Kim Soo Hyun Courted to Play an Alien in K-drama Man From the Stars

Now I know why Kim Soo Hyun showed up at the VIP movie premiere of Cold Eyes wearing a green polka dot shirt and sporting a Sam Dong from Dream High expression from when he first arrived in Seoul from the countryside. He’s about to play an alien in his upcoming drama and he’s already method acting! He’s being courted for the upcoming SBS drama, slated to air in December, calledΒ Man From the Stars. He plays an alien who arrived on Earth in the Joseon era and has now spent four hundred years in South Korea and lived four different lives. Now in the modern times, this story will be about his love with a female actress. Directing will be PD Jang Tae Yoo who helmed Tree with Deep Roots and Painter of the Wind and Money’s Warfare. Those were all very visually stylish dramas for sure. Writing will be Park Ji Eun who did You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, Queen of Reversals, and Queen of Housewives. Kim Soo Hyun’s alien is described as someone with unique abilities. YOU THINK? I always have to LOL when drama descriptions are so utterly inane. I’m also cracking up because the news articles keep mentioning that he traveled to Earth on an UFO. So is this like Roswell crossed with Queen In Hyun’s Man? If so then I’m in, because I liked both and the concept is rife with potential. Kim Soo Hyun is currently the bees knees in Korea, hotter than perhaps the hottest sun in some far away galaxy. Everything he touches turns to gold, even if it kinda sucks, which from all accounts his new movie Secretly Greatly is but that hasn’t stopped it from raking in massive amounts of dough at the domestic box office. Kim Soo Hyun said in an interview earlier this year that he was definitely doing a drama in 2013 and back then word on the street was that he was being courted for Green Surgical Knife, the medical drama that has now been re-named Good Doctor and cast Joo Won as the lead. Nothing against medical dramas but I’m way more intrigued with the alien-and-actress set up.

If Kim Soo Hyun signs on then all eyes will be on who gets cast as his leading lady. Right now the hottest upcoming project is of course the Kim Eun Sook-penned Heirs with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. But if The Man From the Stars lands Kim Soo Hyun then it’ll definitely rocket (har har) up to the top of the most-watched drama list alongside Heirs. Too bad this story wasn’t about a female alien in love with a top male actor cuz then I would totally cast Suzy and HyunZy can reunite! Ha ha, just kidding, Suzy baby needs to take a long break from acting. I can totally buy Kim Soo Hyun as an alien, and I wonder if it’ll be played for laughs like a rom-com or played seriously like a melodrama romance. I was wondering when the last time K-dramas did an alien story and then I remembered Vampire Idol. That was truly terrible but hilarious silliness all around. Hopefully this one will make more sense and actually have a compelling story. Will it end like ET? Or will the alien choose to embrace a fully human existence. Part of me wonders if he’s lived four hundred years and four different lives without ever falling in love or marrying before? Or has he done it four times already? Will reincarnation be involved and he’s loved the same girl each time. I’m just speculating since all we know is that he’s an alien living on Earth and will fall for a modern actress. Who’s up for this?


Kim Soo Hyun Courted to Play an Alien in K-drama Man From the Stars — 38 Comments

    • They better cast an actress that works well together with him — i’m sick and tired of k-dramaland casting leads that are incompatible with one another. Especially when i love both individually, just not together. It’s just wasteful.

  1. Like Kim Soo Hyun and the team behind it but I will wait till the female lead is cast before making any judgement on whether this is worth my time or not.

  2. Huahuahuaahhahaaa………….
    After reading your article about his epic fail in movie premier, i can’t stop smiling and then read the above once…can’t stop laughing. He is totally awesome as an alien role model:)
    Can’t wait his co-star, hopefully someone as pretty as Suzy

  3. LOL this was a funny post but i am ALL in. new premise, solid actor, and forsure SOLID DIRECTOR.
    An awesome director can make up for any mediocre writing. This is going to be a really well-done and beautiful show for sure.
    Anything new nowadays will be interesting — apparently hearing people’s voices got people’s intrigue and i’m sure aliens falling in love would fall under the same category — not really.

  4. Okay, it’s about time for alien in 2013 Kdramas! We are so ready for it! can hardly wait…Love the first pic.
    On the other hand, do you watch “I hear your voice”? I really want your thoughts on that drama coz it is THE MOST amazing kdrama right now. From the story to the cast to the characters are so well written. Please write something about it! Love Lee Jong Suk!

  5. I wish to see Eunjung as the leading lady. I miss their spris cfs and love them in DH. It seems impossible at this time but I keep hoping.

    • Me too! For some reason I want to see him with Eunjung because of Dream High. πŸ™‚

      Koala, they can still make the HyunZy pair work *IF* Suzy’s character is an actress who can’t emote well, making Soo Hyun think that she’s a fellow alien also trapped on earth! πŸ˜€

    • Both Eunjung and Soo Hyun went to the same event from the previous article and I’m also wishing they could work together again. Would love to see them both in this project.

      • Actually the pics from previous article is what triggered me to wish so much for them to work as leads this time. The way they interact in their CF and interviews is bursting with chemistry. And I would like SBS to make up to Eunjung as well for how she was treated before.

    • Unfortunately, I think Eunjung’s career is finished because of the TARA scandal. She would have been a good choice though πŸ™

      • I’m going to be honest but she is a better actress than suzy — she blew her out of the park in her dream high role.

      • I think Eunjung’s career is slowly recovering, she’s got a weekly music show and been in a lot of guestings during N4 promotions. She’s got so much potential as an actress so I hope she gets that big acting project as a vehicle for a comeback. Hope to see it in this drama.
        Plus she and Kim Soo Hyun are good friends and they were lovely when they did the Spris ads together.

      • I don’t think it is finished. She is slowly, steadily recovering. She’s got MC gig every week and variety guestings again. And the thought that she was invited amongst the A list stars at the movie event of Cold Eyes shows that she is coming back. And it’s SBS movie, right? So it’s just a matter of time that she will come back to acting. It’s because T ara are busy with music these days is the main reason she hasn’t come back to acting yet. But I do hope she will come back to drama end part of the year. And this is such a great opportunity. And to be paired with Soo Hyun, it’s my dream since DH, Spris, WGM rumor. So I really really hope this will happen.

      • Eunjung’s career is no doubt damaged for sure but I don’t think it is over. It will probably be a long time before her music career bounces back completely, although it might not ever be to the levels pre-scandal, but if there is one thing I have learned by being a kdrama and kpop fan is that surprisingly k-dramas are a bit more forgiving. Plus from what I gather, she has quite a good relationship with all of her previous production teams especially the team behind Dream High, so there is always PD’s out there that might be willing to give her a chance.

  6. Alien drama no matter who is in it sounds exciting to me, add in Kim Soo Hyun who is not only beyond beautiful but crazy talented and this would be seriously golden for me

  7. NO really? Seriously? This drama is for real? I thought Vampire Idol worked because it was a silly sitcom/daily, but as a primetime network drama? Wow. I mean… wow. Kim Soo Hyun must be really really good to make this work.

  8. Jung So Min please..I also don’t mind if they cast Kim So Eun..they both great! Actually I really want Moon Geun Young to be his pair.but then yeah,she is ready to premiere her own drama next week,so the chance is gone..

    • I`m totally expecting this to happen! Drama producers are so into casting the IT guy and IT girl combo this year( think Lee Seunggi / Suzy and Lee Min Ho / Park Shin Hye), and with idols basically taking over dramas this year Kim Soo Hyun /Yoona combo would be fitting!

    • lol yoona has no star appeal as an actress (no, i am not talking about acting talent, even tho she doesn’t have much), pretty much every project she touched flopped and/or sucked.

      • But she sells well! If you look ate Park Shyn Hye and her last drama projects, flop, flop,flop! But that doesn`t mean anything, she has public appeal and is very popular! Suzy also flopped with Big but that didn`t stop producers from casting her in Gu!

        Same thing with Yoona! Love Rain was the most soled drama of last year( and for highest price), so KBS made money from her , and you can bet SBS is gonna earn even more by pairing her with Kim Soo Hyun!

  9. I’m all in for this. πŸ™‚
    Finally there is a news for Kim Soo Hyun’s possible comeback! yehey for him! πŸ™‚
    the sypnosis sounds so so sooo interesting!!! like you, there’s a lot of questions running in my mind on how… what… etc. haha but I am most excited about who will play the actress role. oohhh, I hope it will be the same age as Soo Hyun, no to noona for me now. πŸ™‚
    ok, Soo Hyun just tell us you accepted it already! We are ready baby! πŸ˜€

  10. This sounds like this could be a hoot. I wonder when is he going to enlist, it would be best to go when he still is at the top.
    And no idol as the leading lady, I’m so tired of people casting them in roles that they can’t handle. (cough cough, Suzy)
    Lee Yoobi proved she can act, Park Bo Young, Kim So Eun or Jo Bo Ah one of them would be ideal.

  11. This sounds great, but I wish it was being done on cable. Cable would do this right. SBS? Meh. I really hope they cast an actress I like because I definitely want to see this.

  12. It would be better if he’ll be casted with Suzy (I’m a HyunZy shipper obviously) for those saying Suzy can’t act (so what?) she’s the MOST POPULAR KOREAN CELEBRITY, international fans like me, don’t mind that actually…and if they casts Suzy with Kim Soo Hyun again, I’m pretty sure it would be a drama to be TALK of the whole K-DRAMA/K-POP fans all over the WORLD.

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