The OTP Take the Relationship to a New Level in Episode 10 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

The drama adaptation of the novel Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love has this far lived up to its chick lit origins. It’s very romantic, of the type of romance that really tugs at the heartstrings. It’s attraction and appreciation rolled into one, heady aromas of male-female push and pull without coming off as childish or underwhelming. Not only do I feel like there are insurmountable obstacles before Lee Soon and Ok Jung, I also feel pulled into their struggle because their growing love explodes off the screen to create sparks everywhere. Yoo Ah In looks younger than Kim Tae Hee, in character and in real life, but that doesn’t matter in the least. Their visual symmetry isn’t in their looks, because I have totally looked past their physical features and my eyes see desperately lonely Lee Soon and scared and hopeless Ok Jung finding each other like ships in the night. It’s an impossibility yet the fates have given them this chance and they are both smart and brave enough to grab hold of it. I love OTPs like them, not playing the denial card or posturing for the sake of dragging out the tension. They want each other, and the devil is in the details of how to make it happen. From the spoiler stills released for episode 10, looks like Lee Soon isn’t going to let recently being in a coma, taking another wife courtesy of his mom ordering it while he was in said coma, and having a bevy of ministers at his back curtail him from pursuing the woman of his dreams. Seeing these stills had me giggling and blushing like a school girl, but at the same time wondering how the heck the OTP has moved this far and still there have been no sightings of the purported second male lead.


The OTP Take the Relationship to a New Level in Episode 10 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love — 34 Comments

  1. Thank you so much, Koala, for all the recaps and posts you’ve done so far! This is truly my favorite historical drama so far, and I watched at least 15 to this date. Many of them dragged on too long and lost their flow and me as their viewer in the process ( like dong yi, jumong, queen seondeuk, yi san with their 50+ episodes of nothing happening or thugs happening to slowly. This is truly the most underrated drama of all time. I quit watching yi family book, because it is making me bored of how nothing really changed for the last 9 episodes. (Also, I’m annoyed at Suzy’s inability to act. She’s cute, sure, but she’s not a good actress. I have the same disdain for the main adult lead of moon embraces the sun and the only facial expression she has – bulging eyes from surprise)
    Anyways, my point is that I really don’t understand how Koreans don’t see the true jewel this drama is. Acting is superb, directing is superb, there are no black and white characters like in other dramas, everything is gray, just like real life. Peo

    • Continuing my thought. People are driven by their desires and ambitions, not by some stupid notion that they are inherently good or bad. Also, I love how this drama isn’t dragging anything. Every character’s actions make sense. What I am saying that those who chose not to watch this are losing out because this drama is a work of art.

      • You have managed to put my exact thoughts in words. So many Korean Netizens are losing out for not watching this piece. I love how they have gone through so much (yet not draggy). And how it’s all grey and no one character is too super good or super bad to be true. We can see minute details of character development from Ok Jung (all nice to a lil -scheming like) which makes this story even more intriguing and believing.

      • While I’m sad that this drama isn’t more love by Korea and thus the cast can’t feel the credit of their hardwork, I think I know why.
        This drama is asking alot of their Korean audience. Taking their most famous villain in pop culture and ask them to see her as the heroine.
        I guess you and me watch the series as it is, seeing jang ok Jung just as the series want us to, while the Korean audience has a lot of cultural baggage to deal with her character. Jang ok Jung is a classic villain.
        It takes a lot to mess with classic. I feel like the series would have done a lot better if it was put in another setting, with fictional king. Of course it would take away some impact of lee soon political implications, but Korean might able to enjoy it more without all the cultural baggage of that character

  2. I was indeed giggling and happy seeing them together passionately kissing in bed & with compassionate embrace. Oh I will not sleep and wait for its airing tonight. KOALA, we love you so much, thanks for bringing us updated on this marvelous drama. They’re truly great actors! Congrats!

  3. “At the same time wondering how the heck the OTP has moved this far and still there have been no sightings of the purported second male lead.”
    THANK YOU! Every episode of JOJ, I keep wondering where the heck is Chi-soo! We’re getting to see Dongpyung’s heart breaking but knowing Chi-soo’s character (the little we’ve seen so far of it), he’s not going to stand by like Dongpyung and watch this happen. As much as I love Ok Jung and Lee Soon’s relationship and I know they have enough obstacles in the form of his mother and his soon-to-be father-in-law, not to mention his soon-to-be wife as well, I would really like to see someone from Ok Jung’s side of things actually oppose what’s happening to her (not that she particularly seems to mind if it means she gets to stay near Lee Soo understandably).
    Mind you, I still haven’t seen Episode 9 (waiting on subs) but this show is driving me crazy and I need to study but I keep studying what’s going to happen here. And ever since the stills for Ok Jung and Lee Soon’s “First Night” came out, I’ve been going mad.
    JOJ, what are you doing to me?!

    Jae Hee, I’m still hoping for your appearance soon! Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yeob <3

    • Which site is the fastest for English subs? (Being in Europe I can’t watch Dramafever, Hulu etc.). Gooddrama doesn’t have it.
      Nine is translated much faster (not that I’m complaining).

      • Have you checked They usually make sub very fast. I stayed in Europe 2 years ago and there were some dramas on Viki that I can watch (the other were unavailable due to restrict license, I think).
        Otherwise, I used to watch in dramasub site but the subbed version would be uploaded quite slow (usually ~2 days after the episode aired).

      • Hm, can’t reply to your comments so I have to comment my own.
        Unfortunately JOJ is not available for my region via Viki. 🙁

      • If Viki has a license for it in Europe, you’ll be able to watch it there. The subbers focus first on Gu Family Book, though. So, in the US, Dramafever has the subs first (in my experience).

  4. Koala, you know, the thing about the best 2nd male leads is that they tend to arrive only when there is no hope for them and it sure looks like Chi Soo belongs to the absolute top in that regard.

  5. oooo em geee… i cant believe that i am giggling like a school just to see both of them kissing…. this is soooo sweet!!!

  6. My heart! Oh how are they already sleeping together by episode 10 and were not even halfway there. And this is a freaking sageuk in conservative joseon era. Lee soon just can’t stop keeping his hands off ok jang, he must really be burning with desire. On my way home right now and I cannot wait to see ep 10.

  7. Because of these heavenly stills, for a moment I have amnesiac attack *Chi Soo who??* Good Lord~~ the chemistry is so unbearable and the scene seems just beautiful and romantic *cries*

    • Their love reached inside and touched my soul, and now the start of their journeys and yet their destination to come.
      Chi Soo’s happily married to beautiful lady at the ramen shop, so leave him alone. XD

      • Chisoo’s ship was sunk and lost in China Sea, got kidnapped by Jack the Sparrow and became the pirate of Caribbean.

  8. It’s real boy real!

    I thoughtvit just a dream sequence and sbs just want to trase us…but gahhhhh

    So overhelmed right now! So many feels….
    It’s been along time I have so much feeling and longing for the otp in kdramaland
    I feel them really.
    I didn’t expected YAI – KTH pairing will own my hear like thist!

  9. So Yumama openly praised JOJ and KTH just a few hours ago.. And he specially quoted one of Lee Soon’s lines: “Take a close look. That sky will fall on you”.

    The first thing that pops up: I have similar taste with Yumama T_T. Second thing that pops up: JOJ does feel quite Yumama-style and for some reason, I can see Yuan Shanshan playing KTH’s candy JOJ (but she will probably make JOJ annoying and unattractive ofcourse) and I can TOTALLY imagine Yumama’s guy#1 say a similar line as above.. No wonder Yumama would like it.

  10. So this drama is totally killing me!!! My heart is totally aching cause doom / impending doom sucks!!! And down with it comes tumbling our poor OTP. 🙁

    Where is CS???? I still need him pronto to balance things out a little. And since they delayed CS’s entrance, can they also delay DY’s entrance? My little shippy heart can’t take it. And DP’s attempt to rescue her from the dragon’s lair failed 🙁 I was heartbroken for him. I did believe he had OJ’s best interests at heart too.

    Soonjung couple!!! Fighting!!! Please stay strong for each other so that both of you can achieve your dreams together. Sigh… I know the tragic end but yet I keep holding out for some sort of miracle.

  11. This drama is really exciting. The plot is unsuggestable like other drama. I like it ! Of course I can’t wait to see Chi Soo and Suk Bin in this drama. Its going to be super daebakk ! JOJ jjang !

  12. Thank you for commenting on this drama. I am really enjoying this perspective of history. I know that it will end up in tragedy but somehow I am rooting for the couple.

  13. SOONJUNG’s Love
    It’s sweet like the nectar of the Spring flower, soothing like the buzzing of a bumble bee, warm like the rays of the morning sun, their love so pure which keeps me on and on,,, the pulse in my vein,,, the thoughts in my brain,,, every breath that I take, the smile of my lips, the twinkle of my eyes, it’s hopelessly driving me in sane.

  14. this is the reason why i love and follow the dramas you also love. one can expect a lot of articles and goodies from you. thanks so much.

  15. After watching Arang and the Magistrate, i vowed NEVER to watch another costumed drama. I did not FEEL Arang, yet I decided to just finish it at least. Unless something REALLY good comes along, I will watch it. And I am glad I did heed your recaps and decided to come back in the loving arms of K_Drama (sageuk) again… I love this drama so much! Thank you very much!
    Now I can’t wait for the next recap and Episode, darn!

  16. This drama will be the death of me. I cannot handle YAI… Omg! I get butterflies just watching him. I’m smiling like a mental person and those lips… Oh mercy! They’re like gummy bears. I just wanna… Ugh!

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