Additional Glorious Pictures of Yoo Seung Ho in the March Edition of Bazaar Magazine

Oh the pretty, you slay me with too much pretty. Yoo Seung Ho, who happily and voluntarily trotted off to the army earlier this week (as opposed to some other celebs who shall remain unnamed but have been accused of delaying until the very last minute or worse yet draft dodging with minor ailments blown out of proportion), left behind one final present for us. His Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot in Hawaii, which I posted about last week, actually consisted of many more pictures than was initially released. Hhhhmmmm, more Yoo Seung Ho……. He looks decidedly sleepy-eyed in many of these pictures, or else the sun is in his eyes, but overall it aligns with the general concept of this shoot – man/boy on a tropical vacation. I love the juxtaposition between suits and casual wear, as well as the one black-and-white shot on the beach that just relaxes the eye to soak in his gorgeousness against the moving backdrop of the sand and the waves. I thought Yoo Seung Ho didn’t look too bad with his shaved head as he reported for enlistment, but there is nothing that compares with his coiffed look mixed with roguish charm. I can candidly say he’s not the most handsome young actor I’ve seen, not by a long shot, but his acting talents and fine-bonded features, combined with a ridiculously winsome smile, is altogether an irresistible package for me. His age has always been a cause for reservation but I now can rest assured that when he comes out of the army he might be ready to graduate from ICOMYM by then.


Additional Glorious Pictures of Yoo Seung Ho in the March Edition of Bazaar Magazine — 8 Comments

  1. Cheeeesus.
    Wouldn’t he look fabulous as a Gatsby type dissolute character in that period costume?
    It’s fun to know that under all that suave sophistication is actually a goofy young man with an adorable giggle and smile.

  2. adorable, but really still a baby. When you know how incredibly young he is it is hard to take him seriously in a romance (or any role where he is playing a seasoned professional). A couple of years in the army will boost his credibility.

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