Kissing and a New Video Preview for Episode 19 of In a Good Way

A drama can only have on interrupted/aborted kiss attempt between the OTP. Anything beyond one and the audience will revolt, with me leading the pack and the pitchforks, of course. Thank goodness In a Good Way hasn’t crossed that line, with an interrupted kiss between Jia En and Liu Chuan in episode 16 that has paved the way for the real deal in episode 19. It’s not just any kiss, it’s a making up/promise to love you forever reassurance type of kiss. I cannot stress how awesome it is that this OTP kisses for the first time not in some expression of like but instead saves it for a moment of commitment to each other. It’s not a wet and wild kind of kiss, but that passionate type of kissing doesn’t reflect Jia En and Liu Chuan’s personalities or the way their relationship has unfurled. Turns out Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen discussed beforehand whether this kiss should have “tongue or no tongue” (their words, not mine) and they decided for narrative purposes it would be a closed mouth no tongue kinda kiss.

I love their being so in character but totally hate how they can’t just fanservice us anyway.Β We’d all be so blinded by the tongue kissing who else has time to think whether it makes sense. I actually thought their fight was amazingly realistic and I would have been disappointed if Liu Chuan didn’t point out Jia En was being obstinate and plowing forward with a future plan that wasn’t fully thought through. But Jia En is the type of girl that needs time to come around, and she always comes around, so that’s why I think Liu Chuan agreed to her silly “time apart” suggestion. He’s not angry at her, he knows her better than she knows herself, and she needs to figure things out on her own because anytime she gets suggestions from people she tends to glom on too quickly. The new video preview is out for episode 19 and looks like Jia En is resorting to silly girl methods to try and figure out her long term future with Liu Chuan. Her man is clearly going to then show up and use actions to convince her that he’s in it for the long haul. Lucky girl, we all need a Liu Chuan in our lives with the patience of a saint.

Preview for episode 19:

[youtube id=”zKC7930I59k” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Tracy: Where is Liu Chuan?

Jia En: I haven’t seen him in days.

Liu Chuan: That girl.

Tracy: I recently heard a rumor about a mirror legend. At midnight if you peel an apple and look into a mirror, you’ll see your future spouse.


Kissing and a New Video Preview for Episode 19 of In a Good Way — 26 Comments

  1. Wai… it. Do they really have tongue in TW kissing? I mean since Ms Koala mentioned it and all. It’s accidental right? Not purposely? Because KD always have false sort of kissing with the guys fingers hiding the lips half the time.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s tongue in TW drama kissing.

      Taiwanese people tend to be pretty earthy, and not very prudish….

      • Looking forward to that! Haha. So far, I’m really satisfied on how their relationship has been progressing. From initial attraction, sweet moments, misunderstanding/fights and now the make-up session. Two more days!

    • If I didn’t remember wrongly, Ethan Ruan has sizzling hot kissing scenes with his costars. I will always remember the scorching sexy scene in episode 1 of Fated to Love You…

      • Oh and Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin’s smouldering kisses in They Kiss Again. Hee, I’m having fun with thinking up all the sexy words that coincidentally all start with an ‘s’… πŸ™‚

  2. I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m slightly disappointed haha

    How can you have a subtle kiss after that scene with the angel and devil?! Geesh. Whatevs, still looking forward πŸ™‚ thanks ms. Koala!

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can barely type after seeing that lead picture. I can’t read the post yet because my pupils are so dilated I can barely see the keyboard to type this. Will.come. back. later.

    • LOL Someone get a medic STAT.
      Maybe just breathing into a paper bag?

      I like that the first kiss is not all wet and stuff.
      No matter what it looks like to the outside, that kiss just shook the pair’s whole world. Her heart is prolly beating out of her body- just like trotwoods!!

      • Yup. I literally had to take a break from the site and then to see the picture again on their facebook page?!?! I am okay now. really. I am okay. This is the perfect kiss; there is no need for passion at this point but it is all about promises. Liu Chuan is completely sure that they will be able to make it through this. It did not occur to him to worry because it is so obvious to him that they are meant to be together and in his heart he has already committed to her. She is not that sure of her position, but can you blame her? He is seemingly good at everything and has a confidence bred from success. She is younger and has a tendency to want to cling even when she knows that she shouldn’t. I am glad that she cannot follow him to Germany because she needs to come up with something that is important to her and to do it on her own so she gets the confidence that we all know (including her awesome boyfriend) she should have in herself. If she followed him, wouldn’t she always think that her good fortune is tied to hims somehow? She would never know how awesome she is. There is a reason that Liu Chuan picked her. She thinks she is just lucky, but we know and he knows that he is lucky to have her, too.

    • Agree it is in line with Liu Chuan and Jia En’s personalities to have a chaste first kiss.

      Let’s hope that they quickly have a second and third kiss in more heavy duty circumstances.

      I would like to see him more jealous and being affected by Jia En’s attractiveness on separate occasions πŸ™‚

  4. ζŽ₯吻了ζŽ₯吻了ζŽ₯吻了ζŽ₯吻了!!!!

    does anyone think that these photos were purposely taken for the media/preview?

  5. Such a sweet kiss! Glad that LC showed his feelings through action. Words are ok but girls still want to be reassured through kisses πŸ˜€ I can already see my screen burning on Fri! Lol.

  6. teehee, oh boy, oh boy, Friday needs to come here already, like right now! I’m sitting here smiling like a loon and rubbing my hands together like a maniac. See what IAGW does to me?

  7. im ok with the no tounge kiss as long as it’s not pressed lips korean drama style hahaha since it’s their first as a couple..and plus he is comforting her too so it has to start gentle and some lil open mouth to mouth hahaha…

    with all the future talk…i have to commend LC seeing his future with JE..let’s face it when young couples nowadays are faced with future talks in the early stage of relationship–people get the cold feet and at the same time this is the time to easily break it off..and with that kiss and wanting to continue on with the relationship with the pressure of future talks in the back of their minds= this couple is very SERIOUS of their relationship..they know they will face uncertainties but willing to take a chance on their LOVE πŸ™‚

  8. This kiss scene is gonna suck me back in to watch the drama, even when I have an overwhelming workload and I’m already patiently waiting for the drama to end, so that I can marathon it all at once and not undergo the suffering in waiting for the one (and only one) episode every week. Must resist! Wow, they are really candid, and I can’t believe I blushed when I read that they discussed whether to have tongue in the kiss so straightforwardly. Really, was it even an option when the drama is set in the 90s and people were more conservative than now, not to mention that having a french kiss didn’t fit with their personalities at all. A sweet and romantic kiss promising commitment just melts my heart to a pile of goo πŸ™‚

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