Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Traipse Around the Snow for Beanpole Winter 2013

Right on cue, Korean youth sportswear brand Beanpole released the next batch of Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy spokescouple pictures, this time prepping everyone for the coming Winter ahead. I’m so over Summer and even the hot Indian Summer, I’m thiseclose to leap frogging over Fall and burrowing into warm clothes for the Winter. It’s been a busy year for both of these youngsters, with Kim Soo Hyun raking in the dough with the movie Covertly Grandly and now stepping into filming the upcoming SBS year end drama My Love From Another Star with Jeon Ji Hyun, Park Hae Jin, and Yoo In Na. Suzy could not get more popular if she tried, despite pretty much sucking her way through her first sageuk Gu Family Book and still the critics treated her with kid gloves. Her nation’s little sister image might have taken a hit recently with rumors and pictures of her possibly dating her GFB co-star Sung Joon. IU barely weathered her own innocent image ruining scandal with the cozy bed selca of her and Eunhyuk (which no explanation could possibly make sense other than the most obvious one), so here’s to seeing how Suzy fares next year with her endorsement deals. She and Kim Soo Hyun remain a fan favorite of many (myself included), and regardless of whether these two had anything going on in real life, they always bring the chemistry onscreen and in pictures. I can’t fault Suzy for liking the bad boy rocker type over the 4D oppa type, though she’s so lucky she gets to work with all the guys I love in the industry.


Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Traipse Around the Snow for Beanpole Winter 2013 — 25 Comments

  1. Speaking of Gu Family Book, Koala, do you know anything about how Lee Yubi’s performance (she played Chung-jo, the second lead) was received? She astounded me with how good she was esp. after Nice Guy where I spent most of the time just wishing her character would shut up, but I was wondering if GFB translated into any buzz for her domestically, I hope it does.

  2. I still have a fondness for these two since Dream High, even though I haven’t really liked anything they’ve done acting wise since. They’re just so cute!!!

  3. awww…the last photo is cute. i think they clicked so well because they both have 4d personality. i heard they’re going to Canada early next year for the cf.

  4. I don`t understand the need of her company to push her into acting. She is popular enough just being idol and doing her CFs , why does she have to be actress too ,considering she is so bad at it? She is still young, she can concentrate on her music career and in meantime take some acting classes and prepare , so in few years she can be decent actress.

    This way she is just taking spot from some young talented actress that can do a better job and maybe have her breakthrough in the industry. Suzy will always have her big company and fanbase behind her and she can comeback when ever she want.

    I know this sound like typical `idol actress` rent, but i`m sick of seeing so many talented young actors in the industry, but so few talented actresses. And i feel , with idol girls like Suzy taking their spot, it`s only gonna get worse.

    • There’s no reason for her not to act really, even if she sucks. She’s in mostly successful projects, other actors praise her for some reason and the press won’t ever call her on bad acting. Might as well make money.

      • They really praise her? I`m not following Korean industry , but i`m thinking they are just doing that to be nice. No way anybody can think her acting is praise worthy.

        And projects she is in are rarely successful because of her, after Dream High she is basically playing a supporting role in all her dramas, even in Gu Family Book she was a pretty sidekick, not a real leading lady.

      • They might just be doing it to be nice, but they are doing to. I’ve seen quite a few talking about her potential. I seriously bet she gets acting offers all the time. There is really a lack of young female actors like you said so maybe she’s just filling the void right now.

        I remember one critics rating had her above IU an Eunji in acting scores. She rated higher than KTH when JoJ and GFB were airing against each other. And KTH got such hate for her acting for JoJ while Suzy got nothing. She’s not in a Yunho situation were everyone universally acknowledges she sucks.

      • Suzy ranked above – of all people – IU and Eun-ji as an actor? Were those critics delusional, or just rating on looks?

        I’m starting to think her fanbase must be like the Twihards of k-ent or something, it used to be well-known that when the (abjectly terrible in every way but still popular) Twilight movies were coming out, media outlets learned to avoid blasting them the way they deserved because the fanbase was so rabid and made themselves such pains in the ass for any reviewer who dared to actually criticise the movies.

        Probably something similar is being done in Suzy’s case, because she just has no aptitude for acting even if she’s good as a print/CF model and in variety. Even if she improves, she’s definitely more likely to end up in the league of Han Ga-in, ability-wise.

    • I definitely get the ‘need’ for JYP to promote her as an actress because that’s just the way business works. Suzy is the ‘it’ girl at the moment and everything she does translates to cash – why wouldn’t her agency make her act? Its like not milking a cash cow – and thats just bad business sense for one not to promote their main girl everywhere they can.

      I personally don’t like Suzy’s acting – I don’t truly believe anyone thinks she’s good. But then again, which talented unknown actress generates the money she does? Like Melissa said, she’s in successful projects like Architecture 101 and Gu family book – both of which are high profile, popular and successful internationally and domestically. I’m not saying she’s the reason those projects are successful, but a part of the reason they are popular is because she’s a part of them.

      Definitely think this whole scandal with SJ did take some steam out of her popularity. I don’t see her trending 24×7 in nate like she used to, and she isn’t *everywhere* like she was when GFB ended right upto before this rumor came out. But I’m sure she’ll come through like IU had.

      • actually, you are wrong when you said that the scandal took some steam out of her popularity. you can’t even compare to the affect that iu’s scandal had on her life and career and suzy’s scandal on hers.

        actually, her scandal seems to be pretty much forgotten, or ignored, i don’t really see on her articles people mentioning it, or talking shit about it and her like they did with iu, and suzy scandal didn’t hurt her endorsements either, she remains being a golden girl in that part.

        and before the scandal she already wasn’t trending on nate as much, seeing that she wasn’t really promoting anything and was preparing for her comeback as an idol, as well resting a bit, being mostly mia in functions other those related to the companies she represents.

      • @ heartsonfire

        You’re being defensive – in my opinion. I am not comparing her scandal with IU’s, if you read my comment again. I said she’ll come through, like IU did. IU’s scandal was a huge huge one, where her innocent, sweet image was destroyed. Suzy’s scandal was her costar putting his hands on her shoulder – like good friends on a date. There’s a huge difference to that, so yes – the effect is obviously different. People talking ‘shit’ about IU makes sense, whereas with Suzy, it would look naive and stupid.

        As for her trending on nate – she was trending almost every single day – both in real time and daily trends. I’m there everyday and I notice it. Whether there’s news on her or not, she’s always being searched for – which is no longer the case, and thats a fact. Which translates to her popularity losing steam. As for endorsements, they have contracts. There’s a set date for those to end – which is why like the author of the article wrote; next year is the only way one can tell if her endorsements were affected or not because of her scandal.

      • @Emil – I keep getting the feeling her agency sees her acting career as being purely a conduit to CF money and entirely secondary to that. If her popularity does take a hit, maybe they’ll stop trying to shoehorn her into lead roles that she is clearly not fit for, or at least let her work on improving her acting first. IU’s scandal was huge and did tarnish her ‘nation’s little sister’ image, but she’s had a very successful weekend drama this year in which her performance appears to have been well-received, and now she’s doing another so at least it didn’t slow her down there (no idea about her recent album). Suzy’s currently got nothing but popularity to fall back on, and if she loses that, I’m not so sure her ‘It Girl’ status will get her more roles.

    • yawn, you argument seems tired as you are releasing your annoyance at the wrong person, if it wasn’t suzy it wouldn’t be someone else. suzy’s existence in the industry, or any other idols, does not change the spot positions that you claim to be stolen, because even if they weren’t taken by idols, they would rarely go to rookies or young actors.

      • She’s venting at JYP for promoting a shitty actress and Suzy as part of it, go cry on a Suzy fansite if you can’t handle criticism of her.

      • Her spot could be taken by an actual actress, that studied acting and has talent in this craft. I think most of us ,aside from Suzy stans, would actually be happy for`someone else` to take that spot, so we could actually enjoy a drama without cringing every single scene.

        And of coarse that spot would go to other young actress, rookie or ex child actress. You don`t think they would cast Han Ga In and Han Ji Won in teenage roles do you?

    • You guys are not making sense at all. By your logic, idols shouldn’t be allowed to act so real actors and actresses would get their deserving roles. Well, Eunji and IU wouldn’t be so well know for succesfully joining the acting field if they hadn’t started as idol-actresses at the beginning. Suzy is given roles that fits her overall image in the whole entertainment industry, and the productions that she participate in are not high quality or that serious at all. Introduction to archtecture is a good movie but it’s not a masterpiece nor even attempted to be some big thing. They needed someone to hold that candid image for their movie and picked the it girl that is known for it. I love Suzy and I’m her fan. Not saying that I love her acting, but you guys are putting too much thought in something that doesn’t require much of their audience from the begining. See Big, Gu Family Book, Dream High, all those productions fill that bill. There is also other actors and actresses that does the same as her way before her trend began, but I never see that much loath for them. She is an idol, she works by the demands of her company, but she is a human too. So just chill now.

      • Like somebody said before ,this is not a Suzy fansite, so if there is topic opened about her ,we are free to give our opinion on her and her place in the industry.

        I don`t see how i offended Suzy in any way apart from stating the obvious- that she can`t act.

        So maybe Suzy fans can `chill` on her fansites where all you do is worship her feet, but here we can give our opinion of her same way we do about everybody else.

    • Wow, nice to see that people are rulling this site instead of ockoala. No need to shoo people away or use this imperative tone. I wasn’t making a direct answer to you, so no need to get all worked up. I was just trying to clarify some things as a fan of Suzy and I take criticism in a okay way when it’s well based, things are no so black and white, you know. And as far as I know ockoala has no problem with having people talking about who they cheer for here.

  5. Not sure if she’d rather prefer the badboy type since when asked to choose between taecyeon and Kim soo Hyun on the spot with boy guys in the room, she actually chose Kim soo Hyun, which totally made my shipping heart happy during filming

    • ‘Cuz Kim SooHyun can actually act compared to both of them combined plus maybe throw some more those other “cannot act if their lives depend on it, as in the King of that what’s his name”…

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