Playing Basketball Brings the OTP in Marry Him If You Dare Closer

For a trained actor, is acting like riding a bike and one never forgets how? In the case of Lee Dong Gun, I’ve said before that a five year hiatus is akin to starting over with a new generation of fans, but he’s got the ability and the charisma to melt those years away and make it like he never left. He acts effortlessly and that translates onscreen, with a confidence and precision that is undeniably comforting to see in a leading man. The latest stills from Marry Him if You Dare share his Kim Shin playing basketball with Yoon Eun Hye‘s Na Mi Rae. A glimpse of this scene was shown in the video preview for episode 5, and in that snippet Shin tells Mi Rae that he might not be around for much longer. The spoiler is that Miranda sends Shin away to the countryside for some reporting to learn some humility. Shin might be arrogant, but he’s principled and thoughtful unlike Miranda’s mercurial method of running YBS network. I love that Mi Rae and Shin are always doing something I find interesting, and in the process learning more about each other. I don’t think Shin started getting interested in Mi Rae because of the first dream he had of her, his interest was much earlier when he opened the door for her to stay on writing for the show by asking for her opinion during the production meeting. His impression of her was being reassessed after she stood her ground against him when he accused her of scheming around him. Future Mi Rae is so wrong in thinking she can alter destiny, even if she could prevent certain occurrences from happening, she can’t control what makes two people attracted to each other. You can see that in Yoo Kyung and Se Joo as well, the way his initial poor impression of her could easily be altered by spending some time together and learning more about her. In addition to the cute basketball date stills of the OTP, below are new scenes showing Shin and Mi Rae’s oppa having a contentious discussion about the future of the Morning Show, as well as the sunglasses wearing future cop guy who has traveled to 2013 to nab the wayward future Mi Rae. I hope he drags her ass kicking and screaming back to the future. 


Playing Basketball Brings the OTP in Marry Him If You Dare Closer — 28 Comments

      • no wonder he looks familiar.. will we see more cameos from the line up? Shin Bora’s was funny and a good intro to those who are unfamiliar with Gag Concert

  1. lmao when i scrolled down to future cop picture. i just love how hilarious and spontaneous this show is. Just when i thought i see everything. hahah

  2. i like the comparison with the riding the bike and acting, cause for Lee Dong Gun it is especially true.
    But additionally I think he is right now better than he ever was before which is weird cause usually for craft like acting, it really needs experience and practice but looking at how he plays Kim Shin, you can never tell that he was gone for 5 years. He is on the spot bigger than my tv screen every time he is on. Love it…
    Thank ye ol drama gods for making this happen.

    • Actually, I think LDG has a special gift for acting, it’s innate in his case, noticed it in most of his previous drama, has than sexy aura, confidence attitude, a really good leading man material.

  3. Miss K, sorry to post this, but did u decide to stop writing Heirs recap? coz i havent seen its 6 ep recaps yet.. hope u continue to recap.. thanks

  4. I like the picture not as much as i like ur comment about this drama. I dunno everything ms.koala write seems so right and got me to think deeply and more curious about this show.
    Wait for monday, i want to see shin and mi rae more attracted each other. hope the rating will exceed.

  5. You’re right! I didn’t realize that he’s on hiatus for 5 years until you mentioned it! LDG is one great actor indeed! Very much excited for tomorrow’s episode! Man, this show deserves higher ratings though.

    And how come he doesn’t seem to age just like Kwon Sang-woo?! Haha. 🙂

    • I usually do not pay attention to ratings;however, I am with this show. I don’t want poor ratings to keep LDG from our screens for another five years. I hope the people with power are looking at how good he is in this role and not just at ratings.

  6. I usually don’t ship onscreen couples to translate into reality but, I swear, this could be my first! haha. They just look so goooood together!

  7. Even if he is a good actor, it is kind of surprising he’s so comfortable after being gone for so long. Some awkwardness wouldn’t be unexpected, but he’s totally blowing me away with his performance. On a shallow note, he also looks better than ever as well. 😀

  8. @melissa, Agree, but I dont know if you noticed on ep.4, where he leads YEH in the ins&outs of YBS building, he seemed a little bit starstruck by her. Hehe, they’re so cute together. Speaking of that scene, I hope I am so wrong, when the writer had Kim Shin in Darth Vader costume, something tells me Shin might really be a real badie in the future; remember Star Wars original and prequel trilogy??? Darth Vader aka Anakin used to be a good man, had Queen Amidala fall so in-love w/ him, but in the future or original timeline, he became a monster. Oh no, pls dont do this, I’m so enjoying seeing LDG in goodie lovable character. Aaaaah!

  9. Just looking at those heart feel flutter, my screen feel burning, chemistry overload. I hope they date after this drama. I don’t care about rating..there were many good dramas but low rating, I never understand how do they base on rating when ppl can watch on internet n phone etc..beside TV.

    • @Sherry, Exactly agree with you. If this is competing in MT timeslot w/ The Suspicious Housekeeper and Goddess of Fire, so who’s leading now??? I only see Wiki providing ratings for this drama (MHIYD).

  10. LDG is really a natural. This is the first time I’ve seen him in anything. I would like to see him in future projects, a melodrama perhaps. Na Mirae is one lucky gal to be married to Shin. Hope her trip from the future makes her realize why she fell for him in the first place.

  11. I still love his character in Sweet 18 more than any character he has ever played and more than the Lovers in Paris one but Shin is slowly creeping his way to the top. There’s really something in the way he acts that endears every character he plays to the heart.

  12. I’m sorry, I like future Mirae, because she is Mirae. But omo, I can’t deal with her. I just can’t. She is too much. I mean, I guess I can’t get over the fact that she tried to embarrass her hubby on TV with things only seen between intimate people–low blow. I too can’t wait for cop guy to come and nab her lil ass. Shin is so awesome, and so is Yoon Eun Hye–I think she has already changed for the better, so future girl needs to stop worrying.

  13. … i agree that despite the 5 years that LDG have been gone from the industry, he still has that ability to stir me heart 😉 and, i just love it!!! i also like it that both YEH and him have that on screen chemistry in this drama …

  14. LDG is really one great actor. I have seen practically all dramas that he has starred in whether as a lead or supporting, he is a handsome actor who can act. He can sing, too!
    All the best to him and to the entire MHIYD cast.

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