New Stills From Episode 3 of Prime Minister and I Start Off the Contract Marriage

I re-watched both episodes of Prime Minister and I this weekend just because. It really is that good right off the bat. If I don’t get episode 3 soon I might snap like a frozen twig in Winter. Thank god there are new drama stills to thaw me out a little. I confess to finding Yoona really pretty for the first time ever. I don’t mean to imply I thought she was unattractive because that would be delusional and lying. She is clearly a physically attractive young lady, but she always seemed lackluster onscreen to me in her previous roles and with it how pretty I found her was colored by a lack of acting charisma. She’s also very lanky and I always got the impression she was a very sweet smiling baby giraffe in person. After seeing her come alive and firing on all cylinders in PM, when I see her I just want to coo over how adorable she is as Da Jung. I love how quick-thinking she is and her osmosis uptake whenever she hears information. She’s not just smart, she’s street smart and thoughtful. Her actions may be the stuff of broad comedy as played in this drama, but her overactive imagination serves a purpose and actually drives the story forward. She imagines things she wants to happen for the sake of whatever purpose she is pursuing, whether it be conjuring up a romance with the Prime Minister or dreaming of receiving accolades as a reporter. The latest stills show Da Jung planning something in the bedroom with Yul and she’s clearly hunkering down to go for it. Damn, if Lee Bum Soo was laying on a bed within my reach looking all smexy like that, I’d be like a puma pouncing on a deer too. I hope this drama allows us to see adult romance between the two leads rather than anemic lip presses or cut-aways because good lord will the sheets get tumbled once Yul and Da Jung find romance in their contract marriage. Additional new stills show Da Jung trying on a wedding dress (so elegant!) as well as accompanying Yul on a political photo op that involves fish. This drama could actually be a sitcom and I won’t even mind, with each new episode having them do something politics related and then getting mad at each other before resolving things and then making out afterwards. What? Tell me you wouldn’t watch that.


New Stills From Episode 3 of Prime Minister and I Start Off the Contract Marriage — 30 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala,
    Thanks for posting info on Prime Minister and I. I’ve loved the first 2 eps. I love the comedy, lightness, fun with some substance thrown into the mix. I think this will be the next drama I will be completely obsessed about. I’m so looking forward to the next episode and seeing the OTP living together. You have helped make the wait more bearable.

  2. I think I’m in love! I watched both episodes yesterday and can’t wait for this week. Lee Bum-Soo is so charismatic and really good looking. I haven’t watched one of his dramas since On Air. My opinion of Yoona has done a 180, she’s just delightful.

  3. Yoona is just so awesome here. I’ve always liked her, but I’m loving her here. But unlike many, I’m sorta not into the idea of having the OTP do anything steamy. I’m in that ship, but I’d still probably be grossed out with anything more than a simple-ish kiss. But who knows, if they show something ‘hot’ and I don’t cringe, then it means they’ve done it right lol.

    I’d never have thought I’d be watching 2 SM shows at once – forget loving one and getting super excited for the other. Hopefully this pics up a little in the ratings though, cz I’m worried the writer will turn it into a makjang just to attract viewers.

  4. Sorry? What was it again?

    I was distracted with LBS lying on the bed. Then Yoona in a red dress looking like a woman on a mission.

    Oh man who would have thought I would love her in this? When I absolutely loathed her initial casting news.

    Praying this drama stays focused in spite of the low ratings and rise above it.

  5. Looks like we all did the same thing over the weekend. I also did some research on Yoona since I only knew a little of her. A lot came from other’s impression of her in other websites. Seems like she is a real Dajung in real life. No wonder she could pull it off so cconvincingly . Hopefully after this drama, her company should stop getting her lifeless characters to play. Talking about the picture, I wonder if it’s her imagination again. Can’t wait to see what it is all about.

    • Yep. That’s her and her SNSD group mates’ charms imo. They all look like they’re bunch of demure, boringly innocent young ladies but unlike the image the company gave them, they’re all such adorably shameless, witty, and highly sarcastic young women. I have to say that I’m not really a fan of their music (except their superior Japanese releases lol) but I’m definitely a fan of their personalities(or is it personas? either way…)

      Anyway, she’s similar to Dajung in real life so I guess it helps with the acting. She’s still weak in the melo department, though. So I hope Yoona can learn more from Lee Bum Soo.

  6. im not a big k drama fan, and i dont watch a drama if m favourite is not in it. i dont even check the first episode out of curiosity. not even i hear your voice, masters sun, monstar to name a few. but im thanking my lucky stars that i checked this out from a pure whim. i like yoona but not a big fan, but through only episodes alone a had a 360* transformation, now i kinda love her and had tears in m eyes when she begged him to marry her,

    pls, did she drink some magic portion? how can she sudnely act so well??? and the male lead role, ( have to check his name) is hot in ajusshi way. guess i like him too.

    as ms coala said even if this drama go downhill im going to remember the 2 episodes alone as a heartfelt movie. as everyone seems to have a lower expectation, this drama can only suprise us.

  7. Actually, Da Jung looks like she’s in trouble in the top photo. Korean parents make their kids stand or kneel with their arms raised like that when the kids have to be punished. I’ve had to do it plenty of times :). My first reaction to the photo was, “Uh oh. What did Da Jungie do now?”

  8. Today is monday… Yeay!!! For past weekend i’ve been searching n rewatching PM n I… so refreshing!!! Couldn’t wait for today’s episode….. 🙂

  9. I can’t wait for the new ep! lol I’m glad I’m not the only one rewatched the first two episodes just because. It’s been awhile since the last time I got this excited over a drama. I just hope it won’t disappoint like its predecessor 😐

  10. Super love this drama. I watched bits and pieces of it whenever I had a bad day that last me till today. Super love the drunk scene in Ep 2 when he came to get her. I never really interested in Yoona drama but she totally nail it with Da Jung. I super adore her now.

    I read that Yoona was afraid of fish but she look so cute with that smile them in the stills.

    The connection was pretty bad so didn’t really get to watch much for Epi 3. Looking forward to your recap! Thanks Koala!

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