Discovery of Love Keeps On Delivering Fantastic Posters and Teasers

Even if KBS fails (yet again) at doing a rom-com right from start-to-finish, at least it’s once again starting off right with Discovery of Love premiering next Monday. While it has been three years since Eric did a drama with the crazy Spy Myung Wol, he’s been busy with his singing career and variety shows so I feel like he’s still in the spotlight all the time. That doesn’t mean I’m not dying for him to return to acting and he’s at least done his diligence this time and picked a very solid and promising project. DoL comes from the production team behind the cable I Need Romance hits and Eric gets to reunite with his Que Sera Sera costar Jung Yumi. Win and win. Unless a drama is fully pre-produced, this is probably as sure fire a rom-com project as it gets with this team behind the helm.

I thought the first batch of drama and character posters last week were excellent, creative and refreshing, not to mention the first drama teaser was a hoot and half. You remember, the one where Eric, Jung Yumi, and Sung Joon‘s love triangle devolves quickly into an all-out-brawl involving flowers, flour, and ball pit bouncy balls. I watched that teaser too many times to count and it wasn’t just for the love of the three leads, the concept was fun and the execution was fluid and seamless. There was also such energy packed into a quick thirty seconds, and it’s the very energy that also makes me totally love the new drama poster above showing the three leads laying in a pile of roses. Jung Yumi is in all red while Eric does the white shirt/red pants and Sung Joon switches it up with red shirt/white pants. Their expressions show affection and comfort without any seedy threesome vibes. Check out the latest teasers, less love triangle and more exes grousing about each other, which leads me to fully anticipate the angry sparks that will be flying soon.

In addition to Eric and Jung Yumi, audience also gets a viable love triangle option with charismatic young’un Sung JoonYoon Jin Yi as the second female who bucks tropes and has a crush on Sung Joon’s character rather than the male lead, and plenty of great comedic supporting cast members in Yoon Hyung Min and Kim Seul Gi. Not the mention the equally formidable and/or hilarious Kim Hye Ok playing Jung Yumi’s mom, I just love her so.

New teasers for Discovery of Love:


Discovery of Love Keeps On Delivering Fantastic Posters and Teasers — 11 Comments

  1. The posters feel so movie-like..

    KBS has created some well-made posters lately.. Joseon Gunman, and now Discovery of Love.

    I wasn’t really interested in Discovery of Love, but the posters are so fun! I might give it a try.

  2. Cant wait for Jang Yumi only noticed her in kbs Queen of the office. Hope the drama will live up to the expectation of the teasers & posters

  3. I wanna ship SungJoon and Yumi after watching I need Romance 3. But I need to support Eric too. Shinhwa Changjo! Oh the tough decisions we have to face in dramaland.

  4. Love love love … My heart is pounding f poo r whatever is to come… Did Eric ask yoomi if she wants to try it (their love) again?

    So excited!!

  5. Everytime I see Jung Yoo Mi and Sung Joon, I feel like Yoo Mi’s dotting him like his own noona. It becomes worst when Eric-Yoo Mi-Sung Joon together, it feels like Sung Joon is the little brother who’s disturbing noona-hyung moments…XD..

  6. The red roses poster is like red thread of love! And all the red clothes somewhat connects with Jung yumi’s dress! The production seems good! Hope they succeed, eric needs and deserves a good return!!!

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