Jung Il Woo and Park Shin Hye for Holika Holika CF

When Park Shin Hye got cast in Flower Boy Next Door and paired with Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon, I looked back through all her leading men and proclaimed that she must have saved a nation in her past life. Then she gets cast in Heirs alongside Lee Min Ho, and that assumption gets raised to saving a planet. I’ve been suggesting the drama gods pair her with Jung Il Woo in Heirs as well, since she’s gone through most of the young leading men actors of her generation and he’s one of the few she still hasn’t worked with. And then I’m hit right between the eyes with picture proof that she must have saved an entire universe in her past life, because she just got paired up with Jung Il Woo in a CF campaign for Holika Holika. What the what what is going on? I love Shin Hye, but goodness slow down babycakes. Pretty soon there won’t be a twenty-something leading man left you haven’t worked with in some capacity and you’ll be recycling guys. Though arguably I would have no problem with that, and my first recycled pairing would be for Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye to so a melodrama together. That would be yummy.

With this new CF, Park Shin Hye has done a CF first with Lee Min Ho from a few years back for Etude House, and how she’s doing one with Jung Il Woo who I contend is perfect to make that a compelling trio. His real life BFF relationship with Lee Min Ho adds that additional layer of wink-wink two besties fighting for the same girl angst, and I actually think they would be very formidable rivals based on their acting styles, comparable height, and contrasting images. Jung Il Woo is very smiley and boyish in real life, but onscreen he really sinks into any character. Whereas Lee Min Ho is just Lee Min Ho but in a role. I’m not dissing his acting, but there is no way he disappears into any role and always the viewers knows it’s Lee Min Ho up there. I always use a sageuk performance as a measure of an actor’s ability, and Jung Il Woo rocked both Return of Iljimae and The Moon Embraces the Sun, whereas I would give Lee Min Ho a barely passing grade for Faith. I think it’s cute to preview the possible pairing of Jung Il Woo and Park Shin Hye here since chances are high these two will co-star in a drama or movie somewhere down the road. I’m totally game for that and can only envy the luck that Park Shin Hye has in being a young actress at just the right time to work with a great group of promising young actors.

Park Shin Hye and Jung Il Woo for Section TV filming Holika Holika CF:


Jung Il Woo and Park Shin Hye for Holika Holika CF — 47 Comments

  1. Didn’t she next to Song Joong Ki during the last Baeksang Awards?! She gets them ALL. :O

    Il Woo come back soon!!! Read somewhere he just established his own agency?

  2. I’m sooo agree with you about her and YSY in melo. Hope they can reunite again in the future *finger crossed.

    Other than that I want her with Jongki, Kim So Hyun and Ji Chang Wook.
    Yoo Seung Hoo can wait in the line after he finished his military duty hehe.

    But first I really hope she play saeguk. She need to work her charm in melo rather than her bubbly character.

      • they also hosted an awards show together! SO CUTE!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        And they’ve performed together a few times already for his “Will you marry me” song ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Shinhye in her Shanghai FM also expressed her wish to work with LSG next. Similarly, in his message LSG also mentioned about being in a drama together ( according to the translation).

    • When I watch Jang Ok Jung, i also couldn’t stop to think hiw good if YAI can be pair with her in saeguk.

  3. Scriptures say that he, who gives food to people, adds to his credits of good luck, especially the luck of marriage/lovability. And we all know that Park Shin Hye does that, so no wonder ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I totally want her to “recycle” Yoon Shi Yoon too!

  4. There is no more good looking young actors left are there?

    I am beyond envy. It’s more of disbelief. What contacts does her company have I wonder.

  5. Seems like all that’s left is Joowon…unless she’s done something with him as well.I’m totally jealous of PSH ๐Ÿ™

  6. W O W!!!! What a chemistry…. sexiness!!! (Jung II Woo) but that hair style got to go, It doesn’t do him justice :/

  7. you are late lol, I thought you know ^^
    That’s why I want him to be the 2nd lead so bad in Heirs hehe
    Besides, I want her have dramna/movie with Kim Soo Hyun, SJK ( melo/movie), Yoo In Ah (a sageuk) next. Kim Bum needs to be a lead actor first before pairing with her because I don’t want to be heart-broken over the classmates lol

  8. I miss Ilwoo:) But IDK if I want to see him NOT getting the girl again. I think PSH and JIW should have their own drama on tvn–Flower Boy Ramyun next door ^^

  9. Oh no she didn’t ! Omg PH I lov you so so much but u r making it so hard not to envy you to hatred ! Break my heart while u r at it ! I wouldnt dream to even look at half of these men and she enjoys their skinship ! Life in an unfair bitch !

  10. Always LOVED Park Shin Hye since “You Are Beautiful”, then “Stairway to Heaven” so on… She exudes a natural beauty, something lacking in today’s plastic world in K-dramas actresses. In fact some of the plastic surgeries actresses look sooo similar, have a hard time telling them apart, they have this same looks, and these “Stepford” actresses CANNOT act either. EXCEPT…

    Park Shin Hye, you are the best, keep up with the excellent work. And you are only 23, yet have already accomplished sooo much… JiaYiu… Cheers…

  11. yoon si yoon please one more time….can’t wait him work with yoong seung ho and song joong ki….got be daebakkkk..

  12. Kim Jae wook,Lee Jung Ki not mentioned here so far ..she even acted with Joo Sang Wook and Lee Wan in a family and melo drama…she was only in her teens then….and we almost run out of leading man if we keep on suggesting her act with the hottest actors in K dramaland..really wish she in a saguek and melo because I want to see her acting serious matured drama…FBND was quite serious with a tint of wittiness…she really acted serious here.. Yoo Ah In,lee Jung Ki ,Jung ll Woo and Kim So Hyun really hot in saguek costume…hah forgot Yoo Chun….hahaha love this post the most…Thanks

    • i think ms.koala mention about actor in the similar age-wise with PSH ๐Ÿ™‚
      She has paired with So Ji Sub too, although it’s just for a few scenes in his MV

      Ahh..thanks for remind about Park Yoo Chun
      2 Park who have win Popularity Award in Baeksang Award for 3 consecutive years. Park Shin Hye for movie-drama-movie categories, and Park Yoo Chun for drama categories. Both in 2011-2013

      • Yes, they have been standing together for popularity award for the last three years. It would be good to see them in a drama together too. I really liked him in Sung scandal. Joo won, SJK etc
        I would love to see YSY and Shinhye in a melodrama because they are both powerful performers.
        But I really want to see LSG and Shinhye together. For me they are male and female counterpart of each other in real life too….as far as their interests, talents, personalities and popularity is concerned

  13. park shin hye & lee seung gi, in drama please ๐Ÿ™‚
    not mini project, too much teaser for these two (mc, runningman, mv, stage collaboration), i can’t wait again!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. I’ve read all the messages above-mentioned,and I totally agree to all of you.Indeed PSH is really a blessed person.We have a saying goes…what u plant/seed,is what u harvest,right?So,probably,because of that,she is currently harvesting all the best that this world could give.I’m hoping that she will be paired to II Woo,LGS,SJK and Yoo Chun in a heavy drama.^-^

  15. Jung Il woo is a guy who mix between Yoon Shi Yoon and Jung Yong Hwa….Cute Guy…..Isn’t it ? and they very harmonious….really….

  16. Park Yoo Chun & Park Shin Hye would make a lovely couple. They look so good standing together for popularity award. Would be a pity if they never act in a drama together.

  17. park shin hye she is pretty and amazing girl!! anyway i just wanna kiss jung il woo :-* i reallu love himโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅ

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