Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 13 Recap

Best episode of Heirs/The Inheritors EVER! I can’t believe I stuck to this drama for 13-episodes, itself quite a feat of endurance, and am finally rewarded with an action-packed episode that was funny and fast-paced. I’m not kidding, this episode had me laughing out loud so many times I lost count. Stuff happens all over the place in each of the narrative threads and everything feels like its coming together. Most importantly, both Tan and Eun Sang step up as characters, finally shedding their passive or laid back tendencies and become fully engaged with everyone. I am also turning rabidly into a Tan fan, he’s not perfect but the boy has grown through adversity and is transitioning into a man before our eyes. The episode ending Young Do-Eun Sang-Tan three way tense stare down feels different for the first time. It feels raw and painful, a moment when two people have found something good while the third wheel is left hurting all alone and lashing out. Heirs has finally stepped up its game and I’m curious now how all of it will play will. But in the mean time, this felt like an episode where the school and romance bits were allowed to breath a bit more.

Tan and Eun Sang finally get together, and I can safely say their chase-and-run game was not the least bit interesting but their dating for real cuteness is darn entertaining. Tan gets to be a kid around her, while trying to be an adult to be with her. It’s a great dichotomy and one that seems contagious because Eun Sang is finally willing to fight for Tan as well. Things are getting more complicated now that more people know the truth about Tan’s illegitimacy and his relationship with Eun Sang, but this episode kept the heavy stuff at a minimum and allowed the OTP to take a breather. Lots more facts are revealed, such as Chairman Daddy having engaged in his own brotherly battle to inherit Empire Group from his own brothers. No wonder he’s fully aware of what the stakes are having two sons in the family, and perhaps engaging Tan to Rachel is so that he can go inherit her family business with her and not fight Won for it. Who knows, but the adults are not going without a fight even if all the ugly truths are revealed. In which case, Eun Sang and Tan should really get a move on in the progress of their relationship and solidify their decision to be together so they can face the coming hordes together.

Episode 13 recap:

After outing his own illegitimacy, Tan goes to the cafe to seek solace in Eun Sang. She comes out to toss the trash and finds him standing there staring at her. He starts to cry silently which leads to her crying as well.

Tan asks if her offer (back in the US) to take his hand and run away if he is in danger is still good? Eun Sang shakes her head and Tan looks so sad. But she does even better and rises up to hug him. No reservations and no hesitation. Tan looks stunned and then hugs her back.

Rachel and Esther storm home with each still processing the shocking revelation tonight. Esther confirms Rachel knew nothing and then tells her daughter to stay quiet and engaged. Since Tan is illegitimate, it means soon Won and Tan will engage in a battle to inherit Empire Group. When that happens, the stock will rise since each will try to buy up more stock, which means RS International’s Empire shares will also increase in value. At that time, they can sell their shares AND break the engagement Lovely, you are such a good mom, Esther. Even Rachel sneers at her mom for being so mercenary even at a time like this.

Rachel goes to see Young Do and gets confirmation that this was the big secret he held over Tan. She demands to know why he never told her Tan was not a real tiger. Young Do is shocked to hear that Tan outed himself and wants to break the engagement. Young Do warns her to stay silent about the birth secret since it’s his biggest weapon to use against Tan and the best decision he ever made was to keep it hidden. Young Do tells Rachel to decide herself – engaged to Tan or not – but it seems Tan has made his decision and he’s walking towards Eun Sang.

Tan takes Eun Sang to Myung Soo’s playroom and changes the electronic code to the lock so that no one else can get in. She asks how they can stay the night in the same place and Tan reminds her that she was the one who asked him to stay since she hugged him first and all.

Tan and Eun Sang sit down and he grills her about where she spent last night. Why was she with Young Do that early in the morning, she didn’t stay at his hotel did she? He was so worried about her and it’s been bugging him. She in turn asks why he cried back there. The two of them banter, each refusing to answer the other’s pointed question. Tan jokes that he cried because global warming is causing penguins to become extinct.

Myung Soo arrives and can’t get in, yelling that whoever is inside is DEAD. He can hear talking and its not the same gender voices. Eun Sang wants to go open the door for him but Tan pins her between his legs. He laughs that she’s always trying to win physically against a guy. She wouldn’t need to if you respected her right to do whatever she wants, dude. After a few seconds its all quiet outside and Tan says Myung Soo left. He asks again who she spent the night with, he couldn’t even sleep he was so worried. Eun Sang asks if he’s really not going home and Tan says no.

Eun Sang’s phone rings and of course its from Young Do. And of course Tan is going to answer, telling Eun Sang that he’s caught her red-handed this time (implication two-timing him with Young Do). And of course the two boys are going to engage in a verbal battle. Young Do wants Tan to stop answering Eun Sang’s phone, asking if she doesn’t have hands? Tan says he is always with Eun Sang and tells Young Do to spit it out. Young Do wants Eun Sang’s SNS account public. Tan says there is nothing for Young Do to see on it. Young Do asks if they are SNS friends and Tan one-ups him and says they are lovers. Young Do changes the subject and asks why Tan told others that he was illegitimate. Tan says Young Do will never get it and hangs up the phone on him.

Tan spots a picture of Eun Sang and Young Do putting up a tent at the camping trip and takes it to grill her for why she was so close with Young Do that she was making memories with him. He points out her expression doesn’t look unwilling in the picture. Eun Sang points out that he’s behaving like an irrational jealous type. Eun Sang gives Tan her usual “you’re an idiot” face and takes her books to the table to start studying. She adds in a dig that the 100th place student in their class obviously has no clue what that is.

Tan storms to the sofa to lay down and pretend to sleep. But he suddenly bolts upright and yells out that his answers were off by one line. Ahahaha, okay, that explains it. He may be slightly dim but stupider than Myung Soo and All-A answers Young Do was a stretch. Eun Sang just shrugs, because that is also a majorly stupid mistake to make as well.

Tan wants Eun Sang to be affected by his near presence but she casually does her homework and pays him no heed. He’s left to just be content to stare at her with a happy smile on his face. She clearly feels him staring at her.

Later Eun Sang whispers for the sleeping Tan to have a good dream. But he’s not sleeping and answers back that he’s already in a good dream because she’s with him. Awwww. Also, Tan sleeping there is a crisp white dress shirt? So hot, so so so hot.

Tan and Eun Sang walk out of Myung Soo’s playroom the next morning only to be like stars confronted by the paparazzi. Myung Soo points his camera towards them and snaps away, the flash furiously going off. He looks sleep deprived and slightly crazed, clearly having sat outside all night waiting to ambush to see who stole his playroom for the night. Cute.

The three of them go to school together, with Myung Soo wedged between Tan and Eun Sang in the backseat. Tan orders him to delete the pictures otherwise he’ll get hurt. Myung Soo wants to know if the two of them are dating and Tan candidly says yes, which earns him a Eun Sang disapproving holler.

Tan points out they hugged last night (OMG, Tan thinks hugging = consent to date?) but Myung Soo is more interested in what they did in the room all night. Tan puckers up his lips and makes a kissy face which earns a giggle from Myung Soo. LOL, Myung Soo finally gets a thumbs up from me for being a solid comic relief in this drama.

The kids arrive at school and Eun Sang and Tan slowly walk inside. Eun Sang notices Tan walking beside her when he used to follow behind her. He asks if she feels different after spending the night with him and going to school together. He holds out his hand to her and tells her to be courageous. She hesitates and looks around before taking it with a smile and apologizing for being one step behind. He laughs that she does know how to smile. They walk into school hand-in-hand.

Immediately all the students gasp, point, and take pictures of Eun Sang and Tan walking in hand. Rachel sees this from afar and looks angry. Eun Sang and Tan stop when Young Do steps into their path, with his eyes immediately alighting on their held hands. He ask them to respect the sanctity of the school.

Tan tells Eun Sang to hurry along first and he’ll deal with this. As Eun Sang walks past Young Do, he tells her to answer her own phone. Tan tells her to keep walking. Eun Sang blurts out for them not to punch each other before leaving.

Tan orders Young Do to stop calling Eun Sang. Young Do laughs that Tan’s attitude means he’ll turn off all the cell service in Seoul just to keep him from calling Eun Sang. Young Do is upset that Tan outed himself which was something he was looking forward to.

Young Do wonders how Tan could possibly reveal his own illegitimacy and how he plans to deal with the inevitable fall out? Tan doesn’t, he plans to just endure it. Tan tells Young Do not to act like he knows him because he’s changed.

Rachel storms into the broadcast room and says she’s here to show Eun Sang something. A moment later Tan enters the room. He asks her to leave Eun Sang alone and she slaps him. Tan says to keep taking out her anger on him and leave Eun Sang alone. Rachel tells him to shut up since he’s just a bastard. Rachel asks if Eun Sang is shocked by the secret or her attitude? Rachel says this world is ordered by their inheritance bloodline which is why Eun Sang will never understand their world. She wonders why a bastard like Tan isn’t begging to be her fiancee since his birth especially needs someone like Rachel by his side. Tan says he will never pick Rachel no matter what. Uh, maybe cuz you are a frigid bitch? Look in the mirror today?

Eun Sang leaves the room to avoid any more confrontation. Tan wants to follow her but Rachel asks why his birth mom pretended to be Eun Sang’s mom and donated all that money to the camping trip? Tan doesn’t answer and tells Rachel not to worry about him, his mom, or Eun Sang from now on.

Tan goes to the girls bathroom and waits outside for Eun Sang. He calls inside and asks if she’s crying? If she doesn’t answer he’ll go inside. He uses his long legs to block the doorway to prevent other girls from going in.

When Bo Na walks up, she is upset to be sent away and says she is Eun Sang’s savior by housing her for a few days. Tan finds out from her than Eun Sang slept at her place the other night. That makes him positively giddy and he asks her for a high five. That freaks Bo Na out and she runs off screaming for her Chan Young.

Eun Sang comes out and smacks him for blocking the bathroom door. Tan tells her not to cry over his secret coming out. That wasn’t the reason he cried yesterday and she needn’t feel sad for him. Eun Sang says she doesn’t know his world and asks how she can protect him? He teases that she used to make him sad but now she wants to protect him? Eun Sang says yes, is there anything wrong with that?

Eun Sang is at her locker when bestie Chan Young sidles up to tease her. He reminds her that she used to have no time to date wanting to use it to make more money, so how come she was seen walking at school holding hands with a guy. Bo Na arrives and is annoyed as usual. Eun Sang is in no mood to be teased and heads off to class. Chan Young leaves as well which is when Yi Seul comes by.

Yi Seul decides to rile up Bo Na by making digs at Chan Young, saying Eun Sang is digging her claws into him and Bo Na should just dump him. Especially since he’s just the son of a secretary. Bo Na says she doesn’t think Chan Young doesn’t match up to her and tells Yi Seul to apologize. Yi Seul says Bo Na can wait to be dumped and cry, look at someone else who just ended her engagement.

Rachel comes up and is not happy to hear Yi Seul talking about her. Rachel says the engagement is not ended but Yi Seul says the whole school saw Eun Sang and Tan holding hands. Plus Rachel’s family is a mess – when her parents divorced her mom got half the company, and now her mom has her eyes set on Young Do’s dad’s company. Rachel had planned to let it slide but she now outs Yi Seul’s family as owning room salons and her mom is just a Madam. All the kids gasp and Yi Seul looks crushed. Bo Na asks Yi Seul if that is true and how dare she insult Chan Young as just a son of a secretary. Tan hears a commotion and finds out from another student that Han Yi Seul is being forced to sit in the charity case seat.

Rachel asks Bo Na to have lunch with her and the two rich girls drag Yi Seul to the lunch room. All the kids are gathered around as Bo Na and Rachel sit at the bullying table and Rachel tells the sobbing Yi Seul to sit down. Bo Na actually looks uncomfortable to be there.

Tan and Chan Young walk up and sees this scene. Chan Young asks Bo Na what is going on but Rachel says this is a girls thing and for them to butt out. Tan just grabs a plate and sits down, laughing that he’s so hungry. He makes Yi Seul get out of the way and sits down in the seat meant for her.

Rcahel asks what he is doing and Tan just says he is eating. Rachel asks him if he doesn’t know what that seat is and Tan laughs that it’s the seat closest to the food. Eun Sang and Young Do arrive at the scene as well as Tan is shoving food in his mouth. Young Do goes to ask why Tan is messing up the rules at this school? Tan says he made the rules so it’s up to him to break it. Young Do says he can’t break it because Young Do has been enforcing the rules.

Young Do shows Tan what that seat is intended for and takes a plate and pours the food all over Tan’s shoulder and everyone gasps. Tan calmly stands up and takes off his jacket. He apologizes to Eun Sang before throwing the jacket on Young Do’s face and telling him to clean it.

Eun Sang runs inside and drags Tan out while Chan Young goes to pull Bo Na aside to talk. Everyone disperses now that the show is over. Eun Sang pulls Tan outside and asks why he’s always causing a scene and picking fights. Tan says Young Do is picking fights but Eun Sang points out that Tan’s increasing levels of reaction is what is driving Young Do. If Young Do is an elementary school student then she thought Tan is at least a junior high kid.

Chan Young goes to chew Bo Na out for what she did back there. But Bo Na is upset and tries to explain that Yi Seul insulted Chan Young first. Chan Young says what she said is true and Bo Na doesn’t need to sink to her level. He asks if she’s been hiding her disappoinment this whole time they have been dating. She shrieks at him to get lost before running off.

Tan goes home and his Mom and Chairman Daddy are waiting for him in the living room. Dad kicks him out of the house and orders him to leave everything – coat, credit cards, coat. Tan does as told while his mom looks on in worry and says kicking him out will not solve anything. Dad says Tan hates the rules of this house and his dad then he needs to get out and not live under his largesse. Tan wants to keep his clothes and pay for it later. Dad allows it since he still has to go to school. Tan says he doesn’t want Rachel as his insurance policy and thanks his dad for everything.

Mom tries to stop Tan from leaving. Tan says he’s not leaving, he’s been kicked out. Mom tries to get the two of them to make up but neither Dad nor Tan are budging.

Eun Sang runs out of the cafe where Tan is standing outside a taxi. He needs money to pay the taxi since he got kicked out of the house. Eun Sang smacks him hard for daring to take a taxi when he has no money.

Tan and Eun Sang sit down to discuss what he can do next. Eun Sang says he ought to be apologizing rather than leave. Tan says apologies are when someone did something wrong and he did nothing wrong. Tan boasts that he wants to make his own fortune and will start by studying hard. Eun Sang says he might as well go to Kpopstar but Tan waves that idea aside.

Tan borrows her phone to call some buddies to borrow money. He gathers Myung Soo, Chan Young, and Hyo Shin all together in the playroom and asks them to give him food, money, and lodging. All he gets are silent stares and no answer. Ahahahaha.

Myung Soo walks away while Chan Young pretends to read. Bo Na walks in and immediately its awkward with Chan Young, who offers to leave so she can stay. Everyone notices that Chan Young and Bo Na are fighting. Tan reveals his dad hit him and his mom is crying. Hyo Shin offers to let Tan stay at his place but Tan declines since his mom is too scary. Hyo Shin admits his mom is scary and he’s actually jealous Tan ran away.

Hyo Shin sits at home and texts Hyun Joo only to get back a cold response. His mom brings in a suit for him for his upcoming rescheduled law school interview. Hyo Shin is almost in tears and asks if she wants to force him try to kill himself again? Mom says using his life as a threat is of no use anymore. She has confidence she can get his life on track.

Eun Sang leaves work and finds Ki Ae outside waiting for her. Ki Ae asks how she could leave the house just like that and tells her to come home because her mom is worried. She is upset Eun Sang is just living outside and says she doesn’t feel good after she kicked Eun Sang out. It’s cold out and Eun Sang has lost weight. She then asks about where Tan is right now?

Tan walks up and Mom hits him a few times because she’s so upset. Tan grabs Mom and says why does all the women he like prone to violence. Ki Ae wants him to go home with her but he refuses. Tan reveals Chairman Daddy knows about him and Eun Sang since he put a tail on them.

Ki Ae wants Eun Sang to convince Tan to go home but Eun Sang says she will go home. Ki Ae is pleased and says Eun Sang is very understanding. She takes Eun Sang’s hand and says she is her hostage from now on so Tan has to come home quick. Tan tells his mom to take good care of his girlfriend. Eun Sang goes home with Ki Ae while Tan gets his mom’s cellphone and a jacket.

Eun Sang goes to her room to talk with her mom and finds out Ki Ae brought her home. Eun Sang says she came home because they need to pack for the move and she missed her mom. She hears that Chairman Daddy has locked himself in the study since kicking Tan out.

Tan goes to the hotel and knocks on her brother’s door to ask for one night’s stay. Won slams the door on him and poor Tan has his head down, but then Won opens the door again.

Tan shovels food in his mouth and watches his brother working at the desk. Tan reveals that his dad hit him but Won already heard. Tan says Won was allowed to take things with him when he left, why does Tan get kicked out with nothing. Is it because he’s illegitimate? Won get a call from Secretary Yoon and tells him that the stock transfer is happening with the stocks Secretary Yoon is holding for Chairman Daddy as well as Ji Sook’s shares. He tells Secretary Yoon to make a list and then hangs up. Tan asks if he’s talking about him and Won asks if Tan is pretending to be stupid.

Won tells Tan to use his credit card to get another room in the hotel. Tan goes downstairs but the receptionist won’t give him a room. He shows Tan a hand drawn hideously ugly picture of Tan and says he was ordered by Young Do NOT to give this person a room. AHAHAHAHA, this is the kind of mean stuff Young Do can pull all day long and I’m actually amused by it.

Tan asks why Young Do is doing this? Young Do rattles down a list that is all “Because You Are Kim Tan” and ending with Tan breaking the rules first. Sadly his attempt to annoy Tan doesn’t work because this gives Tan the perfect excuse to go back to Won and ask to spend the night with his beloved hyung. He walks away happy leaving Young Do looking annoyed.

Tan goes back to Won’s room and gets a night on his sofa. He wants to talk with Won but hyung is pretending to be asleep.

Won drives Tan to school and he adorably waves at hyung before leaving. Won sees Hyun Joo walking to class and wants to get out to talk with her but stops himself. Dude, you are never going to get the girl if you act this way.

Hyun Joo introduces herself as the new teacher at school and her way of differentiating between the kids is by their grades and not by their wealth. She says Chan Young is the good student and everyone else needs to catch up.

Chairman Daddy is dining with Ji Sook and getting a report from his spy minion that Secretary Yoon appears to realize what is happening. That is why Chairman Daddy asked him to meet today. Secretary Yoon walks in and is told to sit down. Chairman Daddy tells Secretary Yoon that the spy is spying on everyone, including Secretary Yoon. Chairman Daddy tells him to end his first love.

Daddy wants the share transfer to Tan to be halted right now. RS International will start buying up more Empire shares and might try to buy it from other shareholders. He wants Secretary Yoon to reach those people first and buy it back. He tells Ji Sook to talk with Esther Lee to see if she’ll change her mind. Chairman Daddy says to start making plans to send Eun Sang overseas. Sending her to Empire High isn’t enough because he didn’t factor in “youth” in the way kids act.

Tan sits down next to Eun Sang who asks where he stayed last night? Tan was with his hyung and had a meal and a place to sleep. She tells him to go home since his mom is worried. He thinks she’s acting on his mom’s orders and asks if his mom drank wine last night? Eun Sang laughs that he wants her to be his spy now.

Eun Sang offers him a donut and picks one up to eat herself. Tan leans in and takes a bite from her donut instead, which earns him more smacks. Tan says their progress is going too slow but Eun Sang says it’s not muttering about the hand holding and what-not. Tan asks if they can keep going then? Eun Sang turns red and runs off to the broadcasting room, revealing that Hyo Shin didn’t come to school today.

Hyo Shin is at the law school interview and he tanks it on purpose. Hyo Shin starts to feel dazed during the interview as he’s being grilled. Tan tries calling Hyo Shin but gets no answer and he’s standing right by the body shape on the ground. Ominous.

Tan goes to apologize to Ji Sook for what he did. She is pissed that Tan is toying with her and his father since they worked so hard to keep his birth a secret. Turns out Chairman Daddy had inheritance problems with his own brothers and now those brothers will be circling like wolves. Those brothers and their kids are still in lawsuits with Chairman Daddy and if they find out Tan is illegitimate there will be more ammunition they will use against them. How can Tan or Won handle it.

Tan is at golf class and Myung Soo walks over to talk with him. Tan wants to find a place where Eun Sang won’t find him because he doesn’t want her to see him with this expression. It’s the expression where he’s thinking of how many more obstacles he has to keep crossing to be with her.

Eun Sang is at the cafe and told by the owner that the entire cafe has been booked by a customer for the night. He leaves and Young Do walks in. Does he think this is romantic? She tells him the cafe is closed for the night only to find out that he’s the one who booked it when he reveals he had to spend a lot of money to see her since she won’t answer his calls or see him.

Young Do orders a drink from her and she delivers it only to go back to her business. Young Do actually looks very much like a little boy waiting for her to notice him. He tries to get her to stop mopping the floor and talk with him but she keeps ignoring him. He pours some drink on the floor and threatens to pour the entire cup unless she sits down to talk with him.

Eun Sang curtly asks what he wants with her. Young Do quietly says he wants her to pick up his calls, to answer when he says hi to her, and to greet him when their eyes meet. Eun Sang calmly takes that in and says she understands. She accepts that he likes her and is keeping her secret. She’s sorry for avoiding him in the past. But there is only one thing she can do now. She apologizes that she can’t accept his heart. Young Do looks stricken and says she’s so cruel. He asks if he can take revenge? She tells him to take revenge on her, she can handle it. Young Do can’t do anything to hurt her because that hurts him, so he’ll just take it out on others around her. He tells her to rest in the remaining 20 minutes left before walking out.

Young Do lays on the desk in the library and thinks about Eun Sang. He gets up and goes to the broadcast room and starts to talk over the loudspeaker. Tan opens his locker to find his school uniform jacket hanging in there. Young Do wants to tell the kids a story about the second son of Empire Group Kim Tan.

Eun Sang runs to the broadcast room while Tan slowly walks there. Young Do says the truth is…..he’ll tell everyone in 60 seconds. But he wants to say that a person’s enemy is not the one standing across from you, but the person with the knife behind the back while standing next to you. Eun Sang gets there first and runs inside the turn off the microphone. Young Do says it was so easy to get her to come the moment he brought up Kim Tan. Is their love just to make each other their weakness? She tries to drag Young Do outside but he pushes her against the wall.

Young Do says he did all this just for this moment so she needs to hold still. Eun Sang sincerely calls his name “Young Do-ahh” and he gets angry and tells her not to call his name like that.

Young Do tells Eun Sang that he won’t do anything to her, but everything else besides her is fair game, including himself and Tan. Tan arrives and is shocked to see Young Do inside with Eun Sang. He tries to open the door but Young Do pushes it shut and locks the door. Eun Sang turns her head to see Tan but Young Do jerks her back against the wall. Tan starts wildly kicking the door screaming for Young Do to open up otherwise he’s dead.

Thoughts of Mine:

Can I just say how much I loathe Young Do? I hate him as a human being but he’s entertaining as a character to watch, especially the performance Kim Woo Bin has been putting in these recent episodes. He’s toned down the overacting and is just sublime in showing Young Do’s torment and acting out. Too bad good acting and an interesting character does not equal a guy I’d root for to get Eun Sang. Which makes his feelings for her rather pathetic but not very sad because I can care less that he’s been turned down. When Eun Sang says no to Tan because she doesn’t have the courage to love him back, my heart hurt because that is real conflict. Here we have Young Do opening up to a girl he knows likes someone else, and somehow thinking it cruel that she very kindly and graciously turned him down. What more does he want? Ah yes, he wants Eun Sang, regardless of whether she likes someone else or he’s earned any right for a chance to woo her. The difference between Tan and Young Do is that one make a conscious effort to rise above his lot in life while the other merely uses it as a weapon. I don’t think Young Do is a monster or that he can’t be redeemed, but right now the story is about the redemption and rebirth of Tan into his own man and fighting for his love, so Young Do is an interloper in every possible way. I need him to go find something constructive to do with his time rather than constantly interjecting himself into Tan and Eun Sang’s life. Those two have more important things to do than deal with his childish temper outbursts.

I really loved this episode, with so many throwaway funny scenes that actually worked as well as important narrative discussions that added to the story. Tan’s rebellion really has way more stakes than he realized, but I like that he sat down to think it through rather than reacting in knee jerk ways to try and solve problems. Ki Ae has calmed down considerably and I like her belated concern for Eun Sang and her fierce desire to protect Tan. Rachel continues to be so bitchy but pragmatic about it, so I can’t hate her for being crazy but can despise her for being so obstinate. The first cracks showed up in Bo Na and Chan Young’s relationship, and it was a fight worth having and an issue that needs to be discussed. Whatever social hierarchy exists at Empire High is a very ingrained thing and I like seeing Tan step up as the person to tear down the destructive system he put in place. He’s doing it because he knows its right, not to impress Eun Sang. Conversely Won is much older but seems totally constrained by the chains of his birth and can only act out in petty ways against Tan while putting the girl he likes on the backburner. Sometimes the adults in this drama act like kids while the kids talk and think like adults. That part still annoys me, but when an episode like this one had kids being kids, it’s a nice change of pace and totally up my alley. Here’s to hoping Heirs keeps the pace up.

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Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 13 Recap — 30 Comments

  1. god i hate young do and i find it sick how girls are like “omg hes so cute and he needs to end up with eun sang. i mean he throws her up against the wall and tortures her, obviously that means he deserves her.” nothing says love like a person emotionally and physically abusing you. just reading his scenes makes my blood boil. hes a manipulative ass who needs extensive therapy. Tan has his moments also where he is too rough for my liking but he is nowhere near the yuck levels that young do is. really hate how in korean dramas liking someone means you have the right to touch and kiss and grab a woman whenever you want. and that those kinds of things are swoon worthy. they arent. its gross. women arent objects for men to play with.

    • Can’t agree with u more @Losky YD almost abuses her and girls are like” ohhh look how he pinned her to the wall that so Hot”like *seriously*
      What the guy does just irritates me to high heaven and I just want to slap him,if he want ES to like him he should start acting less than a jeck.

      • Oh please!! The truth is I couldn’t care less for either ship. But let’s call a spade, a spade. Young Do pinning Eun Sang aggressively to the wall, is no different to Kim Tan’s, aggressive first kiss, that was completely done out selfishness, and need to assert dominance over this submissive and passive heroine we are all supposed to root for. In any case, they are both dangerous in their own way, both controlling men with serious potential capacity for abuse. The difference is one attempts to express his deep love for said heroine by openly and forcefully exerting his presence, with the expectation of being the centre of attention, and having his needs anticipated; while the other who has her affections, uses this as a tactic of confusion, distortion and lies to project an image of himself as good, which is done subtly in the way the script writer has written the character. Furthermore, he is consumed with the belief in having special rights without responsibilities and justifying unreasonable expectations for their “undying love” relationship. Of the two, which is the lesser of the two evils…I would have to say the former, at least his character is unfailing and may be redeemed completely (K-Drama after all), whereas the latter will continue to be his ‘cutesy’ self, never once the writer acknowledging that his calculating ways is a serious problem. Of course, the writer thinks the audience will be stupid enough to digest this. Sadly, the majority will, and has already done so.

    • Agree. In reality, a guy that acts like Young Do abusing women is probably heading down the road to rape. I don’t think he can be redeemed by beating daddy at Tae Kwon Do. But, hey…this is a KDrama, and he’ll probably give the bride away.

    • Some Young-do supporters say that he’s amazing because the show itself presents him as a deranged jerk, so kdramalaws say he will find the light and be redeemed thanks to luv (I’m not so sure, but who knows, at least he’s constantly reprimanded). On the other hand, Tan is shown as this pure ray of sunshine who should make us all swoon when he’s actually quite the abusive manipulator who has absolutely no respect for anyone but himself – and this is a real problem because he’ll probably never change or admit his behaviour as problematic. In the end, it’s a matter of honesty in their characterization and potential in their journey.

      (not talking about fangirls who choose their leading men based purely on looks)

      I hate them both almost equally, though, Eun-sang should run away fast before that toxic environment kills her soul.

      • I totally agree with you in that Tan is also a toxic person that is always raging and threatening to kill people, my biggest problem with him has been that he’s very controlling of Eunsang and very violent yet people seem to gloss over it because he’s the lead and he’s doing it out of love. I don’t justify Youngdo’s ways but at least he’s rather aware that his ways are self destructive while in the case of KT I don’t see it happening.

  2. Hi Ockoala, you’re seriously fast. Thank you for the recap.

    I loved this episode to bits. So many cute scenes, especially Tan and Eun Sang.
    The best scene for me was the moments between Won and Tan. Won actually looked brotherly for once. I squealed like crazy. Even though Young Do is a brick, you can see tiny bits of kindness in him.
    All in all I Love watching this drama.

  3. Can’t wait to watch. Thanks for the recap. I must be the only one who likes bad boys like Young Do. I find Brian Bois-Gilbert so much sexier and more interesting than vanilla Ivanhoe. Not wonderful boyfriend material coz they’re too psychotic but really fascinating characters.

  4. LOL, just tweeted the same.
    1st ep I really enjoyed and had fun. LMH finally showed some signs of living and acting.., still PSH kills with her lack of energy.

  5. Too many things to comment. But it’s the first time in the whole drama where the scenes made sense. And they had impact.

    But the funny parts, oh my, they were funny. MS looked possessed taking the photos. And Kim Tan with hyung was so touching.

    Lee Min Ho has been hit a lot huh in this drama?

  6. Loved the car scene when he said he beat people up with spoons I laughed so hard and that was totally my favorite scene in city hunter =)))

  7. Firstly, I’d like to say I love how fast your recaps are! It makes me so happy I can discuss the episode as soon as I watch it.

    This is the first episode where I didn’t absolutely hate everything Young Do did because he was genuinely vulnerable at the coffee shop. He was a lost and lonely kid begging for a friend. And then he totally erased any ounce of sympathy I had for him when he threw Eun Sang against the wall in the broadcasting room -.-

    And I LOVED Eun Sang and her growth in this episode. She is the best when she is strong and willing to speak her mind, not getting thrown and bounced around between Tan and Young Do. I love that she stepped up and took ownership of her feelings and I almost melted into a puddle of happiness when she hugged Tan FIRST when she saw him crying.

    I’m all things Tan so I can overlook his behavior sometimes since he’s earnest in his love for Eun Sang. But when he does things like ordering Eun Sang to go to the broadcasting room and commanding, “Go straight,” I cringe at his alpha male dominance.

    Other than that though this episode was amazing and it made me so glad I stuck with the drama for this long. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  8. The picture!!
    That had me laughing out loud the first time because I expected a photocopy, then again when I realized WHO drew it, and then imangining how seriously intense YD must have looked when explaining to the dude behind the desk to NOT let this person in the hotel.
    He couldn’t just show him photo?!

    Still laughing.

    You know, maybe if someone had explained the WHOLE story to Tan about the battle for the company, just MAYBE he would have helped them out. Maybe the truth can help, too? Geeze, why keep him in the dark?

  9. I have stopped watching Heirs. I think..I will watch after it ended. Sometime..I just can’t stand Eun Sang..and also because I found PSH to be very lackluster in this drama. I love her better in FBND.

  10. I prefer my sweet and gentle guys from Answer 1994, yes thank you.

    I tried, but heirs is just bad, everytime their fans say ”the best episode to date!” I go and watch it to see what is good and I can see is LMH bad acting and violent main and second guy, wtf? And people think it is charming, give me shivers.

    Someone told me in Korea if a husband is beating his wife on public nobody stops it or calls help, because it isn’t that uncommon for having abusing husband there, wow. I just can’t.

    My biggest problem is that I read Heirs is being watched by teens until people in their 30’s that is… scary tbh.

  11. Read the recap before watching. Started refreshing all day until finally it’s posted! One of the best episode thus far. Can’t wait for more.

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