Ariel Lin on Break From London Studies and Reportedly Engaged to Long-time Boyfriend

Ariel Lin has been taking a sabbatical from her red-hot acting career to pursue a lifelong dream to study abroad. Since September of 2013 she’s been in London doing a graduate program but has been updating her social media accounts regularly so her fans are still getting updates on her non-acting life as a regular student. I’ve also seen Ariel sightings in London such as on the Tube or in restaurants and she’s always dressed down and very low key. It’s lovely to see her able to finally live a dream that also affords her relative anonymity. She was a Korean languages major in college but she’s always loved the British Isles and when she released her first album all the pictures from the album lining were taken in England. She has a long time boyfriend who is a Taiwanese-American business named Charles Lin who lives in LA and they met while being paired up as a bridesmaid and groomsman at a wedding of their mutual friends. Last week the Taiwanese tabloids buzzed about Ariel being engaged after Charles flew to London in October to celebrate her birthday and reportedly popped the question and Ariel accepted the proposal. Word is the wedding is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2014 and will likely be in Taiwan. Of all the same generation Taiwanese actresses, one by one everyone is in serious relationships or getting hitched, such Barbie Hsu three years ago and she’s expecting her first child this year, Ella got married last year, and Cyndi Wang has Yao Yuan Hao. If Ariel ties the knot next year it’ll really feel like the end of an era as those young talented ladies all grow up before our eyes and step into the next stage of their lives. Some of the leading ladies seem like they might never settle down such as Ruby Lin or Chen Qiao En, and then there is Rainie Yang needs to stop dating boy toys like Prince and find her a smexy older man. If the news turns out to be true I’m thrilled for Ariel who has never dated an entertainment industry boyfriend and always gravitated towards very eclectic tastes in guys. Much as I’ve loved her onscreen chemistry with leading men like Joe Cheng and Bolin Chen I never thought she’d end up with another actor.


Ariel Lin on Break From London Studies and Reportedly Engaged to Long-time Boyfriend — 21 Comments

  1. And here I thought they broke up…nice…if true…Congrats Ariel!!! Lin Yi Chen…you are my favorite but Xiang Qin and dubbing on your previous wuxia roles has always been a struggle for me

  2. Hey Koala.. Charles is not her long time bf. They just dated for about 1 year or less than. But i’m happy for her..wish her happiness…

    I wish Qiao En find Mr Right soon.. But she too workaholic.. Still hope for MingEn <3

    • I know, right?! I hope that Qiao En finds Mr. Right soon too, but I think from her interviews, I sense that she’s very strong will and a workaholic. Most guys tend to stay away from her cuz according to her, guys think she’s boring….Only Ming Dao can stand her…LOL…so hopefully, they’ll get marry when the time is right…kinda like In Time With You.

      I’m soooo happy for Ariel Lin to finally found the one! It seems like yesterday when I was watching her onscreen and now she’s all growing up and is ready to be married off! Time surely flies! Btw, is this the long time best friend guy or is this a different guy? Cuz I remembered reading somewhere that she was dating a long time best friend?!

    • Me three for MingEn!! Although in their recent interview together, they both said it was impossible for them to get together romantically because they treat each other like siblings and are way too close. But still… I think that can change if they give it a chance lol. I do think QE is dating Loius Kuo or Wallace? The last time I heard they were in that epic love triangle although she is too much of a workaholic so probably why we don’t hear much about her dating.

      Congrats to Ariel! I sorta-kinda shipped her with Bolin even if I knew that was so not happening. She did say she’d never date someone in the industry so I’m not surprised at all. Very happy though, but hopefully she’ll do a project even if its once in 2 years. I’d really miss her if she retires like Barbie (although I don’t miss Barbie all that much lol).

    • i really came to notice her after watching Prince of Lan Ling so cute n adorable. Great chemistry with William Feng so real. Am also hope for Mingen

  3. Good 4 u ArielI love it when actress and actors date non-celeb people. it’s shows that you don’t have to be in the business to date a celeb, they give people chances.

    As for Rainie, cute girl but its kind of time to settle down home-girl. Ur click is ticking.

  4. I love Ariel and she’s such a talented actress! I enjoyed watching her in ISWAK and her chemistry with Joe Cheng was hot. And I love her in Lan Ling Wang and her chemistry with Feng Shao Feng was amazing! Though my favourite OTP has to be her and Hu Ge, they are just so damn perfect for one another!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh..:( .I really love the chemistry of Ariel Lin and Joe I wish that they will also end up like how “It Started with A Kiss ” end. they will be together and live happily ever after for real.. I apologize I just really love them both… For me they are “PERFECT COUPLE”….I LOVE YOU Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng forever….

  6. So Sad that Ariel lin and Joe Cheng won’t end up happy together….I love their loveteam “ArJoe”. I thought it’s real but now Ariel Lin is going to be married to her long time boyfriend….We wish her a very happy life and also our favorite Taiwan actor Joe Cheng…
    ArJoe forever….. (^_^)v peace….

  7. I love joecheng and ariel lin! Arjoe is the perfect couple for me! I will miss you ariel lin! I’m happy for you idol ariel lin!!

  8. i love arjoe. i wish they will be together again not only in movies but in real life. ilove joe chend and ariel lin very much.

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