Former EXO Member Kris Joins Han Geng and Joo Won in Joint Korean-Chinese Produced Movie

Bear with me as I lay out all the facts of this started off random and suddenly got even weirder casting call for an upcoming Korean-Chinese collaboration movie. The movie is adapted from a popular online C-novel called Xia Yo Qiao Mu, Ya Wang Tian Tang (夏有乔木,雅望天堂) and really has no meaning other than sounds really elegant in Chinese and includes the names of the four leads mixed in there. The English title for the movie will apparently be Passion Heaven and this production got lots of attention back in May when it was announced that two of the male leads would be Han Geng and Joo Won. The fact the former Super Junior member Han Geng was going back to Korea to make this movie got plenty of buzz, not to mention it would be Joo Won’s first foray into the Chinese-language entertainment sphere. Filming kicked off in May as Han Geng, along with female lead C-actress Lu Shan, were both in Korea where Joo Won joined them for a series of location shoots in Seoul as well as Jeju.

That casting looks like a love triangle story even if I didn’t read the novel but then the movie synopsis said it was three men and one woman love quadrangle situation. I kept looking around for the the fourth wheel, i.e. the third male lead, and lo and behold apparently his casting could wait until this week when it was revealed that Kris who departed EXO (who goes by his Chinese name Wu Yi Fan now) was going to complete the main cast. Say whut? First he films a C-movie Somewhere Only We Know with director Xu Jing Lei and immediately he gets a second big movie project line up? Someone is in hot demand, or has a powerful new agency, or both, but whatever is the reason the K-netizens are furious that Kris’ post-EXO career is flourishing. It’s also hilarious that Kris is working with Han Geng, another dude who sued SM Entertainment to get the hell out of dodge. I wonder if they’ll compare lawsuit notes during the filming downtime? I kid, I kid. Check out the early BTS filming pics below with Han Geng and Joo Won as well as Han Geng hanging out with his SJ groupmate Heechul while he was filming in Korea.

Kris starts filming this month as production has moved back to Beijing.

Joo Won signed on to do this movie around the same time he agreed to headline the K-adaptation of Nodame Cantabile but there was no conflict since the drama wasn’t airing until late Fall while the movie was going to be doing its Korean portion of the filming through July. Should be interesting to see how his first Chinese acting project turns out.

Leading lady Lu Shan has a very fresh-faced rather unassuming appeal that I like.

Awwwww, all the feels of Hanchul is back!


Former EXO Member Kris Joins Han Geng and Joo Won in Joint Korean-Chinese Produced Movie — 12 Comments

  1. Since I know the storyline I will just say Kris’ character is kind of tragic and I wish him luck. And seeing Han Geng in uniform I feel relieved that he is the lead but wow Joo Won’s character is a terrible person

    • Can you give a little background info of what his character is like/ what to expect of the story for those of us who are not familiar with it? I tried to look it up earlier but found almost nothing. I would greatly appreciate it! 😀

      • It’s really…sad. To avoid spoilers in the comments go to and read the third page of the post on the movie. Translations and summaries abound

  2. Uh whut. I’m starting to think that sueing SM on health issue is false. If he has bad health conditions should he rest first then start acting or whatever he wants to do.

  3. I’m rooting for Kris and I hope he gets many, many more opportunities. I have to say, I’m very impressed with how he plotted his escape from bully S.M.

  4. Kris left a job he didn’t want to keep working at anymore. Not a relationship, not a marriage, not any kind of commitment where his departure needs to be morally commented on by anyone. The fall out is between him and his employer SM to legally sort out as a breach of contract. The end. I do wonder if he’s any good at acting and would he regret leaving EXO if in a few years he fails in China at whatever he’s doing there? Han Geng left and did so much better professionally and for his mental and emotional well-being.

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