Two Weeks Episode 11 Recap

This episode starts the pay-off part of Two Weeks, whereby all the early set backs endured by our haggard but intrepid protagonist starts to turn the tide and he becomes pro-active rather than just re-active. Yes, episode 11 starts off with the Very Important Camera getting snatched, which I pretty much expected since the drama would end right here if the video landed in the hands of the law enforcement so easily. But I always saw the camera as a red herring in the sense that it was an easy fix and I don’t see this drama ending on such an clean and packaged solution. The camera was merely one means to the goal and I’m thrilled that Tae San saw one dead end and promptly looked for another way. Yes, he still feels so real with his disappointed in himself, his desire to stay alive, and his ability to reach deep inside and acknowledge his own scars and failings but remain focused on the task at hand. Killer Kim really stepped up his game in episode 11, fully turning into the unstoppable Terminator on Tae San, but it also exposes him further to the good guys which means his phantom existence is about to be stripped away.

It’s also becoming clearer that In Hye and Tae San’s relationship is getting patched pretty much through their mutual assistance to achieve the goal of saving Soo Jin, and whether that leads to a romantic reconciliation is beside the point become it surely will lead to Soo Jin having a chance to acknowledge her daddy’s existence. The drama continues to deftly weave the present with the mistakes of the past, letting us see that choices do come with consequences but the future allows people to make new decisions regardless of how they acted before. Finally letting Jae Kyung and Tae San interact properly was as satisfying as I hoped, with no requirement for a romantic subtext but definitely the excitement that together they can actually be a step ahead of the bad guys. Two Weeks remains a cohesive story that sticks to its principle narrative and remains entertaining and well-acted heading into its final arc. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to drama watching – Lee Jun Ki in a well-written story with a compelling character is my idea of a perfect drama outing.

Episode 11 recap:

Tae San buys the camera back from a college student, paying him a few bucks and walking away with the evidence that can potentially exonerate him for Mi Sook’s murder. In Hye smiles as she sneaks a peek from afar, relieved that he succeeded.

He looks at the camera, asking what is in here that has the power over his life and death?

In Hye overhears the kid who sold Tae San back the camera on the phone with cops saying he probably just gave the camera to Jang Tae San. In Hye takes off running, which Seung Woo sees since he just tracked her to the scene.

Tae San is getting ready to leave when suddenly out of nowhere Killer Kim comes rushing up and Tae San is caught off guard. He’s here for the camera and to kill Tae San, and he continues to demonstrate that he’s part Terminator part omniscient tracker.

Tae San and Killer Kim tussle but the professional easily subdues Tae San. Killer Kim searches through Tae San’s jacket and finds the camera. He safely tucks it away and then tries to kill Tae San next.

The Captain and his two younger detectives are headed to the university after having been tipped off by Man Seok’s girlfriend.

Right as Tae San is about to expire, In Hye comes barreling out and smashes a small plastic sign on Killer Kim to get him off Tae San.

Killer Kim turns to choke In Hye and Tae San watches in fury which gives him the energy to get back up and give Killer Kim a well-deserved roundhouse kick.

The few students standing around are just watching this confrontation. Suddenly Seung Woo drives up and all three combatants turn to look at him. Killer Kim takes off running first leaving In Hye and Tae San dumbstruck for a minute.

Seung Woo gets out of the car while In Hye regains her senses and shoves the rental car key in Tae San’s hands and yells at him to run.

Tae San pauses and another round of three-way stares happens. Seung Woo breaks the impasse when they hear the sound of police sirens, he tells Tae San to hurry up and leave. Woo hoo, Seung Woo breaks police protocol, I love it!

Tae San runs off while Seung Woo grabs In Hye and they drive off. The Captain and the rest of the cops arrive too late. They go interrogate the students who saw the fight in the courtyard and are told initially two guys were fighting, and then a woman showed up, and finally a third guy arrived in a car.

Tae San drives off in the rental car and he passes by Killer Kim walking through a tunnel. He tries to ram Killer Kim to get the camera back but the Terminator is too fast and strong to take down. I want one of these as my minion. Tae San has no choice but to drive off, now camera-less and back to square one.

Jae Kyung is looking for In Hye and hears that she’s not at the hospital or at work. Sang Hoon wonders if they got the camera back and crack the video code. Jae Kyung says the lock is not that easy to crack.

Seung Woo and In Hye drive back to Seoul and he is so worried about how much danger she was in. He asks when they started keeping secrets from each other. Very valid point, dude. In Hye explains that 8 years ago Tae San went to prison for someone who threatened him, and that same person is now sending killers after him. In Hye wants to help him. Poor Seung Woo tries to digest this shocking information and asks In Hye if she broke up with Tae San 8 years ago without even knowing the real reason. Yeah, that about captures it. Seung Woo drops In Hye off at the hospital and tells her to go check on Soo Jin.

Tae San pulls over at a secluded spot and gets out to vent his anger and frustration. He chastises himself for being a useless piece of trash to lose the camera they went to such lengths to recover.

Jae Kyung is waiting for In Hye at the hospital and pulls her outside to talk. She finds out that In Hye and Tae San got the camera back only to have it taken away by the bad guy. Jae Kyung drops to her knees to frustration and anger while In Hye insists that no one followed them so she doesn’t know how the bad guy knew where they were and what they were doing.

Jae Kyung is so upset that the one thing left by Mi Sook is now taken away She yells at In Hye for not trusting her and for shaking her tail today to go meet with Tae San secretly. In Hye says Tae San just wants to stay alive until the surgery and he didn’t kill anyone so they wanted to get the camera back to prove his innocence.

In Hye is regretful now, if they knew the camera would be taken so quickly, they should have just listened to Jae Kyung. But In Hye really doesn’t know how the bad guy could have tracked them down. Jae Kyung says Man Seok’s girlfriend reported Tae San asked In Hye to pass along the ring from Man Seok, so the bad guy must have sources in the police station. In Hye is surprised since she never once mentioned Tae San, how did she knew In Hye was connected to Tae San. Jae Kyung says the girlfriend thinks Tae San killed Man Seok so made the connection he must have Man Seok’s things.

In Hye goes to Soo Jin’s hospital room and finds her curled up asleep clutching a picture. She takes it and is shocked to see the taped up picture of her and Tae San during happier times. Soo Jin wakes up and asks her mom not to be mad. Mom asks how she got this picture? Soo Jin says Mom threw it away so she picked it up. She just wanted to know what her daddy looked like.

In Hye looks devastated and Soo Jin asks why Mom isn’t angry right now? In Hye apologizes to Soo Jin for her own useless and she knows Soo Jin must’ve missed her dad so much. Soo Jin should have tell her how much she missed her dad? Soo Jin points out that her mom never talks about her dad, and after she got sick, Mom was even more sad so Soo Jin didn’t want to bring up dad since that would make Mom even more upset.

In Hye explains that she misunderstood Soo Jin’s dad and after the surgery Mom will tell her all about her dad. Soo Jin smiles and In Hye tells Soo Jin to continue being strong enduring the chemotherapy and the upcoming surgery. She hands Soo Jon the hair clip from Tae San and says that she’ll tell Soo Jin who gave this to her after the surgery and Soo Jin can wear it when her hair grows out.

Tae San is still dealing with the disappointment of losing the camera. He flashes back to himself as a kid asking his mother who his father was. Mom was curt and said he had no father and the reason is because he’s annoying and a burden. Poor Tae San.

Imaginary Soo Jin comes and takes Tae San’s hand, knowing he’s very sad and in pain right now. Tae San tearfully tells Soo Jin that he never expected things would turn out like this. He knows his child must wonder who her dad is, just like he used to wonder who his dad was. Soo Jin also didn’t know she would be so curious about her dad, but because he’s her dad then she likes him very much.

Tae San cries that it’s so curious that a man like him could even be a father, and a father to a child as precious as Soo Jin. She smiles and asks if he thinks she’s pretty? Tae San puts his hand on his heart and says that this place hurts when he thinks about her. Soo Jin touches it and asks if it hurts right there?

Tae San texts In Hye his apology for the bungled camera retrieval, especially after she risked so much to help him. In Hye says its not his fault and they did their best today. There is bound to be another way. Tae San agrees and says he will find another way. He leaves the car in a parking lot for her to retrieve. You can see little Soo Jin happily model the hair clip in the background as In Hye texts Tae San. He tells her to take care of Soo Jin and he’ll see her on surgery day.

Killer Kim hands the important camera to Moon Il Suk who wonders why such a little thing has him by the balls. He tells his minion to verify the contents and then tells Killer Kim to finish the job and kill Tae San. He orders his guys to follow Park Jae Kyung because Tae San may contact her. He tells Killer Kim to prepare a plane ticket and be ready to leave the country.

Killer Kim accepts his orders and leaves Moon Il Suk’s residence. He gets into a car and we see Tae San hiding in the bushes. Smart dude, lurking around Moon Il Suk’s place!

Tae San goes to the subway station and opens up a locker and takes out some items. This is obviously where he’s stashed his belongings. He takes out his phone and smiles.

Jae Kyung is thinking back to her conversation with her boss about trying to figure out the greater criminal conspiracy. They know Jo Seo Hee is running for Seoul mayor now, and she’s also planning an upcoming charity auction. It’s all tied to her greed and Jae Kyung thinks the auction must be fishy. In the past she’s never been sloppy and left any evidence, but this time she actually tried to frame Jae Kyung, which means she’s nervous and something big is about to go down.

Jae Kyung sits with Sang Hoon and the maknae Il Do and they review the information brochures for the upcoming charity auction. Jae Kyung gets a surprise call from Tae San.

Moon Il Suk paid a hacker to crack the camera lock and retrieved the hidden video. He watches it with his secretary and confirms it’s damning evidence against him and Jo Seo Hee.

Jae Kyung and Tae San meet under the bridge and she asks why he summoned her out. She wishes he had trusted her before the camera got taken. Tae San apologizes for the camera getting taken but he’s not here to turn himself in. Jae Kyung knows, she heard from In Hye. Tae San asks how In Hye is and Jae Kyung says to call her himself. Tae San warns Jae Kyung that if any information leaks that he’s been in contact with In Hye, he’ll personally kill Jae Kyung.

Jae Kyung says all she wants is to clear him name, catch the real killer, get him to surgery on time, and for all of this she was even taken as a hostage. Why would she turn In Hye in now? Tae San asks if she was the mastermind behind the camera and Jae Kyung admits it but says it was her biggest blunder ever. Tae San asks what big investigation and conspiracy did he get embroiled into?

Jae Kyung says she’ll tell him but why don’t they get some food first. She needs to thank the person who saved her life, when she was captured by Moon Il Suk she was genuinely afraid for her life. She thought that she was a goner and even questioned why she was so doggedly on the trail of Moon Il Suk all this time. When her life was on the line she regretted her own persistence on justice. Tae San tells her that its nothing to be ashamed about, everyone naturally is scared of death. Jae Kyung says she would be dead if Tae San didn’t save her that day.

Jae Kyung drives Tae San back to her apartment and her idea of a disguise is to dress him in a woman’s wig. Which actually works because HOMG Lee Jun Ki still makes a beautiful woman when he’s in drag. Tae San grumbles and asks if it needs to go so far and Jae Kyung says that her prosecutor’s career is on the line if they are discovered. She tells him to act more natural. LOL. And his reaction is to clutch her arm like they are sisters. Ha!

They enter her apartment and he asks why she brought him here? Jae Kyung saus there is no safer place to stay until the surgery. She shows him her Board of Evil which tracks her investigation into the criminal enterprise of Moon Il Suk and Jo Seo Hee. She finally tells Tae San that the two people she is investigating are the same two people who want him dead. Bingo!

Moon Il Suk sneaks into Jo Seo Hee’s fancy pants mansion with the camera in tow to show her that he’s been a good puppy and did what she asked. He got the camera back, and all that is left is to kill Tae San. He admits he made a copy of the video for safekeeping. He warns Seo Hee that Park Jae Kyung is onto her involvement in the charity auction. Seo Hee sniffs that she’s just a measly pest so why is he so afraid of her, just get rid of her.

Seo Hee says that weeds don’t need to be hacked by big machetes, just pluck them out. Moon Il Suk asks her to take care of Park Jae Kyung before she leaves after the auction, otherwise he’s left dealing with her afterwards.

Jae Kyung and Tae San sit down to a simply rice and kimchee meal and she tells him that she doesn’t cook. He takes a bite and smiles, saying that the rice at home is delicious.

Tae San takes out a composite sketch of Killer Kim’s face and he made after his multiple encounters with the Terminator. Jae Kyung recognizes the face as the guy who beat her up outside Moon Il Suk’s abandoned factory. Tae San says this is the killer sent by Moon Il Suk, and he has never seen this man before around Moon Il Suk. His fighting style looks like a foreigner.

Tae San believes he’s the one who killed Man Seok, and says the bus outside the mall may have caught his face on CCTV. Jae Kyung says there is no evidence tying him to Man Seok but Tae San says to use the knife at the crime scene to tie back to him.

Jae Kyung asks how Mi Sook’s camera ended up in Man Seok’s girlfriend’s hand. Tae San explains – he hurriedly dropped the camera at home because he was called to the hospital, and then right after he left the hospital he was diverted by Moon Il Suk’s minions elsewhere so they can create the time line that he attacked Mi Sook.

Tae San hands her an USB drive with the video of the minions calling Tae San out to set him up. Jae Kyung asks where he got this video and Tae San says the pawn shop closes up after dark. Jae Kyung calls him crazy for going back there, he could be killed if discovered. She tells him to hand her all the evidence he’s gathered.

Tae San shows her the deed to the house Mi Sook was living in, and turns out the deed is in the name of the wife of Moon Il Suk’s right hand man. Tae San tells her to handle her side of the investigation, he’ll handle catching Killer Kim. Jae Kyung asks how he intends to do that? Tae San says he’ll have to get shot by him.

Jae Kyung watches from the window as Tae San leaves her apartment the next morning. Moon Il Suk’s minions receive orders to fan out around Seoul to find Jang Tae San.

Jae Kyung tells her boss to get the approval for two trustworthy prosecutors and cops to assist her for a secret mission. He agrees to send two highly trained specialists but warns her that this time she must succeed because he’s neck is one the line.

Soo Jin is happy again and drawer less morose Big Mountain and Sun pictures. Seung Woo goes to speak with his friend who is Soo Jin’s doctor to ask about Tae San and what time he came to the hospital to see her the morning that Mi Sook was killed. She explains and apologizes for not telling him this information since it concerns Soo Jin. Seung Woo still can’t understand why Tae San has lived this way for so long. His friend asks if Seung Woo is feel uneasy despite Tae San and In Hye’s relationship ending 8 years ago?

Seung Woo finds out from Il Do that the knife used to kill Man Seok was not made in South Korea. He asks why Seung Woo called him to the hospital for a briefing, and looks like Seung Woo also suspects a leak in the police department. He tells Il Do to investigate which cab Mi Sook took the day she was killed.

Jae Kyung briefs Seung Woo on the upcoming secret mission and he asks why she is not telling all the cops, is it because she suspects a mole in the department? Jae Kyung apologizes and asks him to let it slide for a day. Seung Woo says they have no reason to kill Tae San since they already have the camera. Jae Kyung says they intend to kill Tae San. Seung Woo says this is too dangerous and Jae Kyung explains it was Tae San’s idea.

Sang Hoon dresses as a delivery man and goes to make an exchange with Tae San. Tae San then rides off in a motorcycle.

The cops are fielding more calls of Tae San sightings and they say its all dead end leads. They discuss how Seung Woo asked for a week vacation and wonder how their most hot-blooded colleague is taking time off during the biggest man hunt ever. Jae Kyung goes to the police station and invites the cops to drink and shoot the breeze – the Captain and the other two dudes (not Seung Woo or Il Do). She then set up the ruse – she gets a call from her boss saying Jang Tae San is planning to turn himself in. She tells the cops and heads out for the supposed meeting.

Moon Il Suk orders Killer Kim to go to the meeting and take out Jang Tae San. Jae Kyung has everything planned to lead the bad guys into believes it a legit meeting.

Killer Kim heads up to the roof of the meeting sight with his long range rifle to prepare for the shot. Jae Kyung drives up and waits for Tae San.

Flashback shows us the new Wonder Duo planning this fake meeting. They pick a place and map it out in advance to guess which place Killer Kim will pick to get the best shot. They then station cops all over led by Seung Woo, while Sang Hoon and another agent hide in the boiler room.

Tae San rides up in his motorcycle and gets off to walk over to Jae Kyung. They give each other a look and take two steps forward when Killer Kim fires a round right into Tae San’s head and then a second round right into his heart.

Jae Kyung screams as Tae San falls to the ground. The cops spring into action but Killer Kim is faster, he takes his rifle to the roof and mounts it on a remote controlled helicopter and sends it flying off. He leaps onto another building and is about to run down the stairs when he comes face to face with Sang Hoon and another agent.

They pump a couple of tranquilizers into him and he finally goes down. Elsewhere, Soo Jin marks off another day and then Tae San’s eyes open.


Two Weeks Episode 11 Recap — 11 Comments

  1. HOLY CRAP CLIFFHANGER! He must be wearing a protective vest and helmet? Do they MAKE bulletproof helmets?? Even reading the recap has me on the edge of my seat. I will admit, if it Lee Jun Ki I probably wouldn’t have lasted this long, but all of the actors are great in this drama.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Thanks for the recap!

  2. I know many people asked this question already, but still, how do you manage your time to recap that fast Koala?
    I like this episode when things seem to get clearer to every character, no more secret and the good guys start their teamwork impressively. Haha, when looking at the scene with Tae-san disguised as a girl and take Jae-kyung hand, i was thinking “Jae-kyung is the man in this *relationship*” 😀
    And Tae-san can draw. Soo-jin must be so happy if she knows there’s one thing she takes after her dad.
    But, every time when In-hye tells Soo-jin that “Omma will tell you everything after the surgery”, I feel scared that what if Tae-san doesn’t make it until he finishes the surgery :(. Writer So Huyn-kyung has made me drop a river of tears when watching 49 Days, I don’t know if I’m ready to take it one more time 🙁

  3. okay so that was epic! hope Jun ki doesn’t lose his memories. And who else thinks the big baddie is his long last daddy? I would not be surprised but i hope there is one!

  4. Thanks for the recap.
    I was sooo relieved to see Sang Hoon is not the mole…I can’t remember why I suspected him in the first place.

    I think that the memory chip Congresswoman crushed is not the only copy, so even if the digcam is no longer a threat, the video still is.

    Why couldn’t Tae San stay in JK’s apartment again? It would be the safest place…Who would look for him there?

    Subs are almost at 100% for 12…

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