First Dark and Ominous Teaser for The Master’s Sun Highlights its Creepy Aura

What is this scary ass shit?!? I did NOT sign up for this. I was just getting a bit giggly over the first stills of the two leads of The Master’s Sun having a first meeting that is rather out of the ordinary even as drama clichés goes. Gong Hyo Jin is wandering around dazed and confused at night due to her affliction which causes her to see ghosts. She runs into So Ji Sub and the guy clearly has a heart because he offers her a ride home. Too bad that results in him getting felt up by Gong Hyo Jin, bad for him but good for her and us, right? The premise that she can see ghosts can be either funny or scary depending on execution. I thought the movie Spellbound (Chilly Romance) with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki where she can see ghosts would be funny romantic except it was way creepier than expected. I always thought TMS sounded like a drama remake of that movie but with the details different is all. Now the first teaser preview just dropped and I was seriously creeped out. It’s not full-blown K-horror movie level of scares and screams, but its decidedly ominous and sinister in mood. The teaser shows So Ji Sub arriving at an old mansion and then walking inside. As he moves through the dark and baroque interview he hears noises and voices which leads him upstairs.

He opens the door to find a ghostly figure illuminated briefly by a flash of lightning, and then the lights come on and Gong Hyo Jin sits there with a little chapeau and veil perched over her face making her seem like a turn-of-the-century widower. The title cards read: People who have left, a person who cannot leave, a world where this all co-exists. So Ji Sub’s Joo Joong Won says that her world is a little bit different. Gong Hyo Jin’s Tae Gong Shil says that she is waiting for Joong Won, who replies that this is the story about people who cannot leave….. Oookay, so where’s the romance part I was promised?The Master’s Sun. While the big question mark is whether the Hong Sisters can deliver this so-called horror romance with the storytelling thoughtfully needed to create a compelling story, PD Jin Hyuk who directed City Hunter, Prosecutor Princess, and Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance isn’t exactly someone who has experience with balancing a dark mood with lighter touches. I might’ve gone with PD Kim Sang Ho who did Hon and Arang and the Magistrate, though he’s probably pooped from doing When a Man Loves. Here’s to hoping this teaser is just setting the mood and the actual drama isn’t bathed in the aura of spookiness.

First preview for The Master’s Sun:

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First Dark and Ominous Teaser for The Master’s Sun Highlights its Creepy Aura — 26 Comments

  1. Meh.. That was not scary at all.. I like the teaser a lot.. Now, if you want scary… The Ring was totally freak me out. Also, with Stephen King It oh and Nicholas Cage The Shining too…

  2. HEHE, I like Horror movies and loved Arang so this is totally up my alley, I just hope the Hong Sisters deliver on the plot and make it compelling and more than just a romantic comedy….also not worried about this PD, he’s good with suspense as I recall from City Hunter and Prosecutor Princess and this show is obviously going to need that

    • yeah prosecutor princess is really a good example featuring suspense and humor at the same time:D i think this drama will be good:D *fingers crossed*

    • Omo! You loved Arang? I can’t even looked at my room’s corners after watching that. T_T. Gonna wait for recaps before watching this. XD

  3. OMO i should have wished for another thing:D LOL today i had wished for a trailer in other post about master’s sun:D LOL happy:DDDD

  4. i think they made this teaser just to intimidate us;D literally ‘teaser’ 😀 LOL
    i felt like i am watching either ‘sixth sense’ or ‘the others’ :DDD

  5. Woooow… Thank you for posting it Koala. I am so excited about this drama!
    Most high-anticipated drama this year.

  6. Y’know actually this teaser makes me alot more interested in masters sun because it’s different. As in horror rom-com.
    But im pretty sure it’s one of those cases where the teasers are there to deceive you or trick you into thinking the mood/tone is one way when it’s not — who knows.
    I’d actually like it if show could skillfully balance both the horror and romance aspect but that’s not always the case. It could somehow all mesh together or we could feel like we’re watching two different shows.
    Either way they’re really amping up the anticipation with all these released stills and teasers.

  7. I’m soo wathing this. I didn’t find it scary at all. In fact, it made me gigle. Dora the Explorer scares me more. Just ask any of my friends. LOL

  8. I’m a chicken but this doesn’t scare me. It’s more about the mood of the characters and the way they see their life, gloomy and under scrutiny. With a hope also.
    I’m excited for this project: Hor/rom/com is pretty much uncharted territory in Dramaland.

  9. LOL this is scary? Pretty underwhelming. I would love to see how they go with this. I’ve been waiting for a good horror kdrama in awhile. Last I’ve watched is Soul. I don’t mind comedy/romance added in, but I hope they bring the creep factor!

  10. i just love it!!! i know the drama won’t be exactly like this but i still love the teaser and it made me want to see more of this drama and sjs’s smile 🙂

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