Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri Try Out the Hippie Life for InStyle Korea

I’ve seen my share of odd photo shoot concepts, but for the most part its from the edgier magazines such as Vogue for the ladies, GQ or Details for the men, or perhaps an indie rag or two. InStyle Magazine is probably as straitlaced as they come, like the Toyota Camry of the publishing world when it comes to mixing celebrity and fashion together. So I wonder with genuine puzzlement the concept the magazine came up with last month to showcase the lead couple of Cruel City (Heartless City). This photo spread featuring Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri was published last month before the drama premiered and I was waiting to get a grasp of their relationship in that drama before writing about it. Perhaps they are so close as to share the same chapeau style? Or perhaps the magazine wanted to head in the opposite direction from the dark edgy vibe of their drama and plop them into a hippie-esque sunny dappled field to frolic merrily? But then why is Jung Kyung Ho wearing a floppy sun hat in every single picture? Why? WHYYYYY? I. Do. Not. Get. Yes, the clothes the magazine stuck them in are across-the-board hokey, like they just walked off the set of a 70’s movie. I must say they both look lovely despite their threads, and its evident in the pictures that they have tons of chemistry. Those of you watching CC know that the OTP has had two very fleeting and brief encounters through the first six episodes, but because we know what’s to come, the building anticipation is absolutely intoxicating. It’s not necessarily their love story, but how their lives will get even more complex and complicated once Soo Min starts orbiting Shi Hyun’s world that makes me giddy for the possibilities to come.


Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri Try Out the Hippie Life for InStyle Korea — 20 Comments

    • She looks even more plastic than she did in 49 Days. Regardless, can’t wait to start watching this drama – just as soon as more episodes are released 🙂 Their chemistry shines, despite the weird clothes

      • Cruel city is simply put AWESOME! You should really watch it soonest possible time… It’s already going for ep9 tonight out of 20…! Can’t wait for the subbed vids…!
        What I’m loving about CRUEL CITY is Jung Kyung Ho. Him as Doctor/Doctors son/shi hyun is just amazing! I knew he can do some dark roles. saw some glimpses of that in PJMJ and TTBDW. But here he is simply Smolthering, intense, dark, manly and suave!!! he is daebak…!!!! Love love love him!!!

        I don’t feel any genuine chemistry between the leads maybe since they don’t have much scenes together, but after ep8, him and nam gyuri will have more interaction so I’m hoping for some sizzle. But I think Lee Jae-yoon and Jung Kyung Ho have some great sparks even when they are in opposites room or places!!!

  1. I’ve always like his head, any hairstyle can go with it but why did they have to cover his pretty head with that ginormous weird hat 🙁

  2. What a dumb hat. Is it just me, or does he look like Ethan Ruan in the photo where he is sitting with his leg crossed…

  3. I don’t care that much for Soo-min as a character yet, but I do like that she’s an imperfect heroine and rough around the edges. And Nam Gyuri’s chemistry with Jung Kyung Ho looks great (and the preview for episode 9, I hope that kiss is as good as it looks)

  4. I know that in the BTS video for this shoot, NGR was wearing the hat first and then all of the sudden JKH started wearing it. Did he steal it from her? And did the photographers just roll with it for the rest of the shoot? Haha.

  5. They certainly have something between them in these photos. I give him most of the credit for that, though. He wears the hat AND the pants.

    The preview of Ep 9 made me happy…Let’s hope the cable channel doesn’t only dish up mature violence in this series, but mature other things between our sortuv maybe future OTP.

    • Amen to the second part of your comment – the teaser had them on a bed, I would love it if it was not just to tease (the show hasn’t shied away from the mature other things for other characters, I just hope the OTP is not an exception)

  6. I honestly believe that Soo Min would be a great character if she was played by a better actress. At least she’s serviceable *shrugs*

    The photoshoot is hilarious though =D

    • I agree with this – I don’t think Nam Gyuri is bad, but the character could have been more compelling if she was played by someone else (my vote would go to a pre-Gumiho Shin Mina, now she’s too big a star to take on that smallish a role)

    • Nam Gyuri almost made me not watch CC. Luckily only almost. Jung Kyung Ho is in the form of his life in the series, I trust he’ll even make the romance work and believable.

  7. He’s got the perfect facial structure and lanky figure of a model. I lked him so much in SY and TBDW where he held his own against the charimatic masculine LJK. I know people think Junki is feminine but for me he’s got such a masculine aura.

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