Han Ye Seul Looking Radiant at CF Event While Her Acting Break Goes On Three Full Years

Three years is basically an eternity when it comes to the lightning speed of K-entertainment. New idol groups mushroom like an unholy army of dancing clones and the tide of new actors and actresses arrive to vie for a spot on a casting roster. A-list actors and actresses can afford to go three years and even more without an acting project (*ahem* Won Bin) or even ten years without doing a K-drama (the lovely Ms. Jeon Ji Hyun), but for the average working stiff with a solid acting resume the quest to stay popular and relevant never ends. Which is why the complete and utter disappearance of Han Ye Seul from the acting world for the last three years has turned out to be one of the longest unofficial “blacklist” situations I’ve seen and for what comparatively might seem a lesser offense. Depends on how you look at it really.

I actually blogged the scandal that stalled her career, a truly bad series of events on the set of the KBS drama Spy Myung Wol that caused Han Ye Seul to either have a mental breakdown or knowingly decide to give the production a middle finger when she walked off the set one day and boarded a plane for LA and left the drama in a lurch mid-filming. She was eventually coaxed back two days later but the damage was done and she had to apologize to the cast and crew before finishing the remainder of the filming. In the last three years she hasn’t acted once in either a movie or drama, though the movie Petty Romance with Song Joong Ki premiered after SMW but it was filmed prior to the debacle. I’m assuming she’s been subsisting on CFs and endorsement deals (and dating Teddy) but I’m actually ready for her to get another chance at acting. Last week she was at an event for a handbag store opening and I was taken with how lovely and happy she looks after having not seen her in awhile.

SMW was absolute narrative crap and her really stiff acting made it even worse to watch, with that said it is impossible to understand the pressure and stress she felt with what was apparently incredibly long working hours and arduous filming conditions. I’ve seen actors and actresses get killed off unceremoniously by writers, hers was the first time the leading lady was potentially going to get offed because the actress left the set. Han Ye Seul was reportedly going to return to dramaland this year with a drama called Shooting Star but after some initial news reports back in October 2013 there was no zero followup on that topic and 2014 is headed to a wind down. Clearly the powers that be still don’t want to cast her and it’s rough to see her suffering still for a bad situation that had no winners and everyone suffered. Time to move on, networks!


Han Ye Seul Looking Radiant at CF Event While Her Acting Break Goes On Three Full Years — 28 Comments

    • We’re assuming that the industry wouldn’t give her another chance yet; however, it’s also very likely that she’s the one not ready to be back yet. ..I mean look at her! She’s looks very happy and not like someone suffering for work at all.

  1. I didn’t recognize her! Is it just me or is it the angle? Well, I actually liked her sassy persona in Fantasy couple so I will anticipate her projects.

    • Oh man, her role in Fantasy Couple is still up there as one of my favorites for a leading lady. She was crazy in an awesome way. It cracks me up thinking about it.

      • I fell in love with her in Fantasy Couple. And that drama is one of my favorite dramas. Somehow it never fails to make me smile. Myung Wol the Spy might not be the best drama ever, but it’s not the worse and I kind of like it.

        About the debacle, I’m still not sure what was her reason for leaving during the filming of Myung Wol, but if it was because she had had it with the gruelsome inhumane schedule of live shooting, I don’t blame her. Live shooting affects not only the health of the actors/actresses but it also hurts the quality of the dramas.

        I really want to see her in a drama again preferablly with Jo Hyun Jae ^_^

  2. I like the new maturity in her face. If she had walked off the set this year with so many celebrities sufferring (and, unfortunately, dying) from the crazy hours they have to keep, there would be more sympathy for her. Every week, weekly K-dramas do in one week what most US TV shows do in two.

  3. I always feel so bad every time i see her, it was clear that she wasn’t well during SMW to take such drastic decision to leave the filming set. I really hope she comes back for another drama in 2015, but when Korea broadcasts blacklists you it’s kinda hard to come back 🙁

    • her walking out was a bold move to get people to see what grueling hours and work the K-drama industries does but I think she offended a lot of people with it.
      I remember reading somewhere that one of the sunbae actor, the villain in SMY stated without naming names that it was one of the worst moves any actor did.
      I do symphatize that she had one of the most tiring job in that production especially that she was action scenes. and even with no action scenes the live shoots is understandably, physically tiring and pressuring but her moving into another country leaving the cast and crew in the lurch was really a BAD MOVE.

      If she was was suffering, then how about the rest of the cast and crew. really felt bad for Lee Jin Wook and eric and the cast?
      yup, i think people will be hesitant to work with her…

      I do hope there would be a change with the live shoots in K-drama cause that is just wrong. I remember watching an interview of Winter Sonata which way back 2002, the main leads BYJ. CJW and PD stated about not yet getting some sleep for like 40 hours. CJW basically was laughing cause she was the only one who was able to escape with about 1 hours sleep in that 40hours shooting marathon.
      I think live shoots is one of the main reason Kang dong won also stayed too long away from dramas.

      As koala mentioned, 3 years is such a long time. I do hope K-netz and the whole industry forgive and forget.
      There are worst thing some actors/actress did that needs banning for life.

  4. I used to stan for her. While I did sympathize with her walking out, I also felt bad for Eric. And then the whole story/plot turned into a clusterf–k.

    It’s sad that she gets blacklisted for that yet MEN who have committed worse offense (DUI, hit & run, domestic violence) gets a slap in the hand by the industry.

  5. I think she looks happy and better BECAUSE she hasn’t been doing dramas since most kdramas are so grueling to film. Oh and she’s dating & a woman is most beautiful when in love.

  6. It’s a shame that nobody has supported her in this story. It would have allowed to change things in this industry. When an actor is hurted (it often happens), they must continue to film… It’s crazy.

  7. I have to agree with those who’ve said she looks like she’s not missing it. If being blacklisted leaves one looking this healthy and happy then it should happen more often. She really looks so very healthy and happy that I think it’s as if she’s got the perfect revenge by by benefiting from her “punishment”

  8. Back when it happened in ’11, people have heard, but was not truly aware about the harsh conditions of live-shoot and drama-filming. Nowadays, with all the stories of accidents, IV drops, hospitals visits, and a couple hours of sleep, it’s absolutely understandable why she did what she did 3 years ago. And if that had happened today, I do wonder if she would have had less backlash. Then again it seems some k-netizens often times turn a blind eye to such things.

    I wouldn’t say han ye seul is one of my favs, but i did like her best as the rude and bitchy Anna in Couple or Trouble.

    • I agree it’s totally understandable with the current conditions but unfortunately people in the industry will be comparing her to all the actresses (and many more willing to) that have endured all that and did not leave in the middle of production like she did.

      I think change will only come when a major actress/actor gets seriously hurt by the conditions or the most powerful of them (with newbies and veterans working with them) speak out or go on some sort of strike in demand of better conditions. I wonder if it hasn’t happened because of fear of netizens’ reaction. Can someone with more insight to korean acting industry and general society comment on this?

      • Hasn’t a major actress (Gong Hyo Jin) already been seriously hurt by the conditions and a change hasn’t come about?

        I’m sad, but I think it’ll need to be a death or something like that before the actors and production crew will say “we need better working conditions.”

  9. Suffering is certainly not the word I’d use. She looks mighty satisfied with her life and now that it’s been three years, I also doubt there’s as much push back about hiring/casting her. If she was that disillusioned with the Industry back then, it’s no small leap to believe the choice to do what she’s been doing is just as much her own, as any other.

  10. Aww such a beautiful woman, i love her smile. I have never heard of her but I’m not surprised she got blacklisted for what she did. That’s an act that will shatter many people’s trust in you.

    I totally agree working in CF’s and going above and beyond might help her image in the industry. Good luck to her and its good she is doing better now.

    • Quite a double standard. The fact that she’s out of work for her actions (which I completely understand from her pov. Working conditions are harsh and unhealthy in the Kdrama land and it’s a serious matter) yet Ju Ji-Hoon can still get roles despite his marijuana scandal. Not to mention, Kim Hyung Joong is vacationing in Peru amidst his assault cases which he has admitted. And Ryu Si won only gets fined for assaulting and threatening his wife. -_-

  11. I rather blacklist Kim Hyung Joong (however you spell his name) for his domestic violence rather than Han Ye Seul. Is there a petition to blacklist him and have a petition for Han Ye Seul to not get blacklist? I will support this 100%.

  12. She looks different from before. It’s either plastic surgery or she just looks aged because it’s been 3 years since I’ve seen her. Hope she is able to come back and do dramas when she wants to.

  13. Perhaps she just choose to not do dramas? and is not blacklisted? Since CF are the real money maker?
    She looks great! She is also one of the few actress that I can watch their drama over and over. Will it Snow for Christmas was a great drama and she did really well in that drama I thought. I can watch that drama over and over.

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