Written Preview for In a Good Way Episode 19

Keeping myself busy all week has been a godsend in terms of not going loony from the wait for Friday to arrive. It’s double the dose of drama goodness and there’s an early peek at what episode 19 of In a Good Way has in store with the just released written preview. It’s funny how there is no mention of any kissing, though everyone and their mothers know Liu Chuan and Jia En are finally locking lips, and frankly I will be watching that on continuous loop all weekend long until I memorize each angle and movement. I wish Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee would have taken their recent Hong Kong trip fanservice up a notch and demonstrated the upcoming kiss for the gathered media at Star Ferry. Hand holding and selcas and feeding each other soft serve cones is all fine and dandy, but they’ve sorta spoiled me and now I’m going to need more intense skinship going forward. In the drama and outside the drama both. I love how IAGW not only wraps in events that happened in Taiwan during the late 90’s, it also acknowledges occasions based on months of the years when the narrative lands. The written preview tells us that it’s late Summer for the students and the mid-July to early August period in Taiwanese culture hits two big events – Chinese Valentine’s Day as well as the lunar month of August which is also known as the Ghost Month. I’m looking forward to what neat fun things everyone gets into, as well as how Liu Chuan continues to delve into the mysterious coded message his grandfather left him in the painting. I haven’t see adorable Momo in a few episodes but he looks to make an appearance in this episode which is much needed. I could actually do with more Momo in exchange for less Ren Wei.

Written preview for episode 19:

Your love is facing difficulty? You don’t know what the other person is thinking? Tracy invites everyone to take a personality quiz that can easily shed insight into others. Jia En anxiously brings the quiz to Liu Chuan, but what response does he give her? The ghost month is here, as well as the romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day. Jacky and Ah Di discover that the numbers in the painting edges are dates. They use the dates to dig up an old newspaper that discusses a strange disappearance. Liu Chuan remembered that when his grandfather was teaching him treasure hunting, he disappeared for a period of time. Will Liu Chuan suss out the secret within? A series of strange occurrences happen, and Momo barks at nothing in particular. Ah Qing, who has been sending apology pages to Tracy, suddenly stops contacting her. Jia En and her dad get hooked on a supernatural television program about traveling to the “other” side. Legend has it when the girl in red appears behind you, calamity will befall you! On a dark windy night, Jia En sees……….


Written Preview for In a Good Way Episode 19 — 6 Comments

  1. Ho am I supposed to concentrate on work today? They do studies every year in the states about how work productivity goes down during the college basketball tournaments each spring, I am wondering about productivity on Fridays because of the waiting for IAGW and BotC!!
    Jia En, Liu Chuan, AND Momo? I don’t think I can stand the cuteness.

    • I know! And Fridays are our busiest days. The work doesn’t stop till after 7PM local time.

      I have a long row to hoe before getting to this. But you know, it is the type of show I want to savor… I can wait to see it subbed to fully appreciate the sweetness..

      PS In our office, we had World Cup Fever. Half of the associates had live streaming up on their screens. You could hear the small cheers spread out over the floor if you listened.

  2. Oh great that Momo is back! I was just wondering about him now that LC isn’t living in the dorm anymore. Glad I’ll be seeing his cuteness again plus the KISS! Isn’t Friday the best?!

    Thanks Koala for the preview! It seems there are a lot of diff Valentines celebration. I hope our OTP can at least celebrate one 😉

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