Team Yuan and Team Goryeo Play Ball in New Stills for Episode 15 of Empress Ki

Okay, this is pretty cute. And kudos to the person who thought up the idea, and since the world as they know it in this drama is ruled by the Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan, then props to him for making his competition with Wang Yoo into an actual ball game. The latest stills for episode 15 of Empress Ki is out and I’m relieved to see a bit of fun thrown in. The palace intrigue and the Turkish battle were both decently plotted but felt like necessary fillers. I miss a bit of fun, such as the fantastic first meeting between Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang with their drinking contest plus archery contest wrapped into one. Brilliant and daring. A game of old-school Yuan dynasty soccer between the Emperor and his best ballers against Wang Yoo and his band of Goryeo merry man looks like just the kicker I needed to infuse something substantive for the two guys to do beyond staring at each other and talking about what’s best for Seung Nyang. I totally wished she could play as well, clearly if she was still pretending to be a guy she’d kick both Ta Hwan and Wang Yoo’s ass in the soccer. She’s faster and more agile, ’nuff said.

This soccer game looks like a hoot based on the stills. In one of them Wang Yoo’s eunuch Bang Shin Woo is headbutting a Yuan player and the guy’s face is priceless. LOL forever, he always did seem to have a hard head. I think Ta Hwan has a shot of beating Wang Yoo since being a good warrior doesn’t mean one has the talent to play ball, and I would love to see Ta Hwan play a little dirty and creative. In general I just want him to man up, I want to see Ta Hwan prove to Wang Yoo that he’s man enough to be a ruler and to vy for Seung Nyang’s heart. It is telling that the three leads are suffering the same fate, which is that their fate is in the hands of someone else. It’ll be interesting to see who gains the upper hand first and starts grabbing hold of their own destiny. I wonder if Seung Nyang and all the servant and court ladies will be able to watch the soccer match? It would totally chafe at Ta Hwan even more if Wang Yoo turns out to be good at this as well and gets all the ladies swooning again. At some point even I think Ta Hwan needs to have one thing he’s better at, just because he can’t really suck at everything.


Team Yuan and Team Goryeo Play Ball in New Stills for Episode 15 of Empress Ki — 18 Comments

  1. yay!!!! i love when they show sports in historical dramas (referring: the legend-the scenes were awesome)yes yes i’m already loving the stills, lol at TH’s pose(in the 2nd last pic)

  2. I actually refrain from posting because I ship the side most people don’t in this blog lol. But I just wanna sneak a comment and say JCW looks so hot in the stills!! Can’t wait for this; Empress Ki is so much fun when it doesn’t do the war stuff but focuses on character interactions.

    • Hot is an understatement. He looks super hot, not only in this still, but in every scene he’s in. I just wish he wasn’t cast as the loser in love such as in his role in Five Fingers. He is a riot in comedic and pouty scenes. I love this JCW.

      • Also, im sure the majority of viewers are rooting for TH, or rather it seems that way. I know Headsno2 from DB is on the TH ship.

        Interesting, he was a loser in love in Five Fingers too? I wonder why he loves choosing such roles.
        Perhaps he values the pity and sympathy viewers have for the lovable second male lead that can never be?
        Who knows, he might end up sneaking up on me.
        (i’m still on WY ship ;))

      • @ilikemangos, I think JCW wants to expand his range as an actor. His resume boasts of quite different roles.

        He’s played the sweet nice guy, a dark high schooler who kills his grandfather, a good hearted boastful warrior, a back stabbing guy with low self esteem in five fingers and now we have the weakling , a role that can be quite a challenge in making the audience love him. And he’s managed to make me love him in all these roles.

        I really wishes he plays a dark character next – something along the lines of an undercover cop or killer or something like that.

      • Me three… JCW adds soooo much more entertainment and fun to this drama… And great looking too…

    • haha, it’s okay. feel free to still comment on your thoughts about TH. we can’t always have comments only about how awesome WY is. TH has his good points too. 🙂

  3. Okay everyone you are all fighting on the wrong side so all of you should cross over to my ship for this drama because I would love to see Seung Nyang taking control of this kingdom from the old evil man since she can kick all their butts and create her very own Male Harem with Ta Hwan, Wang Yoo,Dangkise,Tal Tal,and all the other hot guys in this show.
    Who is with me here? Why must she choose when she can have them all in her harem. I am loving this drama and all the male eye candy being provided on screen. 🙂

  4. Cant wait to watch this episode because of these stills, are they fighting for the game or for SungNyang.? kekeke. EMPRESS KI — LOVE THIS DRAMA SOO MUCH

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