First Official Trailer for Drama Adaptation of Da Mo Yao Renamed The Sun Moon Legend

I’ve written so many recaps I’ve lost count, but to date I’ve only managed to translate one entire Chinese novel from beginning to end, which is a feat I doubt I will ever replicate. It requires time and love, and I’ve had neither these days, and if I did I would finish plugging in the missing chapters in my Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds) novel translation. YZG was actually my second novel translation, and the first and only complete project remains Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) by famed modern C-writer Tong Hua (she of Bu Bu Jing Xin fame). Yun Zhong Ge is the direct sequel to Da Mo Yao, and both novels were supposed to be paired with a yet unwritten third and final novel to create the Great Han Dynasty trilogy. On its own merits, DMY and YZG manage to wring tears and more out of a fictionalization of the very turbulent time in the early Han dynasty during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han for DMY and his youngest son Emperor Zhao of Han for YZG. The drama adaptation for DMY was handled by production company Tangren, who did a superb job with the drama adaptation for BBJX. But the cast was all wrong IMO, with leading lady Liu Shi Shi paired with Hu Ge as Jiu Ye (aka Meng Xi Mo) when he should have been playing General Huo Qu Bing, and then roping in Eddie Peng in the last moment to play Hu Qu Bing. I don’t care which way I look at it, Eddie is NOT how I imagined my Xiao Huo.

I was a total OTP shipper when reading and translating the novel, but the casting had me re-evaluating my interest again. DMY languished in post-production for a year because SARFT would not clear it for airing since the story royally messes with the patriotic verve of real life historical personage General Huo Qu Bing and turns him into a lovelorn eventual deserter. It didn’t bother me reading it but it bothered SARFT to show it on air. So poor DMY got shelved until finally Tangren swallowed its pride and re-submitted the drama as a completely fictional piece with ALL the characters renamed with nary a reference to Huo Qu Bing, Emperor Wu of Han Liu Che, Princess Ping Yang, Great General Wei, and all the real life characters that lived through the empire building days of the early Han dynasty. This was back in the Summer and SARFT must’ve just cleared its airing because finally the first trailer is out for the drama now titled The Sun Moon Legend. Ugh, awful title and equally bland trailer. Hate all the dubbing (don’t hate dubbing on principle but the voices are all wrong here unlike in BBJX where it was perfect) and the entire production feels chintzy. But I have confirmed that I have now jumped ship to the doomed Jin Yu-Jiu Ye alterna-pairing, because when the trailer shows me Jiu Ye actually asking Jin Yu what she wants and she says a big family and he literally blinks back tears and tells her to go to the other guy, man is that major noble idiocy going on.

15-minute trailer for Da Mo Yao (The Sun Moon Legend):


First Official Trailer for Drama Adaptation of Da Mo Yao Renamed The Sun Moon Legend — 26 Comments

  1. I have yet to read Yun Zhong Ge, but seeing how that drama adapation had no issues with the names and plot, does it have nothing to do with actual historical characters?

    For Da Mo Yao, I’m also firmly on the Jiu Ye ship. When I read to the part where Jin Yu and Huo Qu Bing got together, I put the book down and the bookmark’s stuck there ever since. Perhaps there’ll be more to their story in the later chapters, but I won’t know because I’m too afraid to read how Jiu Ye regrets pushing Jin Yu away, only to find it’s too late. And now, seeing the trailer is making me love this non-OTP pairing even more….Tears expected!

    If only Tangren got the rights to Yun Zhong Ge also…then the whole cast can return for a sequel, with Hu Ge playing the OTP half with Shi Shi for once. What a waste.

  2. Welcome to the Jiu Ye ship although its a sinking one. I don’t think there has been another book that made me so angry with the ending as DMY. I get he didn’t get the girl but he literally sacrificed everything (even his legs) for her happiness.

  3. Finally, I waited over a year for this drama. I was so disappointed when I heard it would be dropped due to politically issue. I am glad, a name change did the trick. Miss watching Hu Ge on screen.

    But the dubbing T_T eddie 不够豪爽,有霍去病的孩子稚气,但没有将军的男子风帆。Hu Ge is making me a Jiu Ye shipper too! Like what, I loved Xiao Huo in the novel!

  5. I LOVE Hu Ge! Watching him as a second lead is too difficult and especially I am not a fan of LSS nor Eddie. I think I’ll pass this drama but still hope it does well.

  6. Hi Koala!

    I was wondering if maybe we could get a pdf of your DMY translation? It would be so much easier to read on my ereader, but unfortunately I can’t copy and paste from your website anymore for some reason.

  7. Lol! I was so freaken sad in the beginning about the pairing, but I’ve actually switched ship and am rooting for eddie and shi shi instead. I think I’m happy that it was eddie instead, he looks more younger as huo qu bing. And, the dubber for shi shi has always been the same voice – I wonder who this person is, I actually do like her voice since I’m used to her dubbing shi shi.

  8. Thanks Koala for the beautiful trailer. Love the last scene with Jin Yu ( I think it is her) holding an umbrella…This reminds me I have not yet finished watching BBJX…Watching this trailer made me also root for Jiu Ye and Jin Yu pair.

  9. The casting and styling has spoilt this fabulous story for me. Dislike liu shi shis Ajumma hairstyle. N I have to look away every time Eddie peng appears on screen 🙁

    • same same here! what a lovely trailer….hope, someone will post a link for eng sub. as for the actor portraying HQB, his looks just fit as a warrior ( i guess, they can get better ya? }….and the actor who potrayed the male lead…so much fits him!!! he’s so graceful and good looking *swoon*

    • Me too! Again, he is so not HJP in my mind’s eye. Funny how, in reading a story – we have already created a face for the character.

  10. even if the trailer (that was said to be leaked) looks a bit lackluster i am quite happy with the cast. i love eddie’s interpretation of hqb and hu ge looks ready to pull some heart strings as jiu ye. i honestly hope that those of you who are disappointed with eddie as hqb is because you don’t like him/his acting and not because your shige otp won’t end up together in a fictitious drama. otps are fun to ship but you don’t have to let it ruin a drama for you. if you genuinely don’t like eddie, ok fair enough, but please don’t go belittling his abilities just because he’s not hu ge. but if you still want to sulk and mourn, go ahead, i’ll be enjoying this drama when it airs.

  11. Thanks for sharing Ms K.!
    I enjoyed watching the Sun Moon trailer and it does bring back some good memories of the older productions that Tangren did a great job producing.
    As the story is based on Tong Hua’s DMY, I could see the similarities of the characters and the development of the drama going in tandem with the novel. However, I have to agree that Eddie Peng is no Huo Qu Bing imo. His portrayal is more boyish and cheeky than the no nonsense bad-ass that made HQB more swoon-worthy in the novel. Also the name changes made the production a little hard to follow as I had to second guess myself when watching the trailer in order to identify the characters. Although I could understand why TR had to replace the names and do the voiceovers in order to pass the censorship hurdle that has been bogging the drama since forever.
    Nonetheless I would still watch this solely for Hu Ge’s portrayal of Meng Jiu as I think he’s the only one that is appropriately authentic and nuanced. Shi Shi has improved tremendously in her acting but she is still too soft and fairy-like to suit a character like Jin Yu who is tough and feral-ish.

    • Well…my understanding is HQB is quite complex in his persona. He tended to be more cheeky, silly, boyish, and prankish toward Jin Yu. While toward his subordinates and others, he was the nonsense bad ass general. I was never under the impression he was only strictly just serious businesss. It’s too quick to judge Eddie’s portrayal since the trailer definitely emphasize more on Hu Ge’s Mo Xun/Jiu Ye

  12. Great blog! The trailer did seem a little off, and I was actually looking forward to more scene with LSS and EP but it empathize more on LSS and HG. Oh well! Maybe the Official trailer will offer more. I really Love EP as HQB, he looks so suave, I can’t picture HG. I really like HG but in my opinion he doesn’t fit both role of MJ or HQB. I think a better choice would’ve been Roy Qiu or Wallace Huo, however I am going to watch this series with an open mind. Perhaps I might ship MJ and JY instead of HQB and JY. It will be a hard one since I think EP will nail HBQ role. As for the voice dubbing I heard HG dubbed his own voice, and the women that dubbed LSS voice is the same lady that did BBJX and strange Heroes. I actually don’t mind the guy that dubbed EP’s voice, maybe because I don’t understand Mandarin so it didn’t matter to me. Still debating to watch it in subbed or wait for them to dubbed in my language 😀

  13. I’ve been imagine Eddie’s HQB look every since the pics were posted while re-reading the novel. DMY isn’t the best Tong Hua’s novels, but it forever remind a special place in fans’ hearts and we are absolutely excited that the drama adaptation to be broadcast. I guess at this point it no longer the original, but whatever, we’re happy that it’s finally out, can’t wait another two years.

  14. Started reading da mo Yao after this trailer was released and now I only picture Eddie whenever HQB appears in the novel. I think he is perfect for it I can’t imagine Hu Ge as HQB at all…

  15. Yes I agree! The voices are somehow unappealing. I think Jiu Ye’s voice in particular, or maybe that’s just since my expectations for his voice were the highest…

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