King Flower Heads towards Finale with the Most Romantic Proposal by the Perfect Terry

Well well well, it looks like next week may indeed be the last episode of King Flower. *Sobs* As much as this drama was cray cray, I’ll be so sad to see it go. It’s been such a long time since a TW-drama hook me this hard, and the addiction lasting all the way until the end. I noticed some scenes in the preview for episode 19 was cut from broadcast which confirms that SETTV wants to wrap this up quickly. As much as the writing has been spectacularly clueless in the last few episodes, what with Da Hua coming home and suddenly obsessed with Guan Jun and moping over him when earlier she was actually really into Terry and loathe to part with him, I do think whatever ending comes we’ll just have to accept that it’ll feel lacking. If Da Hua picks Terry, and I mean really picks him as in they say their “I do’s” without interruption and the bride bailing, it won’t feel satisfying anymore. All of the great Da Hua-Terry tension was destroyed by the drama spending the last few episodes with Guan Jun’s braying self-absorbed noble idiot act, and Da Hua crying wide-eyed tears and moping over his abrupt desertion. If Da Hua had moped over Guan Jun while at the same time realizing her feelings for Terry are much deeper than she acknowledged, then at least we have a compelling ending to barrel towards.

If she goes back to Guan Jun, then we can at least accept she thought about her feelings for Terry and chose the guy she’s known longer and perhaps is more comfortable with. If she picks Terry, at least it wouldn’t be due to Guan Jun’s machinations and is instead an self-aware moment of clarity that she wants someone who respects her and treats her right. I can perhaps accept that both guys love Da Hua just as much (it’s a long stretch for Guan Jun but I’ll throw the production a bone here), but then no one can convince me that the way each guy loves Da Hua isn’t a crystal clear choice of who is the better man. Guan Jun’s love is based on self-flagellation and deceit for his idea of the greater good, Terry’s love is about forthright candor and understanding that love is not a battle of right and better but is instead about being brave enough to fight for the chance when it comes. I think Terry’s journey has been amazing to watch, and this episode ended with a proposal that we were all expecting and turned out to be as wonderful and heartfelt as any I’ve seen in a drama. To think the episode ends with this scene and then teases that Guan Jun still has a shot? The producers be completely off-their-rockers and I hope they are committed to an asylum after this drama wraps. Watch the proposal below with my translation of the dialogue.

Terry’s proposal to Da Hua:

Da Hua: Dear god, can you tell me whether can I still find happiness?

Terry: Beloved Heavenly Father, please have mercy, can you forgive this sinner here? I did so much wrong and told so many lies. I once even gave up on myself. But a girl saved me. She led me out of darkness and gave me hope. In this journey I fell in love with her. And right now I want to tell her – this time it’s my turn to protect her. I don’t want her to endure any bit of unhappiness. So can You give me one more chance? One more chance to love someone with my entire being.

*Terry takes out the ring*

Terry: Da Hua, I don’t know what will happen in the future. But the only thing I am certain of is that I will use the rest of my life to treat you well, to love you. So are you willing to let me make you happy?

*Da Hua temporarily grows a brain and a heart and accepts his proposal. Terry hugs Da Hua, and then she slowly wraps her arms around him (to his surprise and joy) and hugs him back. If Da Hua ends up with Guan Jun at the end of the final episode, then officially this drama ended right here in my mind. Y’all cool with that?*


King Flower Heads towards Finale with the Most Romantic Proposal by the Perfect Terry — 53 Comments

  1. Even if Terry and Da Hua don’t end up together, I was somewhat satisfied with the proposal scene. It was really tranquil and beautiful—like two hurt souls coming together and finding peace after experiencing a truckload of pain (which is basically the reason I found this drama in the first place so compelling in the first place) 🙂

    • My sentiments exactly. The proposal was so melancholy but hopeful at the same time. He didn’t expect or want anything from her. He wanted to give her himself and his whole heart. That was it. It’s not a proposal about “I want you” but a proposal asking “Will you accept me?” It contrasted so much with Guan Jun’s idea of love which is “I’m not good enough for you”. Terry treats love like “I have the courage to love you because that is the only think I can control in an uncertain world.” His love for DH is soooooo changed from the way he loved Liang Yen. He still puts the woman he loves above all else, but with DH comes a sense of finality. Like this is one shot and right now is now and tomorrow might never come so he’s going to live each moment like it’s his last and so be it. Kudos for the writer at least writing Terry’s journey with heart and depth and consistency even if all else is a brain fart.

  2. How can she be with Guan Jun now? Obviously the writers have even thrown logic out of the window at this point. I don’t care what the original plot was or even if they want to keep it up–it just makes no sense. I will just be off in my own little world of Chris Wu being ridiculously charming and cute and wait patiently for his next drama as lead 😀

  3. That scene of Terry asking God for forgiveness and another chance is such a great touch. I am so tired of DH moping around and cannot bear to watch the rest of the silly cast….so I have kind of lost interest in KF. If I know Terry is getting the girl ….I might watch these last few episodes.

    • Da Hua’s moping is really really fucking annoying. Even the TW-fans are upset her character has been flushed down the toilet for the sake of making Guan Jun so “noble and sacrificing” in giving her up. BLERGH.

      They are bitching why is both the second male lead and the female lead sacrificed at the alter of the biggest loser male lead ever to show up in a TW-drama?

      • wait, wasn’t the biggest loser-male lead in TW drama history that guy in The Fierce Wife? (Hilariously) also played by JW. …guess he has the douchey roles down pat.

  4. Ms. Koala, you made me scream out loud in the library 😀 for the first time. OMFG
    Du Hua must marry Terry it is a must, actually I have a floormate named Terry. I always bug him to watch this drama with me but his response is NO 🙁

  5. OMG! That proposal was beyond perfect! TERRY!!!Seriously… I’m gonna need someone to hold me next week when we get the final episode T_____T My nerves are totally frayed! And OMG I can’t imagine not seeing Terry grazing my screen after next week!!! Will definitely be rewatching his scenes during the next couple of weeks >____< But yeah, whatever ending we get I'm just glad that the writer didn't butcher Terry's character and that we can take this truly amazing and utterly memorable character with us from this show.

    • If anything, the writers creating Terry’s character, and actually not blackening his personality to make Guan Jun better, is what I will always appreciate KF for. I read there are three writers for KF, its a group effort. I think one writer only writes Terry scenes, and probably has been locked up since episode 17, and occasionally busts out to throw more Terry awesomeness at us before being shoved back into a windowless room as the other two writers responsible for DH and GJ get to work destroying the very fabric and heart of this story.

      • This is SO true. I really hate it when shows deliberately make the second lead suddenly grow two heads and become nasty in order to make the OTP more believable. For example, Gu Family Book: LSG has better chemistry with Chung Jo, his childhood crush and she is a much better actress than Suzy. But you can’t have the childhood sweetheart interfering with the OTP, so they threw in a flashback scene where she is petty and mean and then had her raped by the villain. So now everyone says, OMG she is horrible, ugh she deserved what happened to her (yes thank you viki for displaying the high intellect and sensitivity of the viewership). Sigh.

  6. His proposal was so lovely and heartfelt. His face when she hugs back!!!!!! If they don’t end up together it will be a crime against all drama logic and sanity. Omg. Chris. Is he great or what? I am so thankful to KF for introducing me to Chris. I’ve never seen a second lead so thoroughly steal the show before…. it’s insane how good he is.

    • It’s a crime against humanity not to fall in love with Terry. It’s also a crime against human intelligence for DH to still be hung up on GJ as well as GJ’s entire modus operandi in this drama.

      • well love make people stupid.

        And dh isn’t already bright.

        But how she can’t fall for Terry at the same time is a mistery for me LOL

        If DH leaves Terry on the wedding hall I might hate her forever lol

  7. Isn’t that just one of the most perfect proposal scenes ever? After a scene like that how could these two not end up together? It defies all logic. If she ends up with GJ then these writers are certifiably insane, and should never be allowed to write again. (But then I say that about most TW drama writers) I’m with Ms. Koala, I may just have to pretend the drama ended right there. Only way to save my own sanity.

    • It is indeed one of the most perfect proposal scenes ever. Every word was spoken from the heart with hard-earned sincerity. Terry knows how special Da Hua and his falling for her is, so even if she’s stupider than a cow he still loves her for her kindness and dares to take the chance to share a life with her. T___T He makes my heart weep.

      • It’s nice how Terry keeps reminding us why he fell for her. It’s almost like he knows we are so annoyed with her. Terry is so steady. He makes me feel quite embarrassed that I have been so impatient with DH. He has not forgotten how she helped him and was there for him when he had no one.

  8. I actually feel like the writers are desperate Terry-shippers and continue to write Terry so beautifully to spite the network. I mean look at Terry… He blows my mind with what an incredible human being he is. His proposal was beautifully heartfelt and so appropriate for what he and DH have gone through. If only men like Terry existed!

    • I like to think so too. The writers must love Terry otherwise why spend all that time writing perfect scene after perfect scene for him.

  9. The expression Terry had when Dahua hugged him back really melts my heart. He never takes happiness for granted… he looked so genuinely grateful at that moment T.T

  10. Think the writer ended ep 19 this way so when dahua ends up with guan jun the dahua terry fans CAN just end the series at 19. While the ones who think terry is too good for dahua get their way too. Win-win no?

  11. This week flew by compared to when we were waiting for episode 18. I think then, we were still hoping that Da Hua would actually realize how amazing Terry is but after episode 18, I just gave up and watching episode 19, it still was unsatisfactory for me even with all the Terry-Da Hua scene. She was still being her mopey, crying-over-Guan Jun self which was at this point have become ridiculously annoying. I couldn’t even enjoy Terry’s proposal cos of that, she said yes but I’m doubting if its heartfelt or not.

    In any case, I’m glad that this drama is over. If Da Hua does end up with Terry (and the writers manage to write a believable, well-written transition that’ll show Da Hua’s sincerity and growth) then I will most likely re-watch this drama knowing that Terry will still eventually get the girl. If Da Hua unfortunately becomes stupider than she is now and ends up with Guan Jun, /sighs/ then I probably can’t watch this drama again. ever.

    I’m praying to everything holy that Da Hua-Terry ends up together in an understandable, believable and sincere fashion. And that Da Hua chooses him finally free of Guan Jun. In a way, if they end up together, I’d think that to Da Hua, Guan Jun will always hold a special place in her heart as her first love the same way Liang Yian will hold a special place to Terry’s heart.

    • I wanted her to fall for Terry and still appreciate her first love that was Guan Jun. But so far none of that has been developed properly to go there.

  12. Thanks, Koala. I’m glad that I came back to check on the drama and saw the proposal scene. My heart skipped a beat when DH wrapped her arms around Terry. This is it. The. End.

  13. okay they would be crazy to even think there is a Guan Jun in this drama after THAT dreamy proposal! that would just be insanity in epic proportions!

    such a really lovely scene. i would end KF like this in my mind if there ever be a Guan Jun ending. but seriously DH usually gets a temporary brain/sanity/life when she is with Terry. that is how wonderful Terry is. He infuses brain, sanity and life to a rather dull and meaningless Da Hua. She better make a sane choice or else…!

  14. Ok, I’m marathoning and am on episode 15 and I am totally squeed when (spoiler) Terry kissed DH. I am just loving the hair, make up and fashion in this drama-just wanted to get that out there. And yes, I am on the Terry train until the end! Thank you for diligently recapping and writing about KF!

  15. Yeup yeup Totally okay with this ending. Now they can go and make babies (in my mind of course, well…. you guys know what I mean)but I’m still not watching it till I know the ending :/

  16. I know that I am late to this party. When I read this yesterday, there was only one comment, but I could not even come up with a response after seeing that proposal. Right when I think that Terry cannot get anymore perfect, I am proven wrong again.

    And then I thought of the perfect solution that would make us all winners. SETTV is going to do whatever the hell they want anyway, as they have repeatedly proven. If they really want to make money off of this show, they should put out two dvds: one of the entire show and one called, “King Flower: The Terry Edition.” The second would just be all the scenes that Terry is in. Period. If they think viewers would not be able to follow, they could always just have a blank screen in between the Terry scenes that reads “other @&*&# happens” and then go back to a Terry scene. This is how we basically watch this show anyway.


  18. Im with u Koala the drama ended here!!!! lol and it was perfect. I can tell myself this little white lie and go to a happy place with Terry and DH together living happily ever after : )

  19. I was watching the preview of episode 20, and I really depressed … Definitely, I think DH will let Terry at the altar!

    If we see the preview, we see that DH is wearing a wedding dress, smiling and she takes a man’s hands, and if you look at the man’s clothing is definitely GJ… T____T

    I’m with you Koala, KF ended here for me!! And if she leaves my Terry and goes with the fool and GJ loser, I never see more Taiwanese drama and traveled to Taiwan just to kill the writers …

  20. They should give a drama to the writer who wrote all the Terry scenes!

    I’m still wondering why they killed Liang Yan off. If Terry was a little less perfect, Liang Yan still alive, and Guan Jun a little less douchey, we might be able to accept a Da Hua/Guan Jun pairing.

  21. This better not turn turtle, else, I’m gonna pester those writers with never ending phone calls, and when they change numbers, I’ll turn my evil machines so I can keep on pestering them. YAH!!! I need my happy ending!

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