New Cast Member Stills From the Set of Bride of the Century

The PD of Bride of the Century posted this new pictures above on his SNS account and it’s clearly from an upcoming scene. Kang Joo is sporting his recent episode hairstyle, but sadly he’s not wearing a black suit so we don’t have a funeral to look forward to. I would have no problem whatsoever if President Ma and/or Yi Kyung keeled over and died. I don’t think Kang Joo’s mom is all that much better, but at least she knows when to stop and she appears to be taking some responsibility for her mom running Kang Joo’s dad’s first wife over. I wonder how the poor family ghost feels when she sees such malfeasance going on all around the men of the Choi family. She can scare the selfish brides-to-be away, but she can’t stop the scary humans with unlimited greed from taking matters into their own hands to get what they want. I haven’t forgotten that Doo Rim’s halmoni has the other bridal shoe and appears to be the runaway family bride from episode 1. She doesn’t seem like a greedy woman but she also didn’t appear to love Kang Joo’s grandfather, their wedding made it look like she was a sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter. I guess the position of the Choi heir’s wife has to be held down by a woman with the determination to protect the family out of love for the husband.

As bad as Kang Joo’s mom has been, she appears to really love Kang Joo’s dad even if it’s one-sided. There are a ton of new spoilery stills out from the cast of the drama, but now I’m not so sure what the presence of the adorable munchkin baby boy means.ย Below are stills of the various cast members taking pictures with the chubby toddler, who everyone has assumed to be playing Kang Joo and Doo Rim’s son with maybe a time jump ahead. But a new caption under this baby’s picture reads that he’s the younger Kang Joo, so that means he’s playing little Kang Joo in a flashback? He could actually be both still, little Kang Joo as well as the OTP’s baby down the road. It’s not certain yet but I know this drama has a happy ending in store in some fashion. I thought the drama has already completed filming but it’s actually still filming the final episode 16. Yang Jin Sung posted a cute selca of her on the set and she’s sporting a yellow hanbok that makes her look even more fresh and friendly. I do have to ask if anyone else things Lee Hong Ki‘s wardrobe as Kang Joo has been really godawful in the last two episodes? Too short pants, too many mock turtlenecks, and a strange pastel blue coat that makes him look like a bookkeeper. He looks much better in the blue suit above, albeit a tad like a little boy in his dad’s suit. Heh, Hong Ki is forever a boy in my eyes.


New Cast Member Stills From the Set of Bride of the Century — 26 Comments

  1. love love love this drama and it’s sooo awesome you have time to keep us up to date on this AND Lost you Forever. Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful stuff that I’d NEVER know as I’m only English speaking and stuck in a corner of the world where nothing cool happens ๐Ÿ˜› LOVE YOU MS KOALA!! XOXOXOOXX

    • Going by the Kdrama rules (and till now they followed pretty much every single one out there) she’s already preggers after the wedding night. Once is enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. wait what?! this baby is actually little Kangjoo. my OTP’s baby dream crushed. this cannot be! OTP MUST HAVE A BABY TOGETHER!

  3. Yeah, KJ’s pants of late are way too short esp the one he wore to DR’s cafe when she dropped the dishes on the floor. I actually like the blue jacket on him though, guess I am so used to seeing him in colours as Hongki. Thank goodness he did not paint his nails as KJ, that would have been hilarious. Thanks for sharing, Ms Koala

  4. Yeah, those turtlenecks and too short pants are killing me too. Although they’re not as bad as Kim Tan’s fashion choices in Heirs. His hideous sweaters still haunt my nightmares.

  5. I like it how Kang Ju still is wearing the wedding band. Even though he knows about the switch, because he promised to love Doo Rim forever until his dying days, and that he doesn’t care who she loves, he needs her beside him (that is true love on his part) Doo Rim is worried for Jin Joo, Halmoni and Yi Hyun that’s why she is not willing to grab hold of their love, but love him from afar.

    Seriously Kang Ju’s dad needs to step in and get things sorted out with the bitches Mrs Ma and Yi Kyung. Nobody realizes that Daddy already knows about Granny running over his first wife, so trying to keep that secret from him and falling in line with Mrs Ma wishes and the threat of revelation is pointless (his dad needs to see Doo Rim as Doo Rim, he likes her, not the cold conniving Yi Kyung).

    Dad wants Kang Ju to be happy, he doesn’t care about social status, thats why he married a poor girl too, because of love.

    I don’t think in the next two episode, our favourite OTP will be together, its going to be really painfull, because they love each other, know that both want to be together, but are forced apart for the greater good of TAEYONG company and family.

    Kang Ju will sacrifice and be will cold hearted YK, while loving DR, DR will love KJ silently, and Yi Hyun Oppa will not stand for Doo Rim being in pain and most probably reveal all.

    Baby is adorable, love that everyone on set is holding him, apart from the evil mums and cold YK.

  6. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one that thought Kang ju’s light blue colored suit was ugly on him. I thought he decided to change jobs and sell shoes from now on. UGH!

  7. thank you for the pictures, please no babies I hate babies in dramas… in real life I adore them don’t get me wrong just the fictional ones they just ruin the story. Hong Ki’s clothes I think they can’t find something to make him look 29 first he is a very young and fresh looking guy so it is hard to age him plus with all the concerts he had and the cold he needs to take care of his voice so turtle necks are the best I think. I love KJ’s mom and I believe she has an ace under her sleeve or she is working on something what she told DR in ep 12 makes me think she is plotting something, she is not taking this laying down; she is not totally evil maybe a bit elitist but not evil like Mrs. Ma she is the devil, If KJ’s mom was evil she would have let those guys just kill DR get pictures of the dead girl and brother and blackmail YK’s mom but she save them she went the extra mile she had her man protecting them at the hospital and that is not an evil person.

  8. Last week i marathoned Lee Hong Ki and Fuji Mina “We Got Married”. Eventhought the pair is better than Taecyeon and Emma Wu, I still cannot picture them together with Mina looks older and mature while Hong Ki as always is playful. I can’t get over the impression while watching him in BotC….it’s like he is trying hard to be a man. But the good thing about him is that I cannot forget his voice ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to watching the finale this week.

  9. Sooo cute! Hong Ki doesn’t know how to hold a baby, lol! Everybody looks adorable with this cutie. Well, except for the ghost me thinks…she looks like she’s in character still, or maybe it’s just the make-up…hope this is the Joorim baby I’m wishing for…thanks for posting this:-)

  10. Just wanted to thank you for recapping Bride… thanks to you, I started watching the drama and have been enjoying it. I’m currently on ep. 9 and I don’t quite get how she can love him so much to be okay dying even for 1 day of wedded bliss in such a short time, but I’ll go with it.

  11. I don’t think I would be so frightened to lose my life for the man I love but to meet a ghost is something else altogether!

  12. If you a bride of the century fan and lives in the US and canada there is a contest to win an autograph poster of bride of the century with lee hong ki and yang jin sun. Contest ends April 7. Spread the word.

  13. Thanks for posting all the pictures! The baby is really cute and it’s also cute to see the cast pose with the baby. I was hoping that it would be JuRim’s baby. But, I guess not. Well, as you said, it could be both ways. I wonder why they need to have a younger version of KJ in the series. What kind of storyline would they talk about with baby KJ?

  14. _First, id like to say that Ms. Yi Kyung/Doo Rim looks like an angel that fell from the sky. Her face illuminates such light you’d see yourself smiling and admire her stunning beauty. she’s oozing with charisma. Now i have “something” to add with my list of face kpop actresses. she luks like Ms. Hang Ga In and Ms. Eun hyun Hye. and her smokey eyes is Jjang!!~ second, Hong Ki oppa luks awesome there. it just saddens me that there were not lots of “childish” episodes or parts for him, like what he had done in “He’s Beautiful”. bt anyways, that’s part of the plot, that being him cold and snob. he’s still Handsome anyway. Yi Kwang’s other oppa, though mature in apperance, was really handsome too. Actually, i was watching this series lastnyt and there were parts where I cried my hearts out. To Ms Doo Rim, i won’t be tired luking at your face unni~ U r just uber Aww- mazing<3

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