More Deliciousness From the Upcoming Rich Man, Poor Woman SP

It’s raining Rich Man, Poor Woman goodies here. Not that I’m complaining, what with the dearth of K-dramas these days having at least a J-dorama to look forward to helps fill the void. Yes, technically its just a two-hour SP, but I’m choosing to believe that it reduces RMPW to everything that is good about it while discarding all the filler. The RMPW SP official website is open and the first official stills have been posted. It shows Hyuga and Makoto still being the swooniest couple ever, with the forehead touch and running through Times Square hand in hand. The synopsis has been released and the SP will focus on three segments – Hyuga and Makoto running into each other in New York City, Asahina leaving prison and going MIA and Hyuga finding him, and Makoto returning to Japan for a one-week trial living arrangement with Hyuga. It’s weird how time and a great ending washes away all the bad memories of Asahina’s betrayal, and the fact that he did his prison time and paid his penance, because I’m looking forward to him repairing his friendship and professional partnership with Hyuga. I still don’t know if Asahina was ever genuinely interested in Makoto, or he was just afraid she would take Hyuga away from him so he jumped the gun and betrayed Hyuga as a way to prove that he didn’t matter.

I totally felt a strong subtext flowing through the two guys friendship that Asahina cared for Hyuga’s opinion and validation so much it veered towards the romantic love seeking approval. If the dorama had went there, it would have added so much more weight to Asahina’s flip out and decision to throw Hyuga under a bus. Anyhoo, that’s all in the past now and the dorama moves forward with the two men learning to forgive and move on, as well as the crazy cute couple of Hyuga and Makoto trying out a different living arrangement to test their compatibility. Below are more official and unofficial stills of the cast filming in New York City, plus a fan sighting of Oguri Shun dining at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. LOL, if I went out to eat and happened to look up and find myself sitting next to Shun, I just might Hulk out and launch myself at him. Or not. But I will definitely whip out that camera phone and snap a bajillion pictures of him. There is something so ridiculously handsome about Oguri Shun which is validated in all the BTS pictures which show that he really is just that tall and just that good looking in real life as he is on the screen. I wonder if Yamada Yu made the trip to NYC to keep an eye on her hubby? Heh.

More BTS pictures.

The RMPW cast and crew was spotted dining at a restaurant in Chinatown. I love the angle of the picture taker, someone just having a meal and then suddenly spotting a god in the form of Oguri Shun sitting 4 feet away and documenting it.


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  1. ,what endeared me to Oguri Shun? His uneven teeth.. I don’t really know why but it did.. 🙂

    ,also, I love that fan captured photo of him..

    • SomI am almost embarassed to say this, but I first saw him in the craziness that is Hana Kimi with my daughter who insisted that I give it chance. She said, “It is crazy, mama. Really it makes no sense. But you are stressed at work, and I promise this will help with the stress.” I watched to placate her. Resisting, but then . . . I began to secretly watch episodes before writing reports to keep myself from being angry before I began. I was sucked into the intensity of Oguri Shun and the malestrom of wacky that surrounded his silence. Whew. Thanks, guys. I feel like I just went to confession.

      But I was done for in Rich Man Poor Woman. I don’t know if I would have had the composure totake a picture if I saw him eating out.

  2. the first time i saw him on screen was the F4 drama. I was not captivated with his looks, i didnt think he was handsome compared to vic or jerry and lee min ho but his acting skilks makes him handsome for me.

    • Um, G-Dragon pulled off a pink scarf for the entire summer back in 2011. Lol, just messing with you.

      Like a lot of people, I first saw Shun in F4, and I wasn’t a fan. It wasn’t him, just that character (I didn’t like Vic Zhou or Kim Hyun Joong either.). But Oguri Shun was captivating in Rich Man, Poor Woman, so I appreciate him now. And he does look more appealing in that pink scarf than GD did.

  3. What endeared him to me is his voice. I think I watched HYD first before hanakimi and his makoto singsong lines are so appealing. I remember a few years back, me and my son kept watching his sony ericsson cm a bajillion times. He’s amused by the face transition and I just think he’s so handsome in that cm. Can’t wait for the sp. I wish it’s longer. Hehe. RMPW was the last drama I actually finished. Eventho I love FBND to bits, I haven’t the desire to finish it yet.

  4. It’s ridiculous how much I am in love with this on-screen couple. Seeing these pics, it’s like no time has passed at all since RMPW. Thanks, Koala!

  5. oh dear lord, what a beautiful, beautiful man. i think it’s probably a good thing that i don’t live in the east coast because these fan photos will surely push me over the edge to start staking him!

    can’t wait for the SP! hyuga and makoto are definitely one of my favorite onscreen couples.

  6. Damn it, I need to go to the city more often. I live in NY but in the suburbs so I don’t really see celebrities. The only one I’ve seen is Leighton Meester. My friend saw Jung Il-woo once!

  7. Side Note- Lol that mic boom is located in a very interesting place in that 6th or 7th photo xD Especially the expression on Oguri’s face

  8. I’m READY for the SPECIAL!

    What I like about Oguri is…

    1) He’s tall…
    2) He’s tall, has a beautiful smile…
    3) He’s tall, has a beautiful smile, and cute dimples…
    4) He’s tall, has a beautiful smile, cute dimples, and a sexy side glance!

    My eyes get happy just looking at him! hehehe

  9. i’ve watched shun first in gokusen season 1 and I already noticed him next to sawada (jun matsumoto).. but when I watched HYD, I think he’s the reason why I’m watching it. Before, I’m not into JDORAMA because their “KILIG” factor is always lacking for my own opinion, but when my friend recommended RMPW, my gosh I told my self that Shun is my most favorite Japanese actor ever and I started to love JDORAMA’s. He’s not that handsome, but I don’t know why or what, but there is something about him that makes him different from other actors (even korean and taiwanese.)..gosh this is the first time that I’m gonna comment in a blog but I can’t help it..Honestly I envy Yu Yamada..

  10. I’ll continue to watch it until it has English subs…then I watch it again. I missed them!

    Some of the other Asian dramas have been trying to rack my nerves, so I stop watching them. But, this one…a totally different story…totally!

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