be a dream team. sort of Winter Sonata theme, this is just my wish and it’s not bad to dream.

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