Jung Ryeo Won and Daniel Choi Round Out the Cast of Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan

KBS just just premiered it’s new Mon-Tues drama Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds) today and just like clockwork the casting is getting finalized for the follow up drama Big Man. I’m still a bit sad that the rom-com Mozart Romance got pulled from the line up, despite Prime Minister and I puttering to its conclusion I’m still in the mood for a lighthearted romance more than anything. The drama gods did go ahead and make Big Man as palatable for me as possible by giving my man Kang Ji HwanΒ the titular role. Kang Ji Hwan continues his one-drama-one-movie alternating schedule and having wrapped the road trip movie Shoot for the Sun with Yoon Jin Seo last Fall, he had some time to recharge and now is the perfect time to dive into a drama filming. I scanned the horizon of available leading ladies who might be up for the role opposite Kang Ji Hwan and worried that the ones I want will pass and he’ll end up with a leading lady that turns me off watching. Luckily the casting drum roll has landed on an unexpected but pretty intriguing pick.

Jung Ryeo Won is in talks to join Big Man and hopefully she’ll accept and play an equally big woman kind of role that she deserves. She’s one of those leading ladies that took a long time for me to warm up to and it wasn’t until History of the Salaryman that I saw her in a brand new light. She was electric and mesmerizing opposite Lee Bum Soo (that man, he has the magic co-star touch) and playing against type in the role of a foul-mouthed chaebol heiress. She also earned great reviews in King of Dramas but I don’t know anyone who kept up with Medical Top Team so no word on how she fared there other than the entire drama being a complete dud. Jung Ryeo Won isn’t confirmed yet but is favorably considering the role and close to signing, and if she accepts will mark her first KBS drama since she debuted with a bit part in a KBS drama in 2002. I can already picture her with Kang Ji Hwan and I think they would make a really fantastic onscreen acting combo. While Big Man is wooing its leading lady, it’s already succeeded in bringing on board it’s resident antagonist – Danial Choi will be playing the baddie in this drama which is the first time he’s playing the antagonist in a drama if my memory is correct. The man fairly twinkles with warmth and goodness so it’ll be a great chance for him to stretch his acting chops.


Jung Ryeo Won and Daniel Choi Round Out the Cast of Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan — 15 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Daniel Choi an antagonist of sorts in “Phantom/Ghost?” I read that he was a bad guy in it, and that he was really good. I know that Uhm Ki-Joon was a bad guy in it as well, so maybe UKJ was the main antagonist?

    • His role was a cameo in the first few episodes. He was decent? Unfortunately he was barely in the show, I wish he’d stuck around for longer.

      And you’re right, UKJ was the main antagonist.


      Daniel Choi played the lead character in the show, but it was a cameo. Basically, alot of drama happens and he undergoes plastic surgery and completely transforms into a different person (that’s where So Ji Sub came in as true lead). I might get run over but something went terribly missing for me once so ji sub took over his character. Daniel Choi played the lead role in only the first 2 episodes but his character was awesome along with his screen presence. Basically, he was a troublemaker at the beginning (i don’t remember too clearly but i think he was a hacker of some sort), but he was never a villain, actually he was the hero of the story. Personality, face, and vibe was a total 180 so the experience was jarring for me considering they were supposed to be the same person.

  2. I liked her character in MTT but dropped it somewhere between episodes 4 to 6 because the fancy outside Doctor and his crying/begging the VP after the other stunt pushed me past the edge of WTF

  3. Daniel choi was the freaking evil husband in the kmovie the traffickers I can totally see him for the part as for jung ryu won she’s my bias her films are awesome and salaryman is her best series kang ji wan is a great actor too pls update more koala bout this productin XoXo

  4. i was hoping jung ryeo won will play opposite Seunggi but then Go Ara got casted, and I am super happy with that. then that left me wanting more of Jung ryeo won and this is just awesome… with Daniel choi as the other man in the love square, I am so sold in this!!

  5. It seems she has declined the role. Given Kang and she are two of my special likes, I am quite sad. The only way she could make me rejoice is if she joined ‘Triangle’. πŸ˜› Lee Mi Yeon *did* decline that one yesterday. Ok ok, this is the ‘Salaryman’ OTP love talking. I know it’s not happening.

  6. Kang Ji Hwan and Jung Ryeo Won! Woohoo, I’m in! Medical Top Team was so disappointing with the wonderful cast it had I really expected sparks, but I just got dry ice instead. I hated seeing JRW wasted that way so I can’t wait for this!

  7. joana woohooo finally!! disappointed in MTT and now great news ….shes fun to watch ….hope she signs on. looking fwd to it πŸ™‚

  8. Wonderful actress to be the leading lady for Kang Ji Hwan.So happy to see him again with cutie Daniel Choi.As for MTT I had to drop the drama around episode 10.nothing seemed to move in this drama .We were at episode 10 and it seemed like we were at episode 2.nothing moved on .They made JRWoo’s character very self centered in all those first episodes that by the middle of drama i could not stand her.Only decent role in this drama was Ju Ji Hoon’s character.

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