Jung Yong Hwa Possibly Joining Yoon Eun Hye in Upcoming K-drama

This percolating upcoming drama casting rumor is too good not to share and mull over. Like all potential castings it may or may not happen, but it’s the thought process that fascinates me. Three months ago when the casting for the upcoming Kim Eun Sook drama The Heirs started trickling out, Jung Yong Hwa was reportedly offered the role of the second male lead opposite Lee Min Ho. Later on Park Shin Hye joined the cast and it looked to be the third time those two worked together since You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen for Me). Then as quickly as that three-times-too-much pairing got people talking, Jung Yong Hwa declined the role and that was that. Later on The Heirs cast rising young actor Kim Woo Bin (School 2013) and everyone (including myself) assumed it was for the role offered to Jung Yong Hwa. Now some behind-the-scenes gossip is worth sharing – Kim Woo Bin may be playing guy3 in The Heirs and the role of the second male lead may still be yet unconfirmed. Word on the street is that one of Jung Yong Hwa’s CN Blue group mates may be in talks.

Lee Jung Shin is currently starring in The Petal and Blade, all signs point to cutie pie Kang Min Hyuk, especially since the final CN Blue member Lee Jong Hyun has already done a Kim Eun Sook drama in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Since Heirs is still 3 months away from airing its no surprise the full cast hasn’t been revealed yet. But Kim Eun Sook is known for always throwing an up-and-coming youngster in her cast (Jang Geun Seok in Lovers in Prague, Lee Jong Suk in Secret Garden, the aforementioned Lee Jong Hyun in AGD). The real reason for Jung Yong Hwa’s turning down the role is apparently because him or his agency believes he no longer needs to play second male leads and is squarely in the leading man category. So either he was going to be the male lead in The Heirs or else he wasn’t doing it. I dunno about that, dude. But I have to keep an open mind because there are starting to be murmurs that he was so sure of turning down The Heirs, which is clearly a ratings lock, because MBC is developing a new drama with Yoon Eun Hye and he’s reportedly the male lead. WHAT THE WHAT? Oh jeez, after Eun Hye did Missing You with Yoochun I had hoped that was the end of her involvement with male idol actors and she could return to having a leading man who was devoted to the craft full time. We’ll have to wait and see if this pairing ultimately happens, though Eun Hye was attached to Missing You for a looooong time and that one turned out to be true.

Does this pairing work for you guys? I’m so worried if it happens. Yong Hwa, however cute he is, has about one and a half expressions in his acting repertoire. It’s that half that gives him a slight edge over Kim Hyun Joong, bless that robot boy’s heart. Otherwise these two handsome young men are pretty much interchangeable for me when it comes to playing cold good-looking male characters.


Jung Yong Hwa Possibly Joining Yoon Eun Hye in Upcoming K-drama — 218 Comments

  1. ugghh if you have to pair her with another idol that cant act, cant it be Minho (why is it he has only done 2 dramas please someone fix that) or you could always stick with jyj boys and go with jaejoong since he can kind of sorta act and man can I listen to him talk all day such a nice voice

  2. no no no no no no no no

    why do they keep insisting on trying to put yonghwa in lead roles with people that can actually act when he’s awful? i really don’t know what they’re going off of to even consider him for these parts because his last two dramas were wooden awkward travesties. just because someone is attractive and popular doesn’t mean they should be in front of the camera, especially not against someone as seasoned as yoon eun hye.

    second lead or side character i could tolerate but this is asking to be terrible.

  3. I dont care anyway. I’ve only watch her drama coffee prince and didnt finish coffee hour or something because she was too annoying. And for the male i think he cant act.

  4. Oh dear. Despite liking CNBlue, I’ve never taken well to Jung Yong-hwa as an actor.

    Yoon Eun-hye, when will you go back to serenading our screens with the likes of Kang Ji-hwan or Gong Yoo?

  5. does yonghwa not having anyone counseling his acting choices at all? why can’t he learn from his band mates (all of whom are better actors) and work his way up through solid side/character roles? everything he’s in he’s like a kid in grown-up shoes, not ready or talented enough for any of it.

    and yoon eun hye, i hope she doesn’t go down the path of park shin hye and continue to choose cliche and regressive roles for comfort. i miss her starring opposite substantial actors.

    • lol his bandmates would accept lead roles if they could actually get offers. and no, lee jonghyun is just as bad as yonghwa.

      tbh I don’t care that much about yonghwa acting. He probably does it for the publicity it gives the band. A lot of the new cnblue fans overseas came to know of them through You’re Beautiful.

      • u might not care about him only acting for the publicity (nice of u to admit it at least) but for others who happen to like yoon eun hye and care about her work it would be nice if we didn’t have to sit through his wood face when she could be working with someone it would actually be satisfying to watch her with.

        i get ur probably a cnblue stan but its not like people don’t want him in dramas for no reason. he’s not a good actor. i dont really care about his personality or fame problems.

      • lol sorry. this was a reply to @danni.

        man y’all need to upgrade this site. the comment section is confusing as fuq.

    • I wouldn’t have called Flower Boy Next Door cliched or regressive, but sandwiched between Heartstrings and the (frankly wobbly-sounding, though I’m willing to reserve judgement) Heirs, you’re right.

  6. REALLY? no. i may be in the minority, but i have say Yoon Eun Hye should not be put with anymore idol actors. She deserves an older, more manly actor to star with like in Lie to Me. I think she is a bit too old to be playing against actors such as Yoochun, Yo Seung Ho, and Yong Hwa. Whenever that happens, it’s noona love again! Don’t get me wrong I love noona love, but I think she needs to find an older actor fitting her age so that the chemistry works better.

  7. This def a pairing I was not expecting. Hmmm I think she would be much better off with a established actor. I’m curious to learn what the storyline would be.

  8. if Yonghwa plays as YEH brother, i agreed bcoz above picture show they good as siblings. Other than that just a BIG NO.

  9. Expect this rumor is not true, but to clear a point, if anyone decided to take him out of Heirs, it was FNC. The man was obviously mad and upset after the announced…he had a concert few days after that announcement fans noticed his reaction. FNC seems to think as his moneymaker he can’t be a second lead…so they took him out. I’m starting to wonder if Hongki doesnt get drama bcs they want him to be lead too.

    • Does it matter who took him out? Thank heavens somebody had the sense. I’m surprised to hear he would throw a tantrum about it, does he really estimate himself that high?

      • he is cocky…..he actually ranks himself the best actor out of his band too which i cant even….

      • It matter because this article implies that he was probably the one that rejected the role because he wanted to be the lead, which is not the case bcs he was happy with it. The decision was not made by him. Wouldn’t you be sad when you are force reject something you really want to do? and even worse when they say you where the one who decided when in fact it wasn’t even your decision.

      • @keikoli903

        lol stop. did you even watch that episode? yonghwa was not being serious. he is never serious. He has mentioned many times that he thinks minhyuk is the best actor in the group. don’t talk about shit you don’t understand.

    • I can’t even. Does he not listen to reviews? Does he only listen to the praise poured into his ears by those who are paid to do so? I think it’s ridiculous when these scrawny idol boys think they are such hot stuff. He can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

      • Basically. Any entertainment program he goes on fusses about him being a handsome actor-idol and makes a big deal about the success of his dramas overseas, which he (or whoever’s managing him) seems to read as acting praise when it’s far from it. He does dramas because he gets money from original OSTs when they hit big with internationals that eat up anything idols are in, not because he has any legitimate talent. He’s marketable for sure but that doesn’t mean he does a good job.

    • @zoey:

      I’m going to try and save you before you get run over by the majority opinion here.
      you sound like you’re genuinely upset(as a fan) that jung yong hwa is being pulverized for his acting and what he said on a talk show. It’s okay if you’re defending his character but saying that people don’t understand and sprouting bullshit is also a baseless claim.

      • no I don’t really care about the comments about his acting. I don’t think he’s a good actor either.

        the only thing I’m defending is the baseless claims about his personality and the reasons for withdrawing from heirs. Just thought of clearing things up for misinformed people 😉

        the only reason I’m pissed off is because the whole heirs withdraw story is a touchy subject for yonghwa fans, and it’s extremely upsetting to see him get bashed for it. Especially as a fan who had to read fanaccounts about him being depressed during a Japanese fanmeet a few days after dropping out of heirs. Or how he took a trip alone to busan to sort out his feelings. that’s why I’m annoyed at the comments about him thinking he’s too good for the role. these comments just brought back all those unpleasant memories.

    • yup. He was visibly upset after FNC pulled him out of the drama. He even took a trip by himself to busan.. which fans guessed was because he was feeling really down :/

      actually the whole heirs things caused a lot of drama in the k-fandom. FNC is being really dumb if they continue to associate with the drama. Yonghwa’s korean fans are extremely pissed off already. The reaction to the jonghyun rumor was scary as hell. I can’t even imagine how they’ll react if minhyuk does get cast.

    • thank you for defending Yong Oppa.. i can’t comment coz i can’t control my feelings with those comments above.

  10. Along with Kim Hyun Joong, the WORST actor I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing in a Korean drama. Thank god everyone else on here sees it too.

    • And they would look awful together. What is this predilection for pairing actresses with actors who look like their little brothers? I was hoping this would stop once more actors returned from the army but it looks like it will continue to happen as long as no new actresses debut and more idol wannabes think they have what it takes to act.

  11. Miss Koala,

    Are you sure that the drama is from MBC? KBS is coming out with a drama called ‘Secret’ this year and Yoon Eun Hye is the rumored female lead… it’s supposed to be a female version of ‘Nice Guy’.

    • Now that i can definitely get behind.
      Too many revenge-seeking males nowadays in dramaland.
      I need me a full on femme fatale and the closest i’ve ever seen yoon eun hye being fiesty was in take care of young lady.

      • take care of young lady is the worse acting from her. even korea media critic her acting.

  12. PASS

    This kid can’t act and she doesn’t need to be working with popular little flower boys anyway. Give her an adult role with a real man so we can finally see some womanliness or sexual prowess. How he’s even getting near this role is beyond me.

  13. YEH please let her have good older actors to act with…why K drama making me bored now..been there ,seen it and it like a recycle bin…

  14. ugh…………….hope she doesn’t degrade herself to him….

    this is so stupid and out of left field. it cant be a real rumor. where is it from??? source?

  15. Um. That honestly sounds a little presumptuous of JYH..? Maybe something got lost in translation/relation.. The move itself, and the reasoning behind it, just don’t sound very grounded or humble to me 😛

  16. Honestly, I like cnblue and I’m rooting for him, but I don’t think he is ready for playing male lead, especially opposite meaty actress like YEH. Seriously, she will butcher him.
    Whatever. I just hope he will get intensive acting class prior to this drama, if this pairing really happen.

  17. I do like Yonghwa but he needs to stay far away from acting. He makes enough royalties from what he’s actually good at (music) so I don’t see why he’s always trying to put his foot in this door when he doesn’t need to. If he was actually good that’d be one thing, but he has next to zero chemistry with his costars and isn’t expressive at all, which I don’t get since he’s the opposite with music. I wish it could translate but it doesn’t. Anyway I want to see Yoon Eun Hye work with Gong Yoo again, or like somebody said above, Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin especially! They’d be so fun together.

  18. Hrmmm.. Interesting.. From what I read.. It was not his decision but his agency decision. His agency want him and another person that is in the same agency to be in Heirs drama and there is a mention that his agency want the right of music for the drama too… Therefore, since the production says nooo then from what I read the agency decision is to Yong Hwa to deny the drama…

    • Who cares? Why are Yonghwa fangirls still talking about his Heirs “injustice” here when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Take it to a CNBlue board. Regardless of whether it was FNC or Yonghwa’s choice it was the right choice since he would have surely dragged the production down. Same with this drama with Yoon Eun Hye if it comes to fruition.

      • Sorry to butt in, but I think talking about heirs casting is not so out of topic, since the writer herself dedicated at least one and a half paragraphs in this article talking about it.
        And all the talks about him being cocky and believes himself as leading man category are unfounded rumors since he was seems so happy when he was cast as 2nd lead in Heirs.

      • It’s funny how people think they know better than the scriptwriter herself who WANTED Yonghwa for the role. I’m pretty sure she has a better idea of who fits her characters. And yes, Heirs injustice does have to do with “the topic at hand”, because the author of this article is leading people to think Yonghwa rejected the role because he thinks he’s too good for 2nd lead which is completely false.

      • We already know that this screenwriter has some sort of fangirly weakness for CNBlue. Just because she has been known to write a fairly decent script does not also mean she is an accomplished casting director. Casting and writing are two very different skills; even a writer/director will often go to someone else for casting help.

  19. Where did u even get this rumor from?

    This is so wrong and baseless

    As a true fan, i have never heard or seen any rumors about her new drama

  20. I don’t believe this rumor, and I don’t see any source for it. No way she would work with him unless she has a career death wish.

  21. seriously??? he wanted to be the lead in “Heirs”..ouch! he is incomparable to LMH. I am not into the idea of pairing YEH with him. YEH deserves someone better than him. I am still dreaming for YEH to do a drama with either Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho *_*

    • Please read above comments before talking and commenting about him, He never told FNC that he wants to be the lead actor. People be open minded. DUh

  22. as cnblue fans, it think he should sharp his acting skills and learn more by experience, 2nd lead in among senior actors shld be an honor for him and he shld learn more from seniors, so yes i think it’s not his time now for taking a male lead role. and partnering with yeh i’m not sure will be blast, just give the role to hyun bin or song joong ki bet the rank will be high.

    • yonghwa’s talents and future lies in music. He’s only acting for the publicity boost, therefore he will take whatever they throw at him. It just so happens that he is popular enough for lead roles. His band members are not as popular as him to get lead roles. It’s the same reason why he does variety shows. It is virtually impossible for idols to survive without involvements in other aspects of the k-industry.

      lol at you guys throwing shade at him when shitty actors like Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In, Song Seung Heon get lead roles. Let’s not act like Korean dramas are filled with talent. If you don’t like him, don’t watch the drama.

  23. LOL what, he is lead role material?
    Uh – no. There are still many experienced actors/actresses out there that play second lead or have played lead role but don’t mind taking second lead every now and then. More recently i’ve noticed yoon sang hyun, kim ji hoon, and jo jung suk doing that without any complaints.
    Okay, i understand that every aspiring actor/actress should have a chance in this industry. But, why is it that there are some that seem like they have not an ounce of awareness about their talents or lack thereof. Song Seung Hoon sucks at acting but even he admits that he’s not great with a sense of awareness about his weaknesses that i appreciate. Okay, brownie points there. I’m sorry, but anyone who says and thinks that he’s the best actor in his idol group is clearly delusional because the bar you’ve set for yourself is pretty low. Please compare yourself to people in the acting business worthy of acting; humble yourself.
    Even if his agency is doing all the decision making jung yong hwa should ask himself the question of whether or not HE thinks he deserves a lead role over someone else.
    Him and yoon eun hye? Just no.

  24. lol at this post and the comments bashing him. Lee Minho was already cast as the main lead. Yonghwa has NEVER been ‘cocky’ about his acting. The people bashing him in this post are sprouting bs. I’m fine with you guys criticizing his acting (because tbh I don’t think he’s that good either) but leave the bs out about his personalty. Every fanaccount about him indicates that he is a great and humble person.

    • But he does say that. He’s always going on about being the “best actor” or the “most handsome”. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and figure he could be joking, but it’s not hard to see why non-fans would interpret that as cocky.

      • there are also interviews where he says he isn’t good at acting and he isn’t the best looking in the group. I can even link those.

        why would you need to give a benefit of doubt when it’s pretty clear he’s joking when he brags about himself. Anyone that watches him in interviews/variety shows would know that he has a playful personality and is rarely serious about the stuff he says.

        btw, the media goes on about his looks more than he does. Korea finds him the most attractive in the group. Yonghwa himself has said in interviews that he’s not the best looking and is the type people get tired of easily. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE4Jx0EiI6E)

      • People especially k-drama fans don’t have time to look for every little interview he does as we aren’t interested. And if it was clearly joking, it should have come across to everyone but it didn’t so…..

  25. If I were to choose an “idol” together with Yoon Eun Hye, I’d pick Jong Kook! Haha
    He was, sort of, an idol/performer, right? Not sure on the acting front but I’d ship that pairing!

    Jung Yong Hwa is a pretty lively kid… on variety. For some reason he loses that spark in dramas. 🙁 I think a side character in Heirs would’ve done him good. Or any huge drama where he can meet and observe a lot of acting sunbaes and hoobaes first.

  26. I have to admit that Yonghwa’s act is still not that good for male lead. But please do stop talking non-sense about idol turned actors. We have to admit that some of them are great. For me Lee Seunggi and Yoochun have already proved themselves. They’re both doing great as an actor. They still need lots to learn, but they’re doing good so far. I have to say that some of the actor/actress turned singer also not doing some great jobs. But it’s okay, it’s not their priority.
    as much as I love Yonghwa I don’t think this pairing will work. Sorry to say, but she’ll look much older than him. And I have to admit too that Yonghwa can’t portray emotions well. He still needs to learn.
    I think Eunhye needs to pick her drama more wisely. I barely see her in a great drama now. I think Coffee Prince is the last time I saw her on a great drama.
    Peace, guys 😀

  27. because I’m annoyed with this post and the inaccuracies of the reason why he rejected:

    During Cnblue’s Taiwan concert on April 6, Yonghwa told fans that he was coming back in a drama. He was excited about it and even broke the news to fans before official casting news came out. Does that sound like someone who would turn down a role because it wasn’t good enough for him? no.

    • I do like Yonghwa and I don’t think idols should be discarded on that basis alone, but he has a looooooong way to go before he can convincingly lead a drama alongside Yoon Eun Hye. He’s a nice kid and I don’t believe he’s big-headed, but if he keeps being miscast in roles he can’t handle it’s only going to reflect badly on him and further fuel the talk about him only doing dramas for OST royalties and advertising his band. If he’s serious about acting he should choose his roles carefully and build his skill first.

      • I don’t want him in dramas either. I think it takes away time from his composing and if given the choice, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to do dramas or waste his time on variety shows either.

        however, FNC is dead set on making cnblue ‘acting-dols’. It was pretty much the main topic of discussion during their recent comeback. I kind of hate it because it just takes away attention from their actual music.

        that’s why I prefer them in Japan. They pretty much only do concerts over there. In Korea, it’s the complete opposite. They rarely get to perform live, and instead are recognized as that group that has a lot actors :/

        I dislike fnc a lot in case you haven’t noticed lol

      • @zoey

        lol you really give the boys no credit for wanting to act and that’s annoying. they’ve all said they have a genuine interest in it and want to pursue it. not everything is the company’s fault , don’t discredit the members for doing work they like just because you’re a music-only elitist. they’ve said themselves they like being a mainstream idol band and doing side work on other projects, at least respect and support their ventures.

    • I see you’re defending him with all your might and im sure he would appreciate that someone out there is defending him but it’s only going to get uglier from here on out on this post, trust me. If you’re annoyed with this post the best thing to do is simply avoid it.

      • yeah I’m done lol I didn’t even know this site existed before tbh. I kind of outgrew my kdrama phase after I turned 14. Mary sue plots don’t really appeal to me anymore. Never knew kdrama stans were so elitist though.

      • @Zoey It’s interesting that you are at a k-drama blog yet you don’t like dramas? And not all characters are MarySue. And how is it elitist to say he sucks at acting when he really does?

  28. cnblue and yonghwa stans will be here any second to overrun things with “tl;dr BUT HE’S A GREAT GUY IT’S NOT HIS FAULT, HIS COMPANY BLAH BLAH, etc. etc. etc.”. cool we get it. but he can’t act, and he’s nowhere near yoon eun hye’s level, and that’s the truth. as a drama watcher that’s all i care about.

  29. Whaaaaaaaaaaah omg pls she needs amuch more ADULT pairing ! Thanks s guy is still a kid ! And still u can see that he isnt a match of her acting ability ! I loved her co star in lie to me they were super fit ! And if I may suggest any it would be papa gumiho or that guy from lee soon shin (the lead ) she needs a MAN to ac t with like over 30 daaaah or a twenty smth that looks over 30 ! Srry if that might no be in he like of fans but I like him too and watched his dramas ( well it was rather for other guys ) but thats a fact !!!! Hope for the best ! I wanna see a new drama pp and I canwait for heirs !!

  30. OMG,I don’t understand why Korea drama production or whatever you name it still don’t get that this guy cannot act. It’s really beyond my understanding.So far as I know,singer who smoothly can turn into actor are not that many. In my opinion, some of them who can make it are Lee Seung Gi, T.O.P, and maybe Yoochun.The rest are meh. I’d rather see full time actor than singer who cannot act,becoz it irks me when I see them onscreen but cannot deliver the scene.This pairing is totally a PASS for me.NEXT!!


  32. Pleaseee YEH reject it…Yong hwa good in musicc not acting and he is like a kid.YEH need mature man and capable actor..like Gong yoo,hyun bin,JWS..

  33. i was shocked with the rumors, i’m not againts to the comments of others to the two. i respect their views about the skills and potentials that the two showed in their drama. but, in my own view, Yong oppa was on the stage that he still coping his skills in acting, on the process of enhancing it. And, i can see that he really love to acted and so his passionately do his best to prove that not only in music he’s good but his exploring something within his self that he can do something over music. maybe to day his not that good as other actors, yes his not, but we should think also that every person has their uniqueness. how can he be good if we will not give him a chance to improve more his skills in acting? every person should not isolate on their own skills. we must explore something new because learning is continues process so lets live it well.

    hehehe thats my own view.. 🙂

    • Then if he is all for improving, why not take smaller roles? Or do morning dramas, dailies, weekend dramas before being lead in this?

      • Because nobody offers him small roles, even in his acting debut he played a character like Shinwoo (a 2nd male lead). He was also willing to play 2nd lead role in Heirs. It’s not us you should be asking, it’s the writers, directors and producers because they’re the ones offering him lead roles. No sane person would reject a good paying job, so I’d rather he take it than reject JUST because a few of you dislike his acting tsk tsk

      • he’s not offered small roles
        previously he was offered the lead role for playful kiss and sungkyunkwan scandal but FNC rejected the offers as both clashed with cnblue schedules
        and it’s a known fact that mbc and sbs like yonghwa,and they’ve been fighting for him to be in their shows and dramas

      • I doubt that because if was true, they would be throwing all the drama roles at him and they haven’t. He sucks at acting and his last 2 dramas had very low ratings and they play apart in determining which actor to choose to lead a drama.

  34. I did not intend to comment on this topic.I just wanted to know some k drama news,so logged into this site.JYH and YEH.so I was interested and clicked on the article and then I knew I was wrong to read this article.
    Although KIM HYUN JOONG is not related to this possible news,why do people bash him about his acting?Do you guys really hate him that much?
    And also to JYH,I am not his fan.But I don’t undetstand why you guys hate him too.If I don’t like an actor,I will not watch his drama and I won’t use my precious time on commenting how that actor sucks on acting.
    And If YEH accepts to work with JYH,that is her choice.What can we do? We are just fans.We can’t change their decision and life as we like to be.
    It is ok you guys bash me for my comment.It is your freedom.

    • You really think people hate them? LMAO!!!!
      We just think they totally suck at acting and don’t like the fact they are getting lead roles when they don’t have the skills to back it up!

    • i want to watch the drama bc of YEH. and IF the rumor is true, i’m afraid that JYH bad acting may ruin the drama. and there’s a difference between ‘hating JYH’ and ‘hating JYH’s acting’.

  35. I like Yong Hwa among his bandmates in CNBlue but I don’t want him be paired with YEH. I want to see YEH with established actors like Hyun Bin.

  36. Please, if you don’t want YongHwa then leave this article and don’t bash his personality, character and whatsoever! You guys are not kids anymore! If you don’t like him acting then so be it, Don’t misinterpret I like YEH but not for JYH and vice versa. YEH is much older than him. and about his acting skills? yes I do believe he needs to improve a lot, but mgt would’nt pick him uo if his not as good as other don’t you think?
    You don’t know him so stop bashing him as if you knw the whole story, specially that stupid “HE DROPS THE HEIRS BECAUSE HE WANT’S TO BE THE LEAD ACTOR” Aigoo! BIG MISTAKE, so stop commenting that he’s too much!
    Be open minded enough guys! i believe he needs to improve a lot and how can u improve if your not going to do casting? and leading?
    u can leave this article and stop bashing him guys.

    • If he wants to improve why can’t he choose smaller roles to help improve instead of male lead where he doesn’t have enough skills to portray his character correctly.

      And this is a drama blog not a CnBlue stan page so you have no right to tell people to leave.

      • lol he can’t choose smaller roles when he’s not offered such
        blame the tv channel for wanting him in their dramas

      • He can ask for a smaller role especially if he is serious about acting and learning from his sunbaes.

    • I love how this article has brought out the textbook rabid idol stans who can’t deal with the fact that their bias sucks at acting and is rightfully being called on it…….but if you’re going to throw tantrums, YOU can leave.

      • a basher will always be a basher… but in the end they’re the losers here! Lol

  37. I didn’t watch his first drama but Heartstrings was so bad……he was trying so hard it was written all over and face and not natural at all….if this is their casting choice man I don’t get it at all but whatever. I’ll be seriously disappointed in Yoon Eun Hye if she signs on alongside this teenybopper and I don’t want to be. I love her and don’t need to be cringing through my fingers because her partner can’t measure up.

  38. I’m a CNBLUE fan and I would love to see Yongie again in a drama….but Yoon Eun Hye being the lead actress is …is….wahhh!!! I mean their acting skills are at extremes. Yonghwa-yah, please attend acting workshops first before getting involved in a new drama. ne? Focus on the World Tour for now, get enough rest after, attend acting workshops, and Go for the Win. Araso?! lol 😀

  39. COME ON guys… just give Yh opportunity to prove himself again in acting. the story about not good enough in acting is 2 years ago.. we as a K-drama fan or k-pop just watch and not already judge his acting for sure not good. as i can see yh acting as cameo in a gentleman dignity is ok what?? i think he already improve it for their acting. hope u guys not talk bad about him becoz im his fan and i feel terrible to read ur comments about him.

  40. Sigh!!! This is disaster from the get go if it turn out to be true…YEH is extremely talented…but another pairing with an idol is just a big NO.

  41. Those who stated Yong Hwa can’t act have not seen his cameo in Gentlemen’s Dignity nor do you recognize the great chemistry he showed he has with Park Shin Hye in Heartstrings that the two of them made it such an international hit success. Give credit where credit is due.
    Heartstrings did not do so well in Korea primarily because it was up against the fast action drama, City Hunter, in the time slot.
    I’ve yet to see a plausible reason stated for Yong Hwa leaving the cast of Heirs. One that mirrors the angst he exhibited early and explains the happiness of a personal issue being resolved a month later. Time will tell.

    Yoon Eun Hye is 6 years older, not incredulous even if this age group romantic pairing has been done before, and successfully so, in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.
    Someone commented that she hasn’t done a femme fatale role yet… wrong… look up and watch the short film Tik Tok where she played a moody killer. She would be great doing so again in a full length drama.

    I am confident that both of them would do a great piece of acting if they somehow do wind up being paired together. It’s a drama I would like to see.

    • I am seriously going to laugh if you’re trying to convince people there was some explosive chemistry between the leads in Heartstrings. Most of the time they both look constipated on screen. Unless you were watching a different drama than me. The reason it was an international hit is because it was bound to be one with a popular actress and a popular idol.

    • Heartstrings for me was memorable because of exceptionally beautiful songs, chemistry between JYH -PSH and the lovely setting

  42. Koala, I agree with you regarding Yonghwa’s dubious acting skills, but please have a care in reporting what is obviously SPECULATION on the FNC/Heirs fiasco as fact.

    The official announcement by FNC regarding Yonghwa dropping out of Heirs was cited as disagreement over the details of his character with the production crew. Whether you believe that story or not, the decision was evidently made by FNC and it is extremely unfair to accuse the artist himself for getting above his station and expecting to be cast as lead – when, clearly, you have no basis for saying so. Boldly making such remarks without any proof whatsoever or even a disclaimer is frankly irresponsible.

    From the above comments, it is clear that a number of readers have assumed the worst of the star himself because they have taken your comments as fact and it seems ridiculous that he should have such aspersions cast upon him when he could very well have had no say in the matter.

  43. I am really a big fan of both regardless of whether they can act or not. I will be happy if I can see them in a drama together. Will most likely check out the first few episodes and see if it is a hit or miss.

    Personally I think Yoon Eun Hye should try acting with Lee Min Ho. I think they looked good together in that short cameo during Personal Taste. As for Yong Hwa, I think everyone should calm down and move on since we won’t know the truth about Heirs anyway.

    I think for idols turned actors or even actors who can’t even act shouldn’t be bash or whatever because after all they did put in lots of effort regardless of whether they can make it or not. And most importantly Ms Kaola is also entitled to her own opinion since this is her blog 🙂

    • She is entitled to her own opinion but does that make it okay for her to spread “rumors”? I think not.

      • Hmm I dont’t see how she is spreading rumors unless you are talking about how she has this responsibility that she has a lot of readers and she need to be careful about writing anything? And so she is not allowed to write anything unless it is confirmed?

  44. Lol. Why so many people love to make fuss about acting skill?
    Drama can be boring even with great actors, so what is the point of discussion? If you don’t like the actor or pairing, then just ignore without giving disrespectful comments and search new drama which satisfy your taste.
    For me, I personally don’t mind this paring as long as the plot is interesting.

    • Drama can be boring even with great actors

      And I’ve yet to see a drama that was NOT a chore to watch when it starred terrible actors, so you can just ignore the ‘disrespectful’ comments and go to a Yonghwa fansite which ‘satisfy your taste’.

      • Lol, calm down. I’m not even Yonghwa’s fan.
        It’s funny though. You say you can’t stand with terrible actors, but anyway watched those drama good enough to give fair judgement? Well…luckily I’m not so picky, so I can still enjoy a lot of drama even the actors are not that great. I normally ignore those ‘disrespectful’ comments but sometime those people talk so loudly until ruin the atmosphere for people who just willing to enjoy the drama…so I just mentioned this time.

      • @top Well most people prefer watching someone who can act instead of a sucky actor. If you don’t care about acting skills that’s your choice but most people don’t have your view.

  45. Hello Everyone!
    Actually, i’m posting my comment for two significant reasons:

    First, regarding this article about casting Yonghwa in k-drama together with Eun Hye, is pretty cool! I’m a big fan of Korean dramas and of course Eun Hye since “Princess Hours” and “Coffee Prince”, and it is fine with me whether who would they want to pair with her. Yong Hwa, is really handsome and super cute though, I’ve watched his k-dramas such “He’s Beautiful” and Heartstrings and honestly I fell in love with his character though he’s only a second man. So, if it is true, this would be great for both them and also for their fans.

    My second reason is for all of you Guys who keep on bashing Yonghwa. Everyone, I know we have different opinions and own sentiments, and I RESPECT that, but PLEASE KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS. We are not pushing you guys to like him, but could you just don’t underestimate his capacities or abilities to do so? Or rather, could you PLEASE don’t say bad things about him, just to add spice on your sentiments or hatreds towards him???? And Please don’t ever say things that could lower his morale because you guys don’t know him personally! Consider, you’re in the same situation or you’re in the place of Yonghwa, what would you feel???… and the netizens are keep bashing on you? what would you feel? Guys,Please be reasonable enough in giving your opinions and please Grow Up!

    Remember, this news is still unconfirmed or i should say RUMORS! Please know the definition before showing your reactions. Don’t Overreact, please! Thank you!

      • LOL! She’s just asking people to at least have INFORMED OPINIONS, not just sprout outright hate. But then a hater is not and will never be capable of that, just like YOU. Bashing on the guise of opinions. So low. Try harder.

      • Obviously, you don’t actually got my point here dear… everyone is free to give their own opinions and I respect that. And I’m not pushing you or telling you to give praise or tell good things about Yonghwa. My point is, bashing Yonghwa to the point that some of them keep on bashing his personality and character is I think an exaggeration! I mean, you can say anything about his acting skills as an actor, but to say wrong things against his personality, as a person is not right anymore. I hope you get my point dear. Thanks and God bless you.

      • Hi lol, thank you for reading my comment. And thank you for understanding my point of view. All fans should have an open-mind just like you! God bless! 🙂

    • So validly criticizing someone is bashing, ok Stan. So should we and say he is the best actor who ever lived even though its a lie?

      • Geez! I’m not telling you to praise his acting skills as an actor! My point is don’t say bad things about his personality or character as a person, because it’s not the issue here, it’s him being an actor and not Yonghwa himself as a person. I mean you can freely say whatever you want about his acting skills but not to the point that some of them (the bashers)will degrade him as a person. I hope you got my point here dear.

  46. My response.. If this news turns out to be true, hope YEH can influence good thing to his lack of acting.. He sure needs more good tutoring in acting.. I won’t judge him good/bad, because I believe in proccess.. He can be better if he’s willing to learn, practice, and given opportunities.. And right now he’s not getting the opportunity, so I don’t see any progress yet from him.

    And if the news turns out to be wrong, I just gonna wish them both all the best.. They’re both awesome, YEH as actress, and JYH as musician..

  47. OMO, Kim Woo Bin also was in AGD 😀 Wow i like him actually other than PSH and LMH, he could be a reason for me to watch Heirs:D

  48. I don’t see any problem if Yong Hwa is confirmed to be the lead in this drama. Just remember that YEH chooses a project according to her liking, not choosing it because of her male lead counter-part. If so then every female actress wants to be in the drama with Won Bin or Jang Dong Gun. So please don’t blame it on YEH for picking this project. There were nothing was wrong with “I Miss You” either, YC’s acting was very good, just the script was the problem. Nothing is wrong with idol actor as lead in a drama, we are too unfairly prejudice against them. Remember YEH used to be an idol turned actress herself.

  49. YEH look old compare to yong hwa. They looks sibling and i cannot imagine their lovey dovey scene. Based on picture above they look so odd. i think YEH have reach a peek when she star in coffe prince and goong. all her project after that almost fail. for me she really need to do more mature role and do movie because she don’t have any success movie. maybe she should land in weekend drama like sung yuri. and yong hwa please don’t ruin opportunity to another actor who deserve to be male lead. please focus to make a good music.

  50. I like Yong-hwa; I like his band, and I think he’s great whenever he turns up on variety shows. But, bless his heart, he doesn’t have a lick of talent as an actor, and I wish everyone involved in casting would wake up and accept it.

    If he wants more acting jobs, then they should be putting him in smaller roles or on dailies/weekends until he learns how to move his face; casting him as a lead on bigger projects isn’t doing anyone any good.

  51. TBH, I really don’t see the appeal of YEH. I don’t find her acting any better than the rest of the idols. This one will be a pass for me.

  52. YEH’s fan are the most immature, delusional. what’s wrong with them, seeing Yeh’s ugly face everyday, maybe make them having ugly attitude also.

    • Heyy. That’s too much 🙁 Remember, fans are group of people~~~ a group can have a different member~ if you met a yeh fan like what you are talking about, doesn’t mean all of us are like that.

      • all the same, during I MISS YOU, we saw the same bashing to Yoochun, now starting again. Hyun Bin, Won Bin, bla bla, do you think that guys interested to act with YEH BLEH.

      • what ship? Chunmin or Chunhye. Honestly i read this two thread and OMG the delusional shipper is over. yuchun is nice with every women because he is ladies man. wait until kim so hyun grow up she will be flirt with her yuchun oppa.

      • kaila and YEH BLEH

        both of you make is so obvious that you are from ChunMin ship just trying to stir the pot. Eversince Missing You, ChunMin ship have been busy anti’ng YEH. Delusional obsession at it’s finest even making an effort to bash on every article and make it seem as if her fans are doing it.

      • @Delusional Chunmin Shipper


      • The fact that you posted under different usernames to bash Yoon Eun Hye made your true intentions crystal clear.

    • erk i think it’s too much. She maybe not beautiful she just cute. but i must agree with you about YEH fans really immature like YEH is the greatest actress who only qualify to be pairing with high profile actor. Even YEH is idol turn actress. and she just lucky to star in Coffe prince and Goong Because Kim ah Joong and Sung Yuri reect the offer.

      • I didn’t wanna post here, but your comment made me change my mind, due to the false info. Before you post please do take some time to gather proper info before posting.

        How Yoon Eun Hye was personally picked for her role in Goong

        Arranged to sit together at the same table, PD Hwang In Roe coincidentally met Yoon Eun Hye in a funeral. During dinner, Yoon Eun Hye sat in a crossed-leg position – a big No-No in the Korean custom. He was surprised, and at the same time, intrigued by Yoon Eun Hye’s daring behavior considering that the person in front of her is many years ahead of her age.

        Yoon Eun Hye did not audition for the role. PD Hwang personally chose her.

        Despite the many protests and signature petitions to replace Yoon Eun Hye with a more experienced actress for the role of the Crown Princess, PD Hwang insisted for this role to be given to her all the same. He felt that Yoon Eun Hye and Shin Chae Gyung have a lot of similarities thus he stood by his decision and gave her the role anyways.

        Coffee Prince’s Lee YoonJung PD and script writer Lee JungAh have spoken up, revealing that “at the time, Kim Ah Joong might have received the synopsis, but honestly speaking, we sent the synopsis to a number of other actresses as well. Moreover, Yoon Eun Hye was not casted as Kim Ah Joong’s replacement.”

        Kim Ah Joong’s reps have explained that “we received the synopsis but we were unable to make a decision due to the CF agreements but it is not true that Kim Ah Joong had received it before Yoon Eun Hye and accepted the role, then reversed her decision so that Yoon Eun Hye could be her stand in. So in saying that Yoon Eun Hye is Kim Ah Joongs ‘replacement’ is highly inappropriate”.

      • PS dont just accuse YEH fans of bashing Yonghwa, there are many antis pretending to be her fan and bash other artiste pretending to be her fans. Those were the same antis who used the same phony trick to make Yoochun and Eun Hye fans fight.

      • @rania here is the full article. That answers your question. Story On Cable Channel just made that up, which is why even the Coffee Prince PD and writers set the record straight!

        Story On (cable channel) who were planning to air their program “Cover Story” on the 13th of Sept, have decided to cut out one of the segments which was about the casting behind the drama “Coffee Prince”.

        To publicize the program, they had televised a preview of the segment which included Coffee Prince’s original casting plans for the female lead. The preview stated that Yoon Eun Hye was the ‘substitute’ for Kim Ah Joong who was the original choice. Due to the criticism and anger brought upon the statement that ‘Yoon Eun Hye was a substitution’, the producers have decided to cut out this particular segment from the show.

        During the phone conversation between E-Daily SPN and Story On (SO), SO’s reps advised “the show which is to be aired on the 13th is about the joys and sorrows of stars and their casting decisions, and CP’s Eunchan replacement was the highlight.. but we have decided to edit out this section all together.”

        The rep went on to reveal that decision was made because “we were scared that we may face a law suit as one of the ‘Cover Story’ producers told us of an experience where that did happen, and we didnt want that to happen to us.”

        Prior to this decision, Story On had released a preview of the Coffee Prince segment where it was stated that Kim Ah Joong did not want to cut her long hair for the role as she was bound by a Shampoo CF and thus had no choice but to hand over the role to a short haired YEH, who was hence chosen as KAJ’s substitute.

        However Yoon Eun Hye’s reps had argued that “by using the words ‘substitute casting’ it implies that Kim Ah Joong was casted but quit, which isnt the case, so using those words doesnt make any sense.”

        Coffee Prince’s Lee YoonJung PD and script writer Lee JungAh had even spoken up, revealing that “at the time, Kim Ah Joong might have received the synopsis, but honestly speaking, we sent the synopsis to a number of other actresses as well. Moreover, Yoon Eun Hye was not casted as Kim Ah Joong’s substitute.”

        Additionally, Kim Ah Joong’s reps had explained that “we received the synopsis but were unable to make a decision due to the CF agreements but it wasnt as if Kim Ah Joong had received it before Yoon Eun Hye and accepted the role, then reversed her decision so that Yoon Eun Hye could be her stand in. So in saying that Yoon Eun Hye is Kim Ah Joongs ‘substitute’ is highly inappropriate”.

        side note: Jung Ryeo Won was among those actresses who has also received the Coffee Prince synopsis, but she didn’t consider it because she felt that the role wasn’t suited for her. She also said that now she regrets not considering this great role, but she also added that Yoon Eun Hye did an amazing job as EunChan and that she was perfect for this role.

        source: http://www.segye.com/Articles/News/Politics/Article.asp?aid=20070914001611&ctg1=01&ctg2=&subctg1=01&subctg2=&cid=0101010100000&dataid=200709141129000047

      • @rania huh? Sung Yuri was never even in the running for Goong or Coffee Prince.

        Yuri was confirmed for Queen Seonduk but then got thrown away and replaced by Lee Yo Won….so you’re mistaken

      • Whatever you say the fact that Yoon eun hye worked really hard for it!she may not be beautiful for you your just jealous bitch!Get a life seriously!

      • YEH really owned the roles enacted by her in Goong and coffee prince……so much so that I cannot imagine anyone else doing a better job at it. Therefore, To me it really does not matter how many or who were offered the role before her?

    • Eeeerrrr YEH BLEH, you’re saying that YEH’s fans are the most immature & delusional fans is too much. Have you been visited YEH’s thread at soompi or yeh.net ? I assure you that most of YEH’s fans are mature and rational enough to differentiate between a delusional and a real one. And we also made a rule to not bashing other celebs & artistes.
      If you refer your comment to some poster’s comment in this site you have to remember that not all of the posters are YEH’s fans, some of them actually are K drama fans, so you have to distinguish it. And please try to be considerate with your words cause it can hurt other people.
      Regarding the rumor, most of YEH’s fans still in waiting mode now for any confirmation since there are so many rumors (not just this one) are milling about YEH next project.

    • Your the one who’s immature!Are you so pretty that u said that YEH is so ugly?if YEH is ugly how about you did you see yourself in the mirror ???????before you judge LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST OK??????

    • Interesting you choose to bash the actress by attacking her physically and call the k-drama fans ( only said Yonghwa sucked at acting which is the truth)bashers. SMH

  53. I want to ask why people fight on Rumors I feel people here immature YEH is great actress and JYH is great singer .
    Yes both can’t be Couple for me bcz age difference that the only reason for me that make me I can’t accept the drama .
    I want to mention that good story bring brilliant drama the problem isn’t who act but who write the characters description and their scenario .
    From my watchings to dramas I find Turkish dramas have strong and intense stories make who doesn’t have acting ability to be brilliant actor and for Example Kivanc Tatlitug from being Model to successful actor in his last drama Kusey And Guney .

  54. My post goes to YEHbLEH…don’t starts with the fight between other actor n YEH…u r the dirty ashes, anti or ugly attitude is YOU!

  55. I literally screamed NOOOOO when I saw the title of this article

    FFS Korea stop casting these talentless idols in lead roles!!!

  56. I like Yonghwa Hwa but don’t think this will work. I could see the age gap and the acting skills of his is still to be polished… Hopefully it’ll be someone more experienced….fingers crossed that it’ll be good cos I gave missing you a passed… 🙁

  57. i don’t even mind idols in dramas if they can actually act but the worst part is when their fangirl brigade jumps in with the pool of tears begging that nobody speak against their oppa. like seriously, go away. if he hasn’t proven as an actor, there’s no reason we should pretend he has or go look up his entire life and interview history because you think somehow having a nice personality (which im sure he does) excuses his talentlessness. is it wrong to want an actor that can give ur favorite actress her due?

    this is a DRAMA site, and we’re here to discuss acting. please take your essays about him being the coolest and best and music and “just you watch, you anti!!!” and whatever whatever to your fangirl forums.

    • talentlessness= lack of talent. Big Word. I’m not even a fan but that’s some serious BS. LOL. The guy may not be as good as whoever you adulate as your K-drama gods but call him talentless is obviously spewing just plain BS just because of his fans. Do it objectively if you must. At this point, you’re not better than those you criticize.

  58. I am big fan of YEH and JYH and love them dearly … it so hearbreaking to read each comment about JYH (can’t act …blah blah)…please give him a chance to prove his acting ability. If the rumor is TRUE i’m gonna watch and enjoy it.

  59. Hahahahah. I am more entertained by the comments than the article itself. Whew! So hot in here…

    I love Yoon Eun Hye dearly – she sits atop my list of favourite kdrama actresses. Also… CNBlue is my favourite k-band/group, and I love Jung Yong Hwa. Now, would I advocate them together as an OTP? Hmmm… never really thought about it, so I don’t know. Will have to wait and see.

    But if it ever happens, would I watch this drama??? Oh hells, yeah!!!

  60. I just want to note that comments regarding YEH, if YEH is ugly, then everyone else is ugly. I am a big fan of hers and for me, she is one of the finest, intelligent and beautiful Korean actresses. Much as I want her to act with a matured and well polished, in terms of acting, actor, but she has her decision to make. As an intelligent actress, I think she will be wise to pick the role she wants, but no more too much drama, I like light drama and romcom only for her.

  61. Oh please don’t make this happen. I don’t feel any chemistry or whatsoever. Better for them to play a noona-donsaeng role. I like LMH opposite YEH more or the most awaited Goong Yoo and YEH team up.

  62. Honestly, YEH picks roles and dramas not who she is acting with.. So whatever the case is and whoever acts with her, it is not her choosing her male lead… I’m not saying that YEH does not want to act with him, this is just for those who make it sound like she is only choosing roles based on who the male lead is…
    As for the age gap and chemistry, we don’t know anything yet… Remember, she acted with YSH who is 9 yrs younger but they had tons of chemistry….. of course, YSH is more seasoned in acting than JYH and it helps in creating an illusion but sometimes, chemistry and compatibility (physical) is not only shown through acting experience but also from physical appearance…
    Also, let us not just their compatibility and chemistry from one picture alone…

    Anywayzzz, just miss seeing her on dramas…..!

    I wonder where this rumor came from though since I never heard of it.

  63. The problem is Yonghwa CANNOT ACT. That my friends is the main problem- not his age or his inexperience.

    YEH needs someone who CAN act. He deserves it! She’s proved her quality multiple times and I don’t care how much pressure they get from idol agencies the station needs to stand its ground and get someone who can fucking act alongside YEH.

  64. I hope that YEH will pass this one. I have nothing against JYH infact he is one of my favorite idols… but i think it will be a suicide if he will be paired with YEH i just dont see any chemistry at all. I hope YEH will be paired with Hyun Bin or Lee seung gi or Gong Yoo again. or better else with YC in a romcom drama. And to all those YEH bashers pls think twice before you say anything bad about her!!!

  65. I don’t know. But YEH must take an extreme role as she does in Coffee Prince. Not just a good character, but character that requires more in-depth observation.


  67. I can tell you all now, Yoon Eun Hye has chemistry with a stick. That is not the problem, trust. I personally just wanna see her, and though JYH is aiiight. He’s not what I was hoping for 🙁 But WTH, I take Yoon Eun Hye anyway I get her. And I just want her to pick projects she likes, even if people keep bashing it. Shes a great actress, and not just because she can make you cry with her (because every korean actor can cry apparently), but because she brings life and meaning to her roles. I just wanna see her, even if its in a photoshoot, girl be stunning!!!!!!!!!!! I msiss YEH. -.- im acting as if I know her hehe.

  68. Your last remark about Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Hyun Joong being interchangeable – I’m glad someone finally said it. I used to always get them mixed up! I still do if I’m not careful. I’ve never cared about their music – maybe that distinguishes them. I avoid dramas with either one of them in it as the lead role.

    I love YEH and I truly hope that if she does this drama, she has a male lead who acts well. If we want to go pretty – at least stick in Yoon Shi Yoon or someone like that!

  69. I am a big fan of YEH and so attracted by her roles. She has indeed matures in her acting. I hope to see her pairing with a
    more mature actor like Hyun Bin.

  70. Watching Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstring didnt do me any good for him. I cant help but notice he doesn’t know how to show an upset emotion.

  71. I just want to see Yong-hwa do another drama. And if it’s with Yoon Eun Hye, I have no problem with that considering she’s one of my favourite actresses.
    I don’t have that much of a problem with idols’ acting. Granted their delivery is somewhat lackluster, they always provide excellent eye candy. Abd bless their little robot-boy hearts; I adore Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yong-hwa.

  72. YEH is an incredibily talented and remarkable actress. Hope to see her with a more matured & experienced actor. But whatever she decides, I will always support her.

  73. I adore YEH so much. She’s talented, lovable, versatile, intelligent she has it all. I’ve watched almost all her dramas. She clicked well with all her co-stars. I”m for her!!!!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!

  74. Wow, this is actually one of my dream pairings when Yonghwa’s acting skills have reached a level where he could truly take this on. No actress sizzles in dramas the way YEH does and Yonghwa is someone who pulls that off on stage. If he could just couple that charisma with solid acting skills, he would really be amazing. FNC really needs to make sure he doesn’t take on a project like this until he can deliver because YEH is a big name and he doesn’t need the backlash. Hopefully in the time between ‘Heartstrings’ and now they’ve been training him so his skills are truly solid. He’s really better off following Minhyuk and Jungshin’s footsteps and doing a family hour weekend drama until that happens. He can work as a part of ensemble cast and learn from vets who can give him a world of advice from their years of experience. Yonghwa’s better off developing his skills off screen and coming back with a project when he can truly prove that he’s really good. Hopefully the next role will be one that shows off his charm a whole lot more than his previous roles. As far as him possibly being paired with YEH, the age difference really isn’t a big deal. Yoo Seung Ho was even younger than Yonghwa and I had no problem with his pairing with YEH in ‘I Miss You’. Yonghwa and YEH only have a five year age difference and that’s nothing compared to the gaps I’ve seen in other dramas. Frankly if Yonghwa can surprise everyone with vastly improved skills and really pull off working opposite YEH, I welcome this pairing. YEH is the queen of drama kiss scenes. If Yonghwa channels the sizzle he delivers on stage into a kiss with her, I’m sure they’d melt screens and make a hot pairing. But seriously I think this is only a rumor. It’s just like the one that got tossed around regarding him being paired in Kim Sun Ah in ‘I Do, I Do’, and even before that, with Song Hye Kyo in that Cinderella drama that never happened.

    • I believe this is what YH needs for his acting career. Working with great actors will definitely bring out the “best actor” in him. Im biased since i love CNBLUE and Im wishing everyone not to be too harsh on YH.

      • Exactly! I mean seriously, You’re beautiful was so cringy at times since it involved such stereotypical exaggerated acting, and DONT GET ME STARTED on Jang Keun-suk’s duck face expressions (doesn’t mean I don’t love him <3) and come on, that was at the very start of yonghwa's career; he still wasn't in his element yet.

  75. i really love yoon eun hye and i would love her to be paired with lee seung gi or hyun bin. it’s my dream…..

  76. YEH is my favourite actress. She talented, sexy, remarkable, versatile intelligent…….. I would like her see with Kang Dong Won or Hyun Bin or Song Seung Hun.

    • Hola a todos, cada dia que pasa espero algo nuevo de esta Diosa de la belleza y la actuacion
      , es mi artista coreana favorita, no le llega a ninguna de Holliwwod, ni ninguna latina, sinceramante hubiese querido verla actuar con un actoraso como lo ha hecho antes, con actores de dramas pasados, que incluso hasta han ganado premios por ejemplo: Yoon Seung (My Lady Fair) o con el actor del Drama (Lio to me) y ademas de yunchun (I Miss You) que me encanto mucho igual que los anteriores que ella a protagonizado, cuando ella actuo con el actor 9 anos mas joven que ella, es porque el papel asi lo requeria, era justificado. Espero que mis deseos se cumplan, aunque a ella por ser un gran actriz cualquier actor que le pongan ella hace buena quimica. Gracias-MIS.

  77. If YEH is coming back with a drama, the first male lead for her that comes to my mind is Joo Ji Hoon. Since the guy is back in action now, I wanna see them together again. Just can’t forget their sizzling yet adorable chemistry as crown prince and princess. I hope this rumor is not true.

  78. Yonghwa’s personality is very different than how he acts, I think the problem was that with the 2 dramas he’s done; they’ve all been kiddie drama’s for girls who still think that when guys ignore you or are mean to you that means they like you since that’s what they’ve been told by their mums; “if he pulls your pigtails it means he likes you!.” So I don’t think its that he cant act; since he’s so good at impressions, but its that he hasn’t gotten the right opportunity yet.

  79. It’s November 2 and they have aired 6 episodes of Marry Him If You Dare already. All the Yonghwa (or his acting) haters can swallow their words because he has improved TREMENDOUSLY and has great chemistry with YEH.

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