Full Character Chart for Heirs Reveals Plot Set Up and Krystal of f(x) Joins the Cast

You’re either going to love me for bringing you the most substantive updates on the upcoming highly anticipated SBS prime time drama Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs (which I’ll just call The Heirs), or hate me for lowering some expectations. It can’t be helped, knowing even more details about what Kim Eun Sook has in store for her first youthful drama is going to turn some folks off for various reasons. Despite not liking her last few dramas, Kim Eun Sook is still a screenwriter I anticipate watching. Seeing her parody and discuss her own craft in On Air made me appreciate the layers of decision making that goes into writing a drama and I see in her the willingness to keep pushing herself. She rests a bit on her laurels in that she gets A-list actors easily to star in her works, but she tries new concepts such as the body-swap with Secret Garden and the mature romance and brotherhood in A Gentleman’s Dignity. I think she fails as much as she succeeds but I haven’t yet written her off as a hack (unlike the writer who did Man of Honor and Gu Family Book who is forever on my shit list). We’re smack dab in the middle of Summer and I was surprised to come across a very detailed character chart for Heirs floating around DC and Baidu that finally sheds light on generally what to expect from this drama. I think the single most contentious bit is the confirmation that this will indeed be a high school drama. Leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will be playing 18-year old high school seniors, and will also be playing the trope of rich boy and poor girl. Folks are either going to be okay with it or really annoyed and disappointed these two established already-skewing older actors will be putting on a high school uniform again. Right now I’m of two minds, perhaps this will be Boys Before Flowers but without the annoyingly over-acting Gu Hye Sun as Lee Min Ho’s leading lady, and with a script that might actually be entertaining and make sense. I dunno, I want to keep looking at this drama as a glass half full. Along with the leads, already confirmed have been Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin, and today Krystal (Jung Soo Jung) of girl idol group f(x) has officially joined the cast. She will be playing a rich girl heir, and at this point each character can easily fit into either the rich or poor camps. Subtlety is not Kim Eun Sook’s forte. Read on for the detailed character chart and get ready to rant and rave.

I hope the ability to act isn’t genetic and runs in the family, because Krystal’s sister Jessica (of SNSD) is the female equivalent of Yunho in acting ability. She is so bad it defies description. My drama friends have taken to calling her plastic granny ever since she horrified all of us with her “acting” in Wild Romance. I hear Kystal’s not bad so here’s to hoping.

All the main characters have numbers so I’ll translate those and put in the corresponding actor or actress playing the role. All the 18 year old high school students attend Empire High School. I think my eyes almost died trying to read the fine print in this character chart. @__@ This does sorta look like a cross between Gossip Girl and Boys Before Flowers.

1. Kim Tan (18 years old) – played by Lee Min Ho – the heir of Empire Group. His mother is the mistress of the Chairman of the Empire Group. The Chairman lives with Kim Tan’s mother and is separated from his legally married wife. Kim Tan has an older half-brother Kim Won. He and Cha Eun Sang like each other.

2. Cha Eun Sang (18 years old) – played by Park Shin Hye – grew up with Yoon Chan Young, she considers herself the heir of the poor. Her mother is the housekeeper for the Kim family that owns the vast Empire Group. Eun Seong has an older sister. She and Kim Tan like each other.

3. Yoon Chan Young (18 years old) – played by Kim Woo Bin – his father is the Secretary for the Empire Group. He is currently dating Lee Bo Na (see 6 below). His father and Rachel Ryu’s mother were former lovers.

4. Rachel Ryu (18 years old) – played by Krystal or another young actress – the heir of a major hotel group, engaged to Kim Tan and has a one-sided crush on him. Her mother is the president of the hotel group, and re-married the chairman of a resort conglomerate, who already had a son Choi Young Do (7 below), who becomes Rachel’s unrelated-by-blood older brother due to her mother’s re-marriage.

5. Kim Won (31 years old) – played by Choi Jin Hyuk – the current President of Empire Group, older half-brother of Kim Tan. Kim Won’s mother is dead. Kim Won is dating Jeon Hyun Joo, a high school teacher at Empire High School.

6. Lee Bo Na (18 years old) – played by Krystal or another young actress – former girlfriend of Kim Tan, currently dating Yoon Chan Young. She is the heir to a banking conglomerate.

7. Choi Young Do (18 years old) – not yet cast – older brother to Rachel Lee, heir to a resort conglomerate.

8. Lee Hyo Shin (18 years old) – not yet cast – rich boy classmate who has a one-sided crush on high school teacher Jeon Hyun Joo, who is dating Kim Tan’s older half-brother Kim Won.


Full Character Chart for Heirs Reveals Plot Set Up and Krystal of f(x) Joins the Cast — 92 Comments

      • I think it will because the cast is much better moreover when I read role of the character, it makes me think to Gossip Girl (which is great TV serie!!) 🙂

  1. LOL! That does sound a lot like Gossip Girl with all those ex-es in the character chart ^^;;; Thanks for the update! I’m also approaching this with a half full glass kind of mindset, although I probably would have preferred a college setting. But I think they can pull off senior high school students just fine.

  2. Is it too much to hope for that they graduate high school by the midpoint of this drama? I can see this being entertaining in a ‘pass the popcorn’ way, but the writer+high school concept makes me nervous (but it’s better to go in informed than walk into a sack of poo like GFB without knowing of the writer’s hack tendencies, even if there were red flags all over the drama)

    And Krystal isn’t a great actress, but she’s definitely better than her sister and Suzy (the two worst idol-actresses of her generation I can think of). So this could work….maybe.

  3. I don’t like high school storylines but I will check out the first few episodes. Park Shin Hye looks gorgeous in the picture. For a moment, I thought it was Yoon Eun Hye.

  4. Even though… I love Park Shin Hye (she learnt acting in FBND!) I will skip this. Premise is boring. So is Lee Min Ho (sorry fans).

    Not even Choi Jin Hyuk can bring to watch this. xD

  5. What I’ve heard Krystal is more meh while her sister was truly horrendous in Wild Romance.
    But HS students, really now! They really don’t look like 18 year old’s anymore, why not make them college students instead.

    • I agree, I look at Lee Min Ho and PSH and just laugh – we are expected to believe that they are high school seniors? PSH at least has the coy/sexless/cute/earnest shtick down pat – she could play this part in her sleep – but they have looks and attitude of world-weary twenty-somethings and the thought of them being fresh-faced ingenues is just ridiculous. More than my willing suspension of disbelief can stretch. I feel that LMH is running back to his comfort zone, shallow and limited parts that rely on a smile and some charm as the only measure of success. And PSH can breathe a sigh of relief in that she can go back to her comfort zone in terms of sexuality: longing gazes from safe distances and the infrequent stiff-armed and close-mouthed kiss. She can shut her eyes and think of England.

      • Wow! I loved your comment pertaining to thinking about England. It made me laugh. And I agree with your other comments. This is one show that I am absolutely not interested in watching (so I won’t :)).

      • True, true. PSH is cute but the strongest actress she isn’t. She has a range what she can play and this fits her style perfectly.
        LMH has been typecasted but he isn’t even trying to get out of his comfort zone. (he tried in Faith and CH)
        Have to say, love the line shut your eyes and think of England.

  6. I think this writer must be a fan of Gossip Girl; she gave it a shout-out in Secret Garden also. As for watching, hmmm…I dunno…Monstar has set the bar high on high school dramas for me…I think it’s on my wait-and-see-how-it-goes list.

  7. Love LMH beautiful features not his acting skill. Admire CJH since INR and KWB of School, but the promise of this drama scare me away so.. I’ll pass.

  8. Thanks so much for the translation!

    It may just be me, and the writing of this chart is small, but it looks like PSH’s character’s name is Cha Eun Sang and 3’s character name is Yoon Chan Young. Also, the Kim Won’s teacher girlfriend looks like Jeon Hyeon Ju.

    I was hoping a little that this might end up as a college drama. Attic/Rooftop Cats is the last one I remember, and that one is only partly in college.

      • You’re welcome! The Chinese characters were even smaller, so I was really impressed.

      • Hello ockoala,

        May I ask how many languages you know? I’ve been curious since I noted that you work with many of your own translations. I hope that you don’t mind me asking 🙂 Thank you.

  9. So basically this drama is like every other typical high school drama!

    I was hoping for some twist or something but i guess not!

  10. i hope the main characters story doesn’t get lost with all these oldies back stories and boardroom conglomerate drama

  11. Oh why Cinderella story again?! Why must PSH be poor??? I would like it better if they were on the same level. Rival companies, or at least her family could have gone bankrupt for example.

  12. I like high school dramas a lot, but I’m so not excited for this one.

    Neither LMH or PSH are actors that interest me (and the fact that they will be playing high schoolers when they shouldn’t anymore, doesn’t help). Idol-casting is also meh. The writer… mixed feels, I can’t say loved Secret Garden though it was quite addictive to watch.

    Kim Woo-bin is the only reason why I’m paying attention, though I half-wish he’d drop this drama and get one where he gets to fully shine and blossom as the lead instead, just like his buddy Lee Jong-suk. Choi Jin-hyuk is a bonus, but again I’d rather see him in something else.


    • yeah, I have to say Kim Woo-bin interests me a lot more than Lee Min-ho (and I love PSH but I honestly didn’t feel any chemistry off the one CF she and LMH did together…)

  13. Thank you Ms. Koala for the translations! I would watch this for Choi Jin-hyuk and Lee Min-ho…but I think this drama is getting worse the more previews that come out. Good actors can only do so much.

  14. 🙁 Now I want my Woo-bin oppa to drop this. He doesn’t seem to take part in this as I would like. I too wish he’d pick a role that would let him shine. I really, really, really despise SMent and how they stuff their ‘talents’ into dramas and movies -___-. I never liked Kystal’s acting, nor her onscreen persona. But cheers to this, still wanting to watch this despite it sounding cliche. Thanks koala unnie for the translations!

  15. i always do the “wait-and-see” and try some few episodes before i can say, “no, it’s not my cup of tea”…

  16. Heh, weird but this added news has actually made me a little more interested in the premise then I was before. (Thanks for the info Ockoala!)

    It does still sound like a total re-hash of Boys Over Flowers, but I do find the idea that the OTP grew up together kind of interesting.

    And this cast!? How can so many awesome actors all be together in one drama? Worth watching for that alone… (and yes I do realise that is totally shallow but I can’t help but be excited over the Pretty!)

  17. Why dont they find young actors? And i’m so tire of poor leading lady but rich leading man. I think it is stupid to fall in love with a poor girl when you are so rich And one thing i forgot to mention it is just like bof

  18. hmmm. kim eun sook’s plots are really something. I mean you love it but the plot’s always have a pattern like they include a snobby (especially regarding their feelings) guy who loves a girl with a weird love at first site like situations and then tortures the girl’s feelings with his ‘intelligence'(!) and inferior love! I dont know but i really love -genuinely- hyun bin’s cult character in secret garden until i saw him always making his loved one sad with money/rank and ‘why dont you try harder for me’ mentality (yeah a bf can ask this but it was different in the drama). actually i still like the character but it made me fell a little towards guy like that. Also in gentlemans’ dignity, our leading gentleman was like that too a little too tiring emotion-wise:D I dont know how Kim Eun sook would depict this pattern in Lee Min Ho’s character but i expect some similarities. I would watch it for PSH actually:D would love to see her with LMH:D

    And there was another analysis of me Hong sisters vs Kim eun sook:D esp. some similarities even their style is different. but that’s another topic:D

    • sorry. editing…

      *with a weird love-at-first-sight situations
      *not ‘inferior love’ but ‘superior love’
      *it made me feel a little *repulsive* towards a guy like that

  19. It maybe a Cinderella type of drama, but we’re so much excited of the main cast leading LMH & PSH together for the first time, truly grateful of the best pairing ever! Surely gonna follow this!

  20. GAH. The news/updates for this drama are making me want to watch it less and less. I was SO excited for more Lee Minho and then I heard Park Shin Hye was going to join (Everyone loves her and I’m probably in the minority that’s mehhhh about her) I was disappointed, but then Woobin signed on and I was happy again but now Krystal? Can we just get actors? No more idol stars (okay the exception is Monstar :D) …too bad since I like both Lee Minho and Kim Woobin but I will probably skip this.

  21. Absolutely horrified.But with the casting damn it still watching.Might have to watch another clever drama to counteract it though.

    Thank you.

  22. The setting is nothing that really appeals to me or what has not been seen before. The only thing that can make it unique will be the script with a strong characterization, acting and directing. If KES is truly a writer of some standing we can still hope that she will give enough matter for the actors to be able to make something good out of it. Wish it is not going to be a reminder of gossip girl. Do hope for a totally different storyline. No writer worth their salt would like their work to be associated with others.
    Overall, I have no complaints about the casting since the main ones were all chosen by the writer herself. She must have found them to be perfect for what she has in mind. Anyways, I would have watched just for PSH alone. She can still just manage to pass for a high schooler along with Krystal and KWB. LMH transition into one will be interesting to see.
    Still looking forward to the drama!

  23. Aww man I was hoping when Gossip Girl was mentioned I was hoping that Park Shin Hye was going to try her hand in trying to be a bitchy Korean Blair Waldorf. How is this any different from BOF? I wished it was set in Seoul U n so it’ll be about their socialite lifestyles in Gangnam and can also up the raunchiness (since they’re 18+ and all). ALL THE WHAT COULD HAVE BEENS!

  24. Thanks for all of that! It’s getting me excited already. Luv both LMH and PSH…From the above it seems like only PSH only have one love interest in the drama (LMH). I thought it would have a love triangle, disappointed!!!

    • I actually like this. B/c their wont be such a BIG drama. One love interest is all that I want from both lead to have. I hate love triangle.

  25. I hope Koala recaps this or some other blog. Not going to watch this unless something remarkable from the recaps is mentioned. Seriously? High school seniors? Hard to top Monstar and Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

  26. This already looks like a convoluted crap fest. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye should beyond these cliche roles by now, and add to that we’re supposed to buy them as high-schoolers?

  27. The crazy that were Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity pretty much gave us the warning sign of what this drama is going to be. It’s all about the pretty packaging.

  28. How do they even expect us to believe LMH and PSH are 18 year olds when they cast an actual 18-19 year old (Krystal) as one of the other characters? I haven’t really watched Krystal’s acting so I really do not have an opinion on her acting ability but she does look like a high schooler which will make it even that much harder to believe the others are high schoolers as well.

  29. I will watch if I have a chance…since dramacrazy is out.I have less site to watch..and Viki I cannot access all the dramas they have.Keeping an open mind about the story line.I am watcing only because of PSH…but it seems she is in a comfort zone.I love her in FBND and TIH..Ockoala you made my day because I am waiting for this news for quite sometime.

  30. I’m fine with the “high school” theme. But what? Rich boy loves poor girl in a high school setting again? I’m so over this! I’m so disappointed with Lee Min Ho. Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun are way past this, and only concentrating on their crafts. He, on the other hand, is trying to be a “singer” and taking these kind of roles! What the heck!

  31. Krystal’s acting is actually not bad, and at least she’s playing her age and a rich bitch type which for sure she can pull off.

    Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye on the other hand……time to grow up please. Not only is this the same rich boy poor girl thing they’ve done a hundred times, they’re pretending to be kids on top of it.

    I can already see this drama being too much lulz for itself and going bad quickly. But regardless it will be an overseas hit with those names.

  32. I’m upset that they chose to cast Krystal. She might be a good person and a not so bad idol actress but her facial expression is always so bitchy, I can’t bring myself to like her…

  33. its gonna be all fluffy and cotton candy. I would never take lee min ho seriously in this drama or any “youth high school” drama after City Hunter. I mean, how do yoh expect someone to believe he’s a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT when he played a badass hero sans cape before? And PSY! I loved her to bitd in FBND all because of her matured aura she gave out. And now she’s back to playing a poor high school girl? Dear casting directors of Heirs,you messed up. Big time.

  34. BTW.. I love the photo.. It’s just looks so nice and rich . 🙂 … I know their is another photo that looks like that one as well but the one I’m referring to is the one where LMH is lying down with his head tilt back against a chair or sofa.

  35. I remember being kind of interested in AGD first few eps but quickly gave up later. the only pair I like was Jung Rok and Min Sook, only went through the drama for their parts. idk, her male leads don’t appeal to me, not in a long term, they may look charming at first but turn out to be only jerk who often look down on women. i wish those guys aren’t rich nor genius for once and women aren’t all poor and awkward or careless.
    Casting wise, I might be in the minority who doesn’t like PSH. her wooden acting during romantic/kissing scenes really kill it. fans might not care, but i do. Like they say, it takes two to tango.

    • I am so with you. I am so glad I am not the only one that felt that way about AGD. All my friends loved it but I hated it for the reasons you listed, and dumped it. I also and actually many I know, agree with your comments regarding PSH. I’ve gotten to the point I can’t watch her anymore.
      And I fell for LMH in Faith. I thought he gave a mature and beautifully understated performance perfect for his stoic Choi Young. So I am not interested in seeing him go backwards, to a immature high school kid. The idea of them being HS kids is ridiculous and kind of insulting to the audience (no matter how attractive they are). Also not keen on an Idol being on the show. While some male Idols (TOP and Siwon, to name a couple) have put out some amazing acting I’ve been less satisfied with the female idols.

      • Absolutely agree with you with regard to “Faith”. You hit the nail on the head.

    • I gotta say you made the right decision. I sticked to AGD until the end and regretted that I wasted ~20 hours of my life for that mess. I think Kim Eun Sook’s strength in writing is only dialogue between characters, but she seems to have problem when it comes to adding deeper layers to her characters and moving the plot to somewhere meaningful. (I draw this conclusion after watching AGD, haven’t dared to try Secret Garden yet)
      Eventhough I like Lee Min-ho, I will pass this drama as well.

  36. Seriously they really need this drama be a high school drama? 18 years old? **Sighh** Ok I will just convince myself this is a kdrama, everything is possible *breathe*

    Nevertheless, really like the cover picture of PSH and LMH. I totally lol at Ms Kaola comment on the part where you had to read the fine prints and your eyes almost @_@. Such a cute comment! Thank you for reading it for us!

  37. First of all, thanks so much for the info! Fortunately, I had been ‘meh’ about this new drama, so the news didn’t have too much of a negative effect on me 🙂 (The “rich boy & poor girl” trope, though, is just… argh…) Sounds like a very common one.

    While I thank BOF for introducing LMH to the world and for allowing him to create a nasty and annoying character, I didn’t like the drama at all. For some reason, this one seems to be along the same lines. However, actors do choose from a certain amount of scripts they get, so perhaps he chose the best of the worst 🙂 He’s also mentioned that after “City Hunter” and “Faith” he would like to play a “lighter” character. That’s totally understandable; besides, the guy can be boyish (BTS proves it) and has the right to have fun. (It’s not about not wanting to come out of his comfort zone, imho, he’s already done that.)
    I also get a feeling that directors are seeking to typecast LMH, the reason for which is quite obvious. Well, such a shame… He was fantastic in “Faith”. (I even call it “Fate” at times because that was absolutely his role.) Despite being younger than his character, he showed such maturity and depth while being very subtle. (Hoping for more roles like this one.) A stellar performance.

    As to the female lead, well… Since she’s supposed to be a poor girl, then her expressions will probably be like the ones in “Flower Boy Next Door”, and that just screams, “Boring!” Oh, well… Needless to say, she’s a much better choice than the girl in BOF.

    Considering the fact that it’s from the author of “Secret Garden”, I don’t have high expectations. (“SG” did start out good, but then was just like, “Oh, c’mon…”)

  38. This is a structure of a real Dynesty.Rich Families that bear the stamo of “money and ambitiousness”-the manuscript which builds step-by step development of the plot-reminds me the great Roman “Forsyth Saga/John Glesworthy and the German Roman “The Boudnbrook family’/Thomas Mann-So I can presume that it will become a best-seller book-also.good Luck!

  39. The French Roman “Tibeau Family” also became a series and It has the same Structure…I believe that this series has the same kind of story.i’m sure that the personality of the youngster that actor LMH-can create-must be-more Interesting , more-compound and more sophisticated-than a poster of a superficial spoilt rich youngster.

  40. will still watch this ‘cos of PSH and LMH and also, KWB. fullstop. will wait see how the story goes… still will watch.

    • Yes! Despite many misgivings, I am waiting eagerly to watch this drama. Too many unknown parameters to make me decide to do otherwise. The acting abilities of actors/actresses can realistically be judged based on the scope of the characters written for them and how well they can portray them. They do mature as an artist with each project. They are all good enough to make it a watchable drama …..for me at least.

  41. Thanks for the info, Koala! Since I haven’t read any news about the plot for this drama yet, I was curious to read the tidbits about their characters.

    …And once this drama starts airing, I’ll stick my fingers in front of my eyes and run as far away from this drama as I can.
    Seriously. For me, there are so many reasons not to watch this that even Kim Woo Bin won’t be enough to change my mind. I’ll just have to try my best and forget he’s even participating in this drama.

    (The following is just disappointed and confused ranting from me, so you’re warned in case you continue reading 😉 )

    I loved Secret Garden the first time I watched it, but when I rewatched it I noticed all tose little details about the male lead character that made me enter a love-hate relationship with him (and the love stems purely from Hyun Bin for his great acting that made his otherwise jerkface-character seem a little humorous and less douchy).

    I disliked and was completely bored by A Gentleman’s Dignity. There was only one couple I was interested in, Min Sook and Jung Rok, and even that turned sour for me because he was such an unrepetent cheating bastard up until the last couple of episodes.

    As other users have pointed out before me, I don’t like the way the writer portrays men/women in her dramas.

    The only thing that could turn one of her characters into passably interesting enough for me to try and sympathise with, is if a good actor takes up the role.

    Sadly, in my opinion neither Lee Min Ho nor Park Shin Hye fall into that category. I honestly don’t understand the hype about those two actors. I actually think Lee Min Ho is regressing in his acting ability or he’s just resting on his fame, but I can’t say I’ve liked him in anything other than BOF because in that drama I felt he made the character come to life (no matter how inconsistent or unrealistic the character was), but since then I haven’t liked him in any other role. And believe me, I wanted to because every time he appeared in a drama there was such a storm of “LMH is such an awesome actor and the drama is so great because of him!” that I was excited to watch another good drama ….and yet I was disappointed time and time again. Now (after three disappointments) I won’t be fooled again.

    Park Shin Hye has never been a good actress in my eyes and the way she’s going I don’t think my opinion of her will change anytime soon. The first couple of episodes into FBND I thought she has finally matured from her cartoonisch acting in YB, until I noticed that she has only that one mature facial expression and nothing else. During the whole drama she looked the same to me, unlike a very awesome Yoon Shi Yoon.

    I’ve probably written those things about LMH and PSh before and I don’t mean to just hate on them or flame them or anything like that, but it just completely baffles me why they get so much praise and love as actors when there are so many better actors out there who don’t get even half as much support from the public.

    • Oh! That turned out to be a longer post than expected, I guess I really wanted to get that off my chest… 🙂

  42. Kim Woobin’s character sounds like a pushover. Most likely to turn evil bastard due to jealousy. I’m already kind of disappointed.

    For some reason, their relationship reminds me so much of their Cass Beer cf. The one with Minho and Woobin when he was just an unknown. LMH was being an ass and pushing KWB around. I see it happening here again.

  43. I want to watch this drama so much for Choi Jin Hyuk but good lord it seems terrible, I’m sorry to say.
    Lee Min Ho’s character just sounds like a more player boy version of Gu Jun Pyo. Park Shin Hye’s character sounds like a less annoying Geum Jan Di. Then add the elder half-brother, dating a high school teacher who’s crushed on by another student and it sounds like a mash-up of Boys Over Flowers, Heartstrings, and probably a lot of dramas I haven’t watched yet AND Gossip Girl. In short – a mess.
    And why are these actors and actresses in their twenties playing teenagers in high school?! It’s a minor issue I guess but honestly, it’s not a very appealing idea nor is it the best possible move for the actors’ career.
    Still, I’ll give it a try. Who knows? Could turn out good. I hope.

  44. It’s pretty obvious what they are trying to do in this. They casted all hot male actors that have been on the spotlight lately. They’re totally trying to appeal to teenagers and young adults. Besides, they have Park Shi Hye, the queen of high school/college dramas.
    Except for Krystal, casting is perfect. I actually think this drama would an amazing opportunity to discover new talents (rookies), but they not only casted only famous actors, but also an idol. This has a “rookie drama premise” but didn’t cast any rookies. I think it’s a shame. Another problem with this show is the lack of female characters (only 3 I think), while there are like 7 male high schoolers. This is beyond ridiculous! They are making it pretty obvious that this will be more like an exhibition of male models than a drama itself.
    However, I’ll still watch this because I like high school dramas and male casting plus Park Shin Hye is really attractive.

  45. I love how off topic you get. I’m sorry but must you go out of your way and diss every possible person you can? Unfortunately I’ve stumbled upon several of your posts. Seriously, stick to the point. It must horrify you that their are millions of people who are better than you. Once in while try to think about what your saying. You diss a lot of new comers and it annoys me to death, everyone starts from the bottom. Okay?

  46. oh gosh, i was so wanting to watch this but now after reading the character descriptions, I’m wondering if lust for Lee Min Ho is going to enable me to continue watching this. Thanks for the chart descriptions.

  47. Wait, if PSH is poor in this drama, won’t she be jenny’s character then ? And Krystal may be Blair ? Hmm, Blair is a really hard character to pull off though.

  48. Gosh all I can say is if you don’t like them don’t watch it but don’t spoil it for others… Frankly I can quite care less if anybody wants to watch it.. why there has to be haters??????? I love LMH and PSH and I truly think they are great and if they are not SO WHAT? I love them if anybody else doesn’t then don’t but why bother complaining nobody is making anybody watch anything… I totally dislike anybody that likes just to throw dirt on others for some reason or another…

  49. I’m watching this for the story of the characters played by Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun. Liked their acting in Gu Family Book (CJH) and Wild Romance (IJE).

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