Shin Mina is a Beautiful Bare-faced Bride for High Cut Magazine

Shin Mina is really effortlessly gorgeous whether she’s goofy or a goddess. She’s been exclusively in movie land for the last two years since Arang and the Magistrate in the Summer of ’12 so I haven’t really see her around much. Sure she’s in tons of CFs and can probably rest her laurels on that alone, but in terms of cinematic output her body of work is on the slimmer side. She’s got two movies out in 2014, the first is the recently released Gyeongju with Park Hae Il and the second is My Love, My Bride costarring Jo Jung Seok that is slated to come out later this year. Last year she did a short film called The X with Kang Dong Won. I remain ambivalent about her last drama Arang and the Magistrate with Lee Jun Ki, their chemistry was excellent but the story really stagnated in the never-ending investigation during the middle parts and a romance that was never really shown as a development progress and rather just happened. I think she’s got the charisma and looks to really excel on television and it’s really more finding the right script and character for her deliver a truly unforgettable performance for me. Shin Mina is in the cover and pages of the June edition of High Cut magazine and I always love her print work. She’s an exceptional still model with her too defined and unique features really popping on the page. She’s going for the bare-faced bride look and the camera absolutely loves her. I’m still waiting for her and So Ji Sub to act together whether in a movie or drama, their Girodano CFs totally whet my appetite like a delicious appetizer.


Shin Mina is a Beautiful Bare-faced Bride for High Cut Magazine — 10 Comments

  1. I didn’t particularly care for “Arang and the Magistrate” either, but Shin Mina is gorgeous. Hoping she’ll come back to dramaland soon with a good project. I miss her. I really did love her in “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”. Wish she can duplicate the success of that in a new drama.

  2. I actually thought the Arang romance was better developed and acted than the Otp in Jun Ki’s current show (which is the textbook definition of happening in a single episode just because, I’m sorry but I find the actress dull and easily outshined by second lead girl).

    I used to think SMA was a limited actress but her early work show she has the range and she is not limited to just being pretty and cute like some. And she is good in sageuk, did not know AatM was her first.

    • I’m glad to see I am not the only one who thinks the current shows female lead is dull. I really don’t get why she is playing her character so bland. She is a better actress than this. The little sister is more fun to watch…

  3. Also the current Giordano CF has Shin Min Ah with none other than Kim Woo Bin! I want that pairing to happen, it’s fine if they play it as noona romance or the same age.

  4. Completely agree on wantin to see SMA and SJS together on screen. Preferably at a rom com TV series. Both leads are naturally georgeous and can do comedy really well.

  5. Arang and Magistrate always my fav of her and my fav drama. I’m very picky but that drama quench my thrust for a great drama. It always has a special place in my heart. And I loooong her in a drama. pretty please.

  6. I adored Arang and the Magistrate. And I think Shin Min Ah is one of the most beautiful women in the world. That’s it. 🙂

  7. I loved Arang, the world building, cinematography, soundtrack, the characters… All of it was amazing. I thought each of the characters’ growth was done really well and you could tell the writer knew where she was going. I loved the romance too, it wasn’t the main point of the drama but it was there nice and slow. I’ve always loved Lee Jun Ki but he had a habbit of overacting sometimes but he was truly amazing as Sato. He said in interview that he was frustrated while filming because he kept wanting to go all out but the director kept pulling him back and I think it shows – for the better. And it seems he learned from it too.

    Anyway I love Shin Min Ah, she’s so likeable. Cute and sexy with an air of mystery.

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