Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu Don Wedding Finery for the 4th Time in King Flower

At what point do I just throw in the flag and declare defeat? Tell SETTV that their devious and totally effective plan to put me in a mental salad spinner worked. I am now completely dazed and confused, and when I see new goodies for King Flower I’m left cooing like a puppy getting my belly rubbed even if I ought to have my guard up. Is this week’s episode 20 the last episode or not? The official wiki page says no, but all signs point to yes since there is a wedding coming up and whether it goes to the end uninterrupted or gets torpedoed for an ending that defies all logic and heart, this thing must end thereafter. Right? I suppose asking SETTV to follow some sort of rational game plan is asking too much. I ought to take what I get and go with the flow. Which is why when these official stills hit the news wire a few hours ago, I simple squeed and got about preparing to post it. I’ll translate the interview and article, which states that Nikki Hsieh did her first ever wedding dress acting scene for this drama, and then proceeded to don wedding wear three more times for a total of four times for this performance. Chris Wu laughed and said “Me too, don’t forget I had to wear it four times as well” and they both laughed.

Because honestly, they must be as perplexed as we all are that as Liang Yen or as Da Hua, Nikki does every romantic scene under the sky with Chris and yet there is still the horrific possibility that James Wen‘s Lin Guan Jun might get the girl at the end. One viewer wrote “What is this crazy shit – Da Hua has done everything short of rolling in the sack with Terry, how could she possibly end up with Guan Jun at this point?” Word. This wedding picture taking scene was done outdoors as opposed to the last time when it was done in a studio, and both Nikki and Chris mentioned that it was more fun but conversely a lot more work and takes longer to shoot. I’m sorry my pretty babies had to work hard, but good GOD do they look stunning together and I love love LOVE the grassy picturesque background way more than the fake studio scenes. I simply have run out of superlatives for how amazing Chris is as Terry, and honestly if he loves Da Hua, then I love that he loves Da Hua even if lately she’s got as much personality as a rabbit munching on a carrot in cage. KF might also have set some sort of record in getting Chris and Nikki in four separate engagement/wedding outfits.

I don’t even want to contemplate the possibility that Da Hua leaves Terry at the altar and runs after that dude, because who has time to devote to gag-worthy possible endings when really I can easily end this drama right here and now. And that is totally Chris and not Terry going after Nikki with the bubble gun. I think those two might have had so much fun doing this drama the writers had to keep writing more Terry-Da Hua scenes. Which allows James to run home for husband and new daddy diaper duty. Win and Win.


Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu Don Wedding Finery for the 4th Time in King Flower — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve never known a show to drive me so crazy! Thanks again for your faithful recapping of all things KF-related; I know how hard it can be!

    I’m just hoping 4th time is the charm and this means a Terry-DH ending. I really hope we get 2 more episodes… it just delays the inevitable Terry-withdrawal.

    • This is probably the craziest FEELING show ever. I’ve seen crazier plots, but this one beats all on the insane emotional roller coaster.

  2. Wow Nikki and Chris look so adorably picture perfect together! It would be great if they can collaborate again some day in the future.. in a less crazier plot like KF 😛

    • They are so so so cute together. In RL neither are each other’s types (Nikki’s BF is a hard rocker and Chris’ ex is much more ladylike) but I love that they are so consummate professionals they bring the acting sincerity.

  3. OMG these pics are just… <3 <3 <3 At least we have these lovely scenes to go back to should this drama end in the worst way possible with DH choosing GJ (I got shivers just from writing that…)

    • I have a sick feeling in my stomache that we are getting all these goodies now so that SETTV can crap all over us later. Oh I love the way they look at each other these wedding photos. It is not just that DH has done “everything but roll in the sack with Terry,” it is also that the writers have never given DH and GJ scenes where they look at each other the way DH and Terry look at each other, and I am not just talking about looks of love and longing, but also the looks of joy and appreciation.

      Also, I would love it if Chris Wu were chasing me with a buble gun. Although, I don’t think I would be running away at all!

      • Chris could chase me with a jaguar and I’d be like “oh hey honey, let me run into your arms.”

    • These pictures almost brought me to tears because at least I have them now for all of eternity even if the ending sucks to high Heaven. No one can take these stills out of my hands. EVER.

  4. They are so adorable together but I can’t help but think of it as carrot SETTV is dangling to us viewers to continue watching though the end result may be disastrous. I’m sorry you have to go through a mental spinner due to KF but your posts are keeping my emotions balanced. I dare not watch it until I know Terry’s outcome is favorable then I can go back to watch from where I left off, however, I do love to read your updates and recaps. So thank you and Jiayu! (hope I spelled that right)

    • “Mental Spinner” captures what I’ve felt about this frustrating plot development. I also read Koala’s updates and recaps before deciding to watch the remaining episodes. Any compulsion I may have to tune in, is merely to gaze upon Chris Wu.

  5. I was thinking about this, not just thinking about how in a tux, Chris Wu looks better than most animated princes in a story book…
    Hmmmmm … Chris in a tux Chris in a towel….

    Where was I?

    BUT, why does it have to end with DH marrying somebody?
    Why can’t she pull her very pretty head out of her ass and realize, “I don’t have to marry anyone right now! Give me privacy and time to think about this, boys.”

    Maybe she could take a class or two in design or business. We saw how smart she is when she was training to be the substitute. What happened to her brain after that? Is this a Flowers for Algernon situation where at first she appeared to be brilliant, but over time there has been a slow leak of smarts out of that space between her ears?
    Why am I even thinking about this?

  6. So apparently, there is definitely another episode after 20. Not going to watch anymore of this stupid drama because Da Hua is the dumbest female lead in the history of dramas.

  7. Lol, I didn’t follow the drama but I just read some of your posts from time to time. Totally reminded me of that trainwreck Ohlala Spouses where the main lead returned to her douchebag ex husband (who cheated and treated her like a dirt) after his half-assed remorse and she didn’t choose her boss/first love who genuinely loved her and treated her with respect.

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