Kim Tae Hee is a Street Hipster in Berlin for Cosmopolitan Korea

It’s been six months since Kim Tae Hee wrapped Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, and I wish she would have quickly followed that up with another acting project to strike while her acting is hot. I’m still dealing with the mind blowing transformation of one of the most acting limited A-list actresses in Korea for the last decade into someone who moved and wowed me in JOJ. There is no such thing as being unable to improve, as Kim Tae Hee has singlehandedly shown that she can carry an entire drama on her shoulders and even emerge from a narrative collapse with still her efforts intact. For the November issue of Cosmopolitan Korea, Kim Tae Hee went to Berlin for the photoshoot and this one is a winner through and through. I love that the locales showcase the trendy metropolitan aspect of the city, which is paired perfectly with styling Kim Tae Hee with smoky eyes, rocker volume hair, and plenty of cool hip attire. At past thirty she might be a dash too old to sport studs, short pleated skirts, and grungy layered looks, but she manages to pull it off and I’m loving it. She makes so much money on her endless CF endorsement deals that she’s not desperate for acting projects, but I think she showed so much potential in JOJ it would be a shame for that fire and passion to dim because of a prolonged time off. I wonder if she’s enjoying having her boyfriend Rain out of the army, and maybe they are putting effort into the relationship while she’s lighter on her acting load.


Kim Tae Hee is a Street Hipster in Berlin for Cosmopolitan Korea — 12 Comments

  1. She looks like a rock star. That second photo with the fake cross tattoo reminds me of the one demi lovato sports on her hand.
    I enjoyed watching her in JOJ, even if i dropped that show like a hot potato the second it went downhill crazy. I’m curious if she can bring that same fire into another role.

  2. She look differently on this attire but totally GORGEOUS$ and BEAUTIFUL! The SHOT’s were perfectly done, the ARTIST did the best job in this photo shot CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. I hope she will make a comeback soon. You are so right when u said that there is no such thing as unable to improve. KTH is an example. I love her in MP and JOJ. She needs to take up more acting project and leave behind her cf deals. KTH never fails to impress me in her pictorials. She is indeed a nation’s goddess.

  4. I dont know who is younger now, she or the one T-ara’s member who has simlar face with her, LOL. She look so young and fresh here!

  5. I think she’s better off in antagonistic roles, her features says it all. Remember ‘Stairway to Heaven’??? Oh man, she’s so hateable in there.

  6. I love these photos and these clothes.
    This is one of my fav of the slew of Fall spreads.
    Love the colors, love her attitude.

    If the Kim Ji Won as Rachel in Heirs character grew up with the same hair, THIS Is what she would look like.

  7. In my opinion, when comes to the photo shoot for magazine these ladies (Kim Tae Hee, Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo, Yong Eun Hye, and Son Yeh Jin) can pull it off for whatever style they needs to be….

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