Lee Jong Seok Looking Cheerful and Rested at the VIP Movie Premiere of Roaring Currents

I’ve finally fallen for the charms of Lee Jong Seok despite years of wondering what exactly makes his fans gaga over him. It’s probably the height of irony that I actually grew to like him after Dr. Stranger, a troubled drama with a polarized audience base which plenty of his fans probably want to erase from his resume. I still think his face is a little off looking, probably his lips being too wide and his cheekbones too taut, but strange looks have never deterred me from liking an actor, case in point the mesmerizing Kim Woo Bin. I like him now because I see something special about his acting which actually reminds me of why I love Lee Jun Ki so much. Lee Jong Seok gives it his all into a role and performance in a way that never feels fake and collecting a paycheck. There’s a tendency to overact but most of the time he’s really alive onscreen and easy to watch.

He’s back in the limelight after sticking with the Dr. Stranger production for an extra week after the drama ended to film additional scenes to be shown exclusively in the C-movie scheduled to be out at the end of the year. He looked exhausted by the end of Dr. Stranger, moreso than the other three leads since he had the most scenes and carried the show, so it’s a relief to see him looking rested and relaxed attending the VIP premiere of the upcoming sageuk war movie Roaring Currents (Battle of Myeongryang, Whirlwind Sea) starring Choi Min Sik and Ryu Seung Ryong. I really liked Lee Jong Seok’s hairstyle towards the end of Dr. Stranger which he’s still sporting at the movie preview, and his black jeans and black-and-white splashed paint button down looks great on him. I’ll probably go back when I have time to finish up School 2013 now for the purported best bromance of Jong Seok/Woo Bin.


Lee Jong Seok Looking Cheerful and Rested at the VIP Movie Premiere of Roaring Currents — 21 Comments

  1. Glad u r thinking of trying School 2013 again. I super love that show & their bromance. But I still like woo bin more than js

  2. Glad u r thinking of trying School 2013 again. I super love that show & their bromance. But I still like woo bin more than js

  3. Hey Ochkoala, I had the same issue previously in which I couldnt see the appeal. I disliked him in Secret Garden but after seeing IHYV, I like him a lot better. You are correct about his face symmetry also. His lips are indeed too wide

  4. Hahaha wow koala, you woke up on the different side of the bed this morning?

    Of course, give credit where credit is due. Doctor might be the last drama that anyone would be touting on their portfolio, but just the sheer resiliency to finish and carry that drama to his shoulders? I give Jongsuk props. The amount of effort he would’ve put in any of his past drama combined wouldn’t match to what he had to make up for in Doctor (okay maybe I’m exaggerating). I appreciate his effort though I definitely still am on the fence with his acting. I recognize his talent, but not to the point of overrating him like other fans that would drool over him. Still, dude’s got charisma, and he has a good path ahead of him.

    • Sometimes I wonder if much of his overacting is at the direction of the PD. Especially in DS when it felt like he could do whatever was asked of him but then his expression in certain scenes would just comes across so over-the-top.

      • I wondered about this myself. I’ve seen him on Secret Garden and School 2013 before and he was cool as a pickle on both roles, likewise with I Hear Your Voice. But then I saw his latest movie Boiling Youth and I could definitely see where he got his “overacting” in Doctor–same shades, different characters. But I definitely agree that it seems that “over-the-top” is the default mold of Hoon.

  5. I definitely think Lee Jong Seok is an up-and-coming actor, but I always thought he looked weird.

    He gives a solid performance in School 2013 as does Kim Woo Bin, but frankly, the writing wasn’t really that good in the drama, so the only reason that the bromance was better than average was the acting between Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin.

    And I still wouldn’t say that it elevated the bromance to the best of all time or even close to that….

  6. So happy you like LJS now. Though I admit I like Kim Woo Bin more. Strangely, as your case, I love Kim Woo Bin after his performance in Heirs, which is disappointing drama but his performance was awesome.

    I agree with you, his fashion here looks good. Love it!! And yes please, finish School 2013 for LJS-KWB bromance!

      • But, but, but Joo Won is adorable in real life – he’s caring, endearing, earnest, sensitive, affectionate, with a beautiful powerful voice. Please adopt my puppy! 😀

      • Omgaaaaaash joo won is one of the best Actors in this industry*for me* , his performance in gaksital kicked ass and qas bettter that all of woo bibs and this guy combined ! I love love him afterBM ! But too I loved woo bin after heirs !

      • the two checks made me very happy… i would be happiest if the third check is done… oh koala sis i hope you’d come to like joo won… in time.

  7. Hey Koala since you now like Kim Woo Bin and I heard you praise Lee Yoo Bi, you should probably check out Vampire Idol which has them paired up!

    It’s really cheesy but very cute, as befits a daily (20 minute episodes!) and I think it was Lee Yoo Bi’s acting debut.

  8. Wow, I remember how allergic you were to this guy. Never thought I’d see the day haha ^^

    I’m just glad I never bothered with Dr. Stranger (even with all the love I have for Kang Sora(wr)). It wasn’t until School 2013 that I recognized the charm, but it was I Hear Your Voice that made me slightly attracted to him (slightly) haha.

    It’s too bad his image took a hit with the airport incident. I hope the drama helped repair it a little

  9. Welcome to being sucked in by the it factor of LJS. He’s delightful to watch. I have a love hate relationship with School 2013. I liked the the after-school special feel to it, so retro, but I disliked the lack of the odd casting of strong actors like Daniel Choi and Jang Nara in roles that really were just supporting characters. But you cannot deny the chemistry between LJS and KWB, so potent, that the drama was re-tooled as to focus on their dynamic, which kind of sucked for DC and JN, as well as Park Se-Young as her character was relegated to a supporting role. I am not a fan of KWB, but the scene where they two boys were running down the alley and the look of sheer joy on his face for that one moment may one of the best moments of k drama viewing ever. Is it the best male friendship drama ever? No. No. It’s not even that great a character study, as the characters are not fully fleshed out. But it does invoke passion and emotion and it’s worth a watch.

  10. Instead of School, try watching I Hear Your Voice. Theres a reason why it was single handedly the drama that propelled him into mega stardom. His chemistry with Lee Bo Young was off the hook.

    I too was allergic to Kim Woo Bin and Joo Won. I still find Kim Woo Bin a little lacking but preferred him to Lee Minho in The Heirs. I guess anyone with Park Shin Hye just turns me off. She’s my biggest allergy.

    As for Joo Won, I still find his looks challenging to root for as the protagonist but I loved Good Doctor. It was well written and his acting makes everything forgivable. The caliber of acting coming from Joo Won is really hard to accomplish with the peers in his age group and now I just go into watching his dramas remembering that he’s first an actor then an idol.

    Its this holding out that made me crazy in love with Gong Hyo Jin now as well. She’s so darn attractive, (despite her unconventional not very pretty looks according to korean standards) that I’m trying to watch her past dramas since Master’s Sun.

    Hope you’re recapping Its Okay Its Love. First episode blew me away… she does bring out the best in her co-stars. The chemistry in ep 1… we’re seeing the making a new drama killer… 🙂

  11. hello koala sis,

    nice to be back commenting here again.
    and to see lee jong seok featured here that is great news for me
    i hope you would be able to watch school 2013.
    love that show much.


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