Jung Yong Hwa Reportedly in Talks to Join Lee Min Ho in Heirs

Everyone and their grandmothers know by now that Lee Min Ho has selected his next project and it’s a Kim Eun Sook drama. I’ve watched all of her dramas and it’s a wide berth between love (City Hall, On Air) and hate (Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Lovers in Paris). One thing that has been constant is that her dramas skew older in age, with her cast and her subject matter. She doesn’t do youth dramas nor does she deal with younger topics. Initially I thought Lee Min Ho would be paired with an older actress for the upcoming Heirs, but the latest on dit has this being a college campus drama with four leading men and four leading ladies. What is this, A Gentlemen’s Dignity for the school-age crowd? A better description has this drama being a cross between Boys Before Flowers and Gossip Girl with the rich heirs set up, except for the college crowd. The netizens have been having a field day discussing possible leading ladies for their beloved Lee Min Ho (which is a fun exercise, I have to admit), but casting rumors have already trickled out for other co-stars. Apparently Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue is on board as the second male lead in this drama. Raise your hand if you immediately flashed back Kim Hyun Joong of SS 501 pairing with Lee Min Ho for Boys Before Flowers? Whatever Heirs is about, I just hope its not Kim Eun Sook’s attempt to re-visit the success of BBF, but I’m not holding my breath that this will be some groundbreaking drama with fresh originality. It might be snappy and cracktastic, and of course I’ll check it out, but I’m going in with tempered expectations.

I heard also that while this is a college-campus based drama, there will be an older woman character that is a teacher who takes special interest in Lee Min Ho. I don’t know if she’s going to be his OTP, or if her special interest is of the romantic variety versus more of a mentorship role. I do think Kim Eun Sook’s forte is writing very distinctive and memorable male leads, way moreso than the same drama female leads. I think competition will be fierce to snag a role in this drama – no matter what I personally think of Kim Eun Sook’s works, she’s a hitmaker and one who always manages to attract buzz with her dramas. I do hope the cast is low on the idols with limited acting experience and more young and promising actors get a chance to snag some exposure with this project. As for my preference for his leading lady? A few big names are too A-list to play second fiddle to Lee Min Ho, so the possibilities are limited. I would pick Park Bo Young and reunite them from Mackerel Run, or Jung So Min. Supposedly Park Min Young might be a possibility as well. The drama doesn’t air until October so it might be some time before the full cast is confirmed.


Jung Yong Hwa Reportedly in Talks to Join Lee Min Ho in Heirs — 54 Comments

  1. Breath Mari* breath Mari**
    It’s only a rumor!!!! Only a rumor*! Which I would lub if it was true bcause I lub Yong-Hwa like a crazy fan girl. I don’t think this will happen because CNBLUE. Is doing a huge tour soon. Unless they finish the tour right after summer… All my fingers are crossed.

    • Also, I know this won’t happen, but I’d love to see actresses like Jo Bo Ah or Lee Se Young get a shot at this. They are both just so lovely and fresh… Lee Min Ho has fame to spare so this would be a great opportunity to give a rookie actress some real exposure.

  2. If this materializes, this will be a blockbuster of a drama!!! Two handsome guys together? And one good writer? Confirm it soon please!

  3. Yonghwa will be 2nd lead? I’m IN!! ❤‿❤
    He has big progress in acting skill since YAB to HS. Although i admit for some scenes he still doesn’t act natural, but he can learn 🙂

    just curious, why ms koala hate with sega and lovers in paris?

    • yeah, me too, why ms.koala hate secret garden and lovers in paris? Secret garden was pretty enjoyable and I love lovers in paris so much except the very last ten minutes of the last episode, so weird.

  4. i would die if park min yougn and lee min ho worked together again! their chemistry is amazing and off the charts.

    but i also would enjoy jung so min in the drama, as i adore her and she is a great actress, perhaps go ara as well, who is not amazing, but i cannot help but adore her.

    but if i could pick anyone it would be uee.

  5. Goodness, even if it’s a version of BOF but if it’s better acted and written… I am IN.

    Now not too many idols please. If they pick Yoona I would be spewing. I want an actress or 4 actresses who are capable of acting and have an expressive face. You have no idea how many actresses or actors who have been acting but with deadpan expressions in every scene.

    • I know this is dumb but taking into account that she was once Kim Hyun Joong’s OTP I find it a little weird to see her with LMH, cuz of the whole F4 thing..lol….felt the same way about Kim So Eun casting rumors during City Hunter pre-production cuz of Kim Bum….but this would be a great opportunity for JSM if she gets the offer since Kim Eun Sook dramas are always rating hits

  6. And it keeps getting worse for me…Sorry guys JYH is cute (especially when he is Shin Woo hyung) but acting wise he leaves a lot to be desired…also teacher that takes interest in him?…those are my least favorite storylines…but worst of all this is a Kim Eun Sook and her stories don’t ever get to me….granted her leads are always hot and there’s chemistry between the OTP’s and there’s also some funny but the plot and dialogue is always very superficial and I can never get emotionally hooked no matter what….its a pity because I’ve been waiting to see LMH in something good since City Hunter and doesn’t look like its happening this year either….I’m sure the casting for the rest of the leading guys will be one more idol and an actor and I have feeling the latter might be someone like Go Kyung Pyo who I find adorable or Lee Min Ho ’93 with so much gravitas….you know what would be great though? if they cast his bestie Jung Il Woo?! Then I might actually give this one a go

    • That is a dream of mine, Jung IL Woo and Lee Min Hon together in a drama… but I always fear the world might implode if that ever happened… If that really happens I think I’ll have to stick to the drama….. crap… yeahh I would endure it for both of them…

  7. I heard rumors that the leading lady is a A-list young actress at her 20’s, similar age with Lee minho. This puts the list short: Moon geunyoung, Han hyojoo, Mon chaewon. And also the rumor said that if any idol star would be in his/her role is not so important.

  8. Omg! this is so exciting.
    If they are going with teacher as love interest i would like these older ladies paired with lee minho…
    Song Hye-gyo
    Ha Ji-won
    Shin Min-ah
    Gong Hyo-jin

    • I love your list!
      & I would like to add Im Soo Jung. She’s only done mostly movies and is considered an A-list, and now she’s considering dramas. I really want to see a ISJ/LMH pairing 🙂

      Gong Hyo Jin/LMH would be an interesting pair also! Ah, and Ha Ji Min 😀

  9. I love this guy don’t get e wrong (CNBlue is awesome) but dude can’t act to save his life. As much as this combo will be pretty to look at… I’m voting no. Mixed feelings about this drama, Kim Eun Sook has been miss for me too after City Hall.

    • Agree 100%. I mean, did they have to re-create the KHJ dynamic from BOF with someone whose acting is just as bad? Do we really have to re-create all of BOF’s mistakes, as well? I can see it all now…a brainless theme song, on endless repeat (almost paradiiiiiiise), a ridiculous plot, zero chemistry between the leads, the emotional depth of a rain puddle, nothing but egregious shots of luxury goods, some snappy dialogue, and a long line of pretty, pretty faces.
      To me, each project Kim Eun Sook has undertaken since City Hall has gotten progressively more ridiculous and superficial, and I don’t really see how this project is going to reverse the trend.

  10. Please Park Bo Young! Even though she hates acting with him cause she always has to stand on a box. They have such good chemistry together.

  11. I would like to see LMH with Park Se Young or Rascal Son’s Yoon Se In..LMH just looks stunning with his all his co-stars..

  12. Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo! Han Hyo Joo!

    or if she’s too A-list for this roster…

    Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun!

    • third! i love HHJ!

      okay. as much as I love CN Blue (yes, HUGE fan) and just a little bit less for YH (I’m obviously JongHyun)…. please please please take a little bit more acting lessons before embarking on a drama with his royal Hotness LMH.

      no match for LMH. what about JoongKi?

  13. yeah, me too, why ms.koala hate secret garden and lovers in paris? Secret garden was pretty enjoyable and I love lovers in paris so much except the very last ten minutes of the last episode, so weird.

  14. I so wish it was Park Bo-young or Jung So-mi, they are young, pretty and GOOD ACTRESSES. I’m really done with watching dramas full of idols who can’t act, and pretty (cause yeah they are gorgeous) ‘actresses’ with no acting skills or charisma… so preferably no Park Ming Young. If I want to see pretty I can look through a magazine.

    I’m sorry i’m ranting but really, isn’t anyone else already had it with all the dramas with beautiful leads, either male or female, that are just there to look pretty? I’m sure there are plenty good actresses and actors in the k-ent waiting to get the roles given to either idols or those actors with the equivalent on acting talent of human mannequins…

    So good to get that off my chest…

  15. I would choose Yoona To be with Lee Min ho. They both look so great together . They are models for the same companies like Innisfree and eider and they are the perfect fit. Lee Min ho is young handsome and good-looking at the age of 25 while Yoona is flawless Young cute gorgoeus somehow adorable at her age of 23 years old . Even their age are compatible 🙂 I love them both. I want her as the 1st Female lead along with Lee Min Ho. Please fulfilled my dream <3 Yoona and Minho <3

  16. as long as we are dream casting (emphasis on DREAM), my ideal 4 guys wd be
    Lee Minho (Faith, City Hunter)
    Jung Il woo (FBRS, MoonSun),
    Lee Seung gi (K2H, MGIAG)
    Kim Soo hyun (MoonSun, Dream High)…

    ( i would add my 2nd bias after LMH- Lee Min ki as 5th guy ;))

    Female leads wd be:
    Park Shin hye (FBND, YAB) opp LSG,
    Im Joo eun (Soul, Wild Romance) opp KSH,
    Jo Bo ah(SUFBB, Horse Doctor) opp LMH,
    Park Se young (Faith, School 2013) opp JIW…

    ok, end to wild imagination & back to reality, i just wish Lee Min Hot will work opp someone near his age, and that there’s no actual student-teacher love-affair in the story, maybe just a female prof mentor which becomes a scandal in the drama (it’s a kdrama afterall)…

  17. LMH is so gorgeous on tv thus his leading lady should be s0meone of beauty or else may look a bit uncompatible onscreen..n0ona will be ok f0r me so l0ng it will be shin min ah or eun hye..

  18. I thought it was LMH in a HS drama so I automatically dismissed it. Now that I know it’s a college-based drama, I may give this one a try.

    Thanks for the news.

    • Oh puh -leez.
      We need an actress who can have a variety of expressions and can express passion.
      And yes I’ve seen her in 3 dramas and she hasn’t improved or changed her acting.

  19. I doubt we’d see another park minyoung-lee min ho pairing. It’s possible but not for a reallly long while.
    Possible leading & second leading ladies I would love to see in this drama:

    Park ha sun
    Kim ji won
    Park bo young
    kim so eun
    Im joo eun
    Jung so min
    Moon chae won
    Go yoon hee
    Han groo
    Yoon so yi
    That girl that’s in the movie with the idol group member Beast’s Junhyung. I saw pictures. She looks cute. She could play a 3rd or 4th lead.

  20. Yes hopefully they get actors/actresses and less of the idols. First actress that came into mind was Jung So Min! I like Park Bo Young too! I like the actress also that played Meahri on Gentlemans Dignity.

  21. Haha I know I just wrote no idols but Roy Kim just popped into my head, ha! It would be nice to watch Kim So Eun again in this kind of drama. It would be a dream come true if I see Lee Minho and Yoon Eun Hye in one drama. I personally like Yoon Shi Yoon too.

  22. can’t wait this drama…;) i think lee min jung is a good leading actress for this drama…..i saw her acting in BIG with gong yoo…she is good and…cute!!ooohhh myyyyyy…so curious about the leading actress for this drama!!! who will be so lucky…play this drama with LEE MIN HO ……..

  23. Instead of casting Yonghwa, can they cast Lee Kwang Soo instead? I would SO love to see him get a love line! If LKS gets casted, I kind of want either Park Bo Young or Han Hyo Joo as his partner. HHJ is a good friend of LKS and I LOVED their friendship in Dong Yi! PBY and LKS, lol, the huge height gap will be so adorable 🙂

    Here are some of my ideal couples:

    Lee Min Ho / Im Soo Jung (or Gong Hyo Jin/Song Hye Kyo)
    Kim Bum / Kim So Eun(favorite BOF OTP!)
    Lee Kwang Soo / Han Hyo Joo (or Park Bo Young)
    Jung Il Woo or Joo Ji Hoon / Park Bo Young (or Han Hyo Joo)

  24. No park min young!

    Cast that main girl chick from Gumiho who played opposite lee seung gi, I forgot what her name was. Lee min ho mainly gets paired up with older chick, hehe, sad, he needs to pair up with a prettier chick.

  25. Although getting used to the news now but it felt like something out of the blue. I was all geared to see Shinhye in Sageuk. She and LMH match and have shown chemistry even in few minutes of CF’s and BTS, looking forward to it. Will JYH be in the same drama as SH for the third time ? Lot to absorb.

  26. What? What if Jung Yong Hwa oppa confirm for this drama together with Min ho oppa. OMG Yong Hwa oppa and Shin Hye Unnie fates. Lol Three time!!!! But it gonna be lower vote for Min Ho and Shin Hye couple since Yong Hwa oppa has more people who love pairing with Shin Hye. Don’t worry Min ho’ss I am the main female lead.

  27. oh god no.
    Another Park Shin Hye and Yonghwa drama?
    i think not.
    I like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye pairing and I think it not need a Yonghwa too, someone else please~

  28. Oh my… Please grant it!! Though yong will not be the leading actor, i’m still longing for a yongshin drama :’) well… I hope moon geun young in though..

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