Lee Dong Gun Holds First Japan Fan Meeting Since Resuming His Entertainment Career

I don’t know how much time will have to pass for me to not feel bitter about Marry Him If You Dare, and most importantly about how the behind-the-scenes shenanigans affected Lee Dong Gun‘s comeback project after five too long years away from the screen. It isn’t the worst K-drama out there, not by a long shot, but it’s definitely one that left the worst taste in my mouth. Like biting into something tasty only to unexpectedly get a completely rancid center, that was how ridiculous it was to watch Yoon Eun Hye‘s character have to jump through convoluted emotional barriers with Lee Dong Gun’s character just so the second male lead could remain a viable narrative option. Not the least was the travesty of having two famous kissing masters actually not have a real kiss in the drama! I had hoped Lee Dong Gun would perhaps surprise me by quickly picking up another acting project but he’s instead decided to dust off his singing career as well and is planning for an album release later this year. FNC Entertainment is likely a good fit for him seeing as it was a music agency first before branching out into acting. He was in Japan last week for a two-fer event, holding his own fan meeting as well as attending the two day FNC family concert in Tokyo called FNC Kingdom: Fantastic and Crazy which included fellow FNC artists F.T. Island, Juniel, AOA, CNBLUE, and a new group called N.FLYING. Check out the pics from Lee Dong Gun’s fan meeting where he sang all his famous hits as well as interacted with his fans in Japan for the first time since he returned to his entertainment career.


Lee Dong Gun Holds First Japan Fan Meeting Since Resuming His Entertainment Career — 13 Comments

  1. I notice that LDG looks so melancholy in his pictures. He smiles but the happiness does not quite reach his eyes. I know he’s had a lot of personal tragedy over the years so I pray he chooses a true rom-com as his next TV project to bring him some serious laughter. Fighting, Dong Gun-oppa!

    • The eyes are the window to the soul, and oppa’s eyes are so so melancholy but reflect a soul that is forged through tragedy.

  2. it was such a waste because their chemistry was quite great in MHIYD. I am still grieving over the non kissing event.

    I wish for LDG to find his happiness! hugs to you oppa!!!

  3. Totally agree about the bitterness towards MHIYD. I was hoping for a new drama soon too, hopefully one with no FNC idols attached to it. Please.

    Glad his fanmeet was successful though. I hope his album is the same later in the year.

  4. Also bitter that LDG’s comeback drama went so totally awry. Glad that the fan meeting went well and that his music career is going strong, but wish he’d do another drama soon.

  5. The MHIYD ending was really WTF, and nothing will change my perception that it was Shin that Mirae chose in the end.

    That said, I hope LDG choose a drama soon, I miss him onscreen already!

  6. MHIYD, was train wreck that jumped off a cliff. I still a bitter with a side of wanting to strangle the writer until now. I hope LDG will have a new drama soon with a good story that will erase that nightmare from his resume.

    • It should not be bad, but the hanging ending made it SOO BADD. The writer changed the story coz many fans urged and prefer the lead female to be with the second lead male (Jung Yong Hwa). I my self personally prefer Jung Yong Hwa, coz I’m his fans, but I don’t like that kind of ending, if Mirae should end up either with Kim Shin (LDG) or Park Se Joo (JYH) then be it, don’t let that hanging and unsettled. In every movie no matter how bitter the situation, the first male should be with the first female.

  7. Such sorrowful eyes. I wish him well and that his album will do well too. Yes, Dong Gun ssi, do pick a rom com and have fun in your next drama project!

  8. I wish he would have another project w/ YEH coz their chemistry were soo great even without kiss or skinship but we can see n feel their love towards each other.. So i hope another drama or a song at least 4 them two..

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