Dispatch Reveals First Pictures of Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum in Prague

It’s a rare occasion that a drama shipping couple becomes a reality, much less the pairing consists of two actors I love, so forgive me if I keep spazzing over them for the foreseeable future. I’ll preface it all by saying I don’t care if they get married or break up down the road, the relationship is theirs to see where it ends up. With the fast breaking news cycle of Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum‘s rumored dating-to-confirmed relationship, Korean tabloid newspaper Dispatch obtained the first blurry pictures of the new couple in Prague. The pictures were snapped by a random tourist who recognized Moon Geun Young, despite her being shrouded in a hoodie and wearing what appears to be Kim Bum’s coat because its a good 2 sizes too big. The pictures show the back of GeunBum as they are walking, wearing casual clothes and each sporting an utilitarian backpack as a smart tourist would do, and what appears to be Kim Bum feeding Moon Geun Young. The tourist revealed to Dispatch that the pair appeared like any other tourist couple, holding hands while touring Old Town Prague and Wenceslas Square. They were seen sitting down for a meal having eyes only for each other, and occasionally feed each other very casually as if it was a comfortable habit already. A source close to the couple revealed to Dispatch that the trip will last for a good month and neither care that the news of their relationship has hit the Korean airwaves and is causing quite a stir.

There are no plans to cut short the trip, which will take them through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, and finally to the UK where they reportedly have already booked their return ticket from Heathrow back to Incheon sometime in late November. I am still in a state of euphoric shock about their fast-developing relationship, which all signs point to being very serious very fast if they are already traveling together for a month. Their reps say the relationship started in early October, but with Goddess of Fire filming for the last six months since April, the two of them have spent a good amount of time getting to know each other prior. With 2013 on track to have the most K-dating reveals in the history of Hallyu, Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young are the youngest ones to go public and normally I don’t expect dating confirmations unless it’s from older actors or actresses in their 30s. I love that this couple wasn’t snapped out in a surreptitious date by Dispatch and had to come clean, such as RainKim Tae Hee, Jo In SungKim Min Hee, or Won BinLee Na Young. Turns out they were openly dating from the get go, with eyewitnesses at Incheon revealing they arrived together without any attempt to be covert, and even walked to the counter to buy travel insurance like any other tourist would before leaving the country. I heart them so much. Hope they have a safe and fun rest of their well-earned European vacation.


Dispatch Reveals First Pictures of Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum in Prague — 45 Comments

  1. They are so in love with not a care in the world. LOL. I’m so happy for them and I hope they are in for the long run. GeunBum Fighting!!!

  2. Have a great vacation GeunBum couple.
    I am so Happy bout this. keep it coming. praying this relationship last long or make it the most memorable.

  3. I won’t get tired of reading news about them so please don’t apologize for spazzing too much. Thanks for keeping us updated, Captain! ^^

  4. I’m on the same boat as ockoala. I love the fact that they were not snapped by Dispatch first and have to come clean! Rather, they were carefree and let the whole world know without anything to hide. This time, Dispatch has to buy those photos…LOL…

    I’m loving those lovely photos with them! So adorable! But I hope they keep the relationship under the radar without the public eye looking at them all the time. I don’t mind a red carpet appearance here and there, but I want them to last for a long time. And I think it’s best if those appearances are kept at a minimum. But I’m pretty sure when they land in Incheon, they probably will be storm with paparazzi trying to get a snap shot.

    And oh my gosh, I’m telling you guys that these two have been testing each other’s feeling out during the filming of GOF!!!LOL.. B/c it’s hard to be traveling on oversea trips for a new couple you know! I heard they celebrated Kim Bum’s bday even before filming. Some people even spotted them going to a concert with friends too. I guess all of that hung out and MGY’s incident with her eyes ready help Kim Bum to sort out his feelings and confessed.

  5. Thanks so much Koala!!!! Please just keep spazzing about these two. You’re posts are my joy. I’m still over the clouds even though 3 days have already passed!
    So cute!!!!!!❤❤❤❤ Moonie is using his coat (like a gentleman) and Bummie is feeding her. I’m in love with these two. You can see how lovey-dovey they are. My favourite celebrity couple, enjoying themselves in a romantic trip in Europe. I hope we get some more photos of these two.

  6. Goes to show how honest these two are. The comfort level that the pair is showing seems to me they are in it for the long haul. Not to be to analytical but they could have been friends way before this drama. So very happy for them. Talk about power couples, these two are going to be the talk of the town for a while. Good people both of them. Still giddy for them and not finding all the superlatives yet.

  7. Thank so much Ms. Koala. I heart them too! 🙂 Please feel free to continue to post any latest news and pics from the cute and sweet couple.
    Long live and love GeunBum!

  8. I wonder what’s waiting for them when they come back to Seoul. I hope they’ll continue to not care and date in the open and just enjoy each other, being happy and all. I haven’t even seen their drama and is not planning to do so because of the review, mostly from you. Not even a smooch in there, so I’ll just satisfy myself with the photos of real dating and everything about them being together. I have never liked Kim Bum but so love Moon Geun Young. Now I love Kim Bum as well because he loves MGY and MGY loves him back mwa ha ha! Yes, keep on spazzing so that we can all spazz together over these two! I love this kind of posts! Now I hope spazzing over Yoon Eun Hye with a co-star having a relationship for real would come soon. But well, I am happy enough in my present kdrama world because of these two. Keep them coming dear Ockoala! Thank you!

  9. Keep it coming koala…i lub them both..and even more that there are so carefree and honest with their relationship…i am sure they are traveling and let the news vome out as it is..because who cares when they hv each other….;)

  10. Ah please don’t apologize for posting about GuenBum. This kind of post is definitely well worth the read. Spazz away and we will spazz with you. 😀 Now if only Eun Hye can do the same with DG then I’ll have spazz galore.

  11. On top of adoring this couple so much, I now truly respect them. They are honest to themselves and to all their fans. They are also demonstrating such a mature demeanor in their relationship.

    Kim Bum never did hide his growing fondness and admiration of his colleague, openly staring and helping her out during filming. From all the clips I have seen I am so giddy about the signs and evidences showing that as early as 2009, KB could not keep his eyes off MGY whenever she is around him. And then this year even before they started shooting GoF, he waited and hung around for her (post press conference) overtly manifesting his crush for MGY. He was totally smitten. Am so happy MGY reciprocated.

    I hope this will create a trend in k-drama land for other young celebrities to be more open and honest about their relationship. Geun-Bum fighting!

  12. I’m a geungeun fan and my memory of them as my ship before this will never be forgotten. Now i love the fact the Moonie found a new love and even have the courage to tell it public with KimBum makes the difference. It means they truly love each other to be able to do it.

    Thank you Ms. K for always giving your two cents of love for this couple. Keep em coming!

    Ps: i love seeing some familiar username here who are also geungeun shipper. Thanks guys for the support of the couple.

    • Hi pipa! 🙂

      How are you? You may not have seen yet my reply to you on Koala’s first article when this awesome MGY-KB news broke…Yes, I remember you and like you I will always have fond memories of the GeunGeun shipping days…And now with these recent news, I too am thrilled for MGY to have found love in KB and as well as for KB in MGY. Their courage in confirming they are dating is admirable given their celebrity statuses and jealous/possessive fans, but even more admirable, is that their leisurely traveling together in Europe for a month, seemingly unmindful of the paparazzi! Cheers to the couple! Cheers to Young Love! 🙂

      • Hi girl, long time no hear! Oh you did, ok i’ll go back to that post. And yeah I miss our geungeun days here in KP. It’s nice that some of us in that thread are here supporting Moonie with KB, yes the guy is not that hard to love coz he is so adorable too like Moonie. I’m happy that Moonie is again in love and inspired. If you are interested you can join us at their soompi thread and spazz with us too? Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Hopefully you can get to visit the thread and chat again with you. 🙂

  13. Wow, I’m not particularly fond of them, but I’m honestly glad for them and amazed by their bravery to be so public about their relationship!I just hope they would make it all the way to the altar! 🙂 Now if someone would make a drama out of it, it would just be a cherry on top of the icing! 🙂

  14. AWwwwwwWWW… yay! I love them both and am super happy for the both of them and wish they will get married and make beautiful babies. And I applaud their bravery for coming out about their relationship. That’s how it should be for all celebs. Fighting GeunBummie!

  15. I’ll always be a GeunGeun fan and all the sweet memories will stay with me. I still support them individually.

    I’ll support MGY and KB and i’m so happy for them. They deserve each other and it’s just right they are enjoying each other’s company right now. I really hope their relationship will remain strong! GeunBum, Fighting! ^^

    • I used to be a GeunGeun fan also, but I love GeunBum even more. I really admire how open Kim Bum is in admiring Moonie, not many young actors are willing to do that because they are afraid to lose their female fan base.

      @catmeow80 Are you the one that made a lot of MV’s of GeunGeun on YouTube? I enjoyed and watched all of them.

  16. I hope that they can weather all the stresses that a “public” relationship puts on celebrity couples. Fighting!!! I wish them the best. Enjoy that European vacation! I hope there are no fans stalking them cause sometimes it is nice being free from the paparazzi and stalking fans.

  17. i’m so happy that this time there is a real couple admitting to the public eye without hesitations and fear what the fans will react later. I love MGY since MY LITTLE BRIDE DAYS and I hooked with her with Jang Geun Suk tandem in the drama they both starred.I am geungeun shipper too btw and i am rooting dor them but as long as MGY is happy and KB brings that to her Im really happy already as a fan. Im hoping that media will not give any reason for them to break up and if KB will go to 2 year mandatory service GEUN YOUNG will be the first to say gooodbye and welcome him with wide arms open when he came back

  18. love love love the two of them.well im just hoping that they will walk in the red carpet together even if there no awards just the mere fact that the two of them flashing the cameras and posing cute lovey dovey pics…that is the best award of the night given

  19. Aww they are so adorable. I hope it last for a long time! He just needs to do something with his hair. From the back it’s not looking that great (I’m shallow I know).

  20. Dispatch must be pretty desperate to present pics of such crappy quality. Seems Korea is yearning for visual proof about those two.

    So, Germany? I’ll keep my eyes open and you informed. 😉 Sad, that they have to make the trip during fall, as the weather is getting cold and it’s windy and rainy in all the places they want to visit.

    Beautiful couple, love them.

  21. Here is my opinion of both since I am a fan of both. Each one is intelligent, career minded, family oriented, patriotic, adventurous, educated, polite, talented, fashionista, good looking, hard working, witty, playful, good actor, caring and well read. How could they not be attracted especially if his temperament is a little hotter than her cool exterior. Obsessing with their happiness because I am a fan and I can’t stop thinking about them.

  22. His right hand looks strange, it’s as if he’s holding something — I think that’s HER HAND IN HIS HAND, right? Awwww….to be young and in love!!!

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