Director Winnie Works with Rainie Yang for the First Time for WeChat CF

It’s hard to believe that in Rainie Yang‘s twelve years in the TW-acting industry she hasn’t done a single period drama. Most if not all her compatriots have tackled wuxia and period dramas and movies aplenty during their career, almost always doing a C-drama or a HK-movie. Rainie did have a wuxia fantasy sequence to start Sunshine Angel, her rom-com with Wu Zun two years ago, and she actually looked great in a period costume. I think she should end her acting drought this year by doing a period drama, and what better omen than her recent pairing with famed Director Winnie (the Golden Bell Best Director winner from last year) for a WeChat CF that had her donning a turn-of-the-century outfit while playing herself on the set of a movie. I always associate Director Winnie with Ariel Lin, one of Rainie’s good friends, since they have done three dramas together now (It Started with a Kiss, They Kiss Again, and In Time With You). Ariel won both her Golden Bell Best Actress awards with Director Winnie works, and now I think this CF might be the promising start of another collaboration. Director Winnie can work with Rainie, herself also a Golden Bell Best Actress winner, on his next drama since they both loved working together on this short CF. I’m pushing so hard for Rainie to put a hiatus on her singing career and return to acting because a good actor can’t be away too long otherwise the connection with the camera and the craft arguably becomes rusty. I adored Rainie’s last drama Drunken to Love You with Joseph Chang, and she really is the queen of the rom-coms for a reason, but I’m hoping she does something different and challenging for her acting return. Check out the poignant WeChat CF below. I have no clue what WeChat is since I thought everyone used either Line or WhatsApp. Guess I’ve fallen behind the technological times yet again.

Rainie Yang for WeChat:


Director Winnie Works with Rainie Yang for the First Time for WeChat CF — 9 Comments

  1. Wechat is more popular in chinese speaking areas, mostly from China as it’s actually an app made by Sina(who also owns Weibo). It’s quite popular for its voicetalk feature like talkbox and standard chatting features like whatsapp.

    Anyways, this is an interesting combination, I hope to see new works from Director Winnie, he’s really one of the best taiwanese director.

  2. Im a whatsapp and wechat user. Wechat had many functions like webcam which I personally think is better than skype. Rainie yang doesnt seems to age at all. Lucky girl!

  3. after that first picture i am 100% sure that rainie needs to do a period drama/movie!

    i am so happy about rainie’s success in her music career, i’ve been her fan for over 10 years, but it doesn’t matter how much i love her music, i will always love her acting career the most.


  4. Wow, I haven’t see Rainie since her Devil Beside You days! I need to watch some of her dramas. Any recommendations?

  5. Ohhhh…My Rainie! Please come back soon! I miss you so much!


    Please try to watch…You’ll never regret!
    * Why Why Love
    * Hi My Sweetheart
    * Drunken To Love You

  6. Wow, I haven’t followed Rainie’s work for years, and only vaguely read news about her from time to time – but it took until now for me to finally notice how much she’s changed since her Devil Beside You and Ai Mei days. She used to be so cutesy, but she’s since become so mature despite maintaining her youth. And the CF, despite being only ~36 seconds long, has a surprising amount of substance. If Rainie and Winnie Chu do a full-length drama in the future, I think I may have to check it out!

  7. She was OTP w/ Loverboy in some edition of a short story from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio and…both wanna do whatever nec to wipe that from existence forever moreso Rainie’s case.

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